The Despised Wife - S01 E54

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Heather’s POV

I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. Those two words echoed in my mind

several times, as we

all stared at Chelsea in

shock. Ethan looked

really pale, and he

looked like he was about to faint.

Everyone else had

their mouths slightly

opened. Suddenly, it hit me.

Chelsea is having a

baby. My best girl

friend is going to have

a baby. “No shit, Sherlock. She just

said that.” My mind scolded. I was the first to

react to the

announcement. “Chelsea, oh my

gosh, you’re having a

baby! I’m so so so so

happy for you!

Congratulations!” I

squealed, as I tackled her gently with a bear

hug. She laughed and

hugged me back with

tears in her eyes. We

both turned to Ethan,

who was staring into

space in shock. “I’m going to be a

dad.” He said. “Congrats bro!”

Jackson slapped him

on the back. Everyone

started congratulating

them. “I’M GOING TO BE

A DAD!” Ethan yelled. He fist pumped the

air several times.

Then, he ran over to

Chelsea and spun her

in the air. “Love, my buddies

can swim!” He

grinned, his hand

motioning a fish going

up. Everyone burst out

laughing, and Chelsea

turned red all over. I

kept a hand over my

mouth to keep myself

from laughing, but I mean come on, he

just said that his

sperm….. “I love you so

much.” Ethan said

softly. “I love you too.”

They sealed their

declaration with a

passionate kiss, while

the guys wolf-whistled

and the girls ‘aw’ed. “Holy fudge! By the

way, nobody is going

to cuss around

Chelsea anymore

because Ethan Junior

will pick up the bad words pretty fast, if he

gets the brains of his

father.” Ethan said,

looking at Jason

specifically, since he

had the potty mouth of the group. These past few

days, we all hung out

together, so I can say

that we are all best

friends now. I’m not

the only who thought this because Alex

made a new group on

What’s App for all of

us. It was hilarious

and a bit annoying

since the guys decided to spam everyone with

pictures of their abs

and muscles.

Especially Freddy. “First of all, his

knowledge isn’t

hereditary, ask

Hezzie. Second of all,

who do you think is

the brains of this relationship?” Chelsea

put her hands on her

hips. Uh oh, she is

getting mad. Normal

Chelsea has a quick

temper, but with her hormones flying,

pregnant Chelsea is

going to be worse. Ethan laughed

nervously. “Love, I

didn’t mean that you

aren’t smart. I meant

that I remember things

faster, you know how I am, nothing against

you. If anything, I think

our son will get his

mother’s witty mind.” She rolled her eyes

and smiled. I chuckled

at his quick save.

Ethan says he has

photographic memory.

But, I don’t doubt it since I’ve seen him

memorize things in

minutes. “Nice save, dude.”

William chuckled. Ethan winked at him

and air fist bumped

him.”Men.” I thought and rolled my eyes. “Heather, why are

your lips so red and

swollen? I just

noticed.” Chelsea

asked, staring at me

with narrowed eyes. My eyes widened.

Crap! I didn’t think

they were swollen. A

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