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William’s POV




FAR!” I yelled into the





MATTER WHAT!” “You stopped being

my little sister when

revenge turned you

into a cold person. I

told you several times

that Heather never did anything wrong. She

didn’t want to get

married to me. Why

do you insist it’s her

who ruined your

career? Tell me! “You believe that?

You believe that she

didn’t want to marry

you. William, what girl

doesn’t want to marry

you! You have the looks and money.

Women would drop

their panties any day

to get a piece of you!

Are you telling me

you’re going to believe that someone didn’t

want to marry you?

Are you nuts?” I held the phone

away from my ear

while she screamed.

“Yes, I do. You know

why? Because she’s

my wife. I trust her. I hurt her because I

believed you. If she

really married me for

money, wouldn’t she

have used the money I

put in her account, when we first got

married? Wouldn’t she

try to take more from

me? She hasn’t

touched a cent of the

money, nor has she asked for anything

from me. I ruined my

marriage because I

was so ignorant. I

ruined my marriage

because I was blind. I was blind to this

amazing girl who is

selfless, caring, and

kind.” She was silent after

my little soliloquy. I

continued to lecture

her. “Do you know

something? Heather

can’t even look me straight in the eye. I

hurt her so badly that

she can’t look at me

without uncertainty or

hesitation. She’s trying

to forgive me, I can see that. But she

doesn’t know whether

I’m serious about her.

I made my own wife,

the one I’m supposed

to treasure from the beginning, question

whether her husband

cares for her. It’s all

because of this stupid

revenge that had

blinded me before.” I took a deep

breath. “I can see

now, Kelly. But, I can

only see her. She is

the one I want forever.

She is the one I want to hold in my arms.

She is the one I want

to love. Don’t take this

away from me.” Kelly growled.

“You’re making a

mistake, William. I

promise you’ll regret

this.” “Don’t you even

dare think of hurting

Heather! Or I’ll make

sure you’re regret ever

being born!” I growled

back. I could hear her

gulp loudly. “We’ll see

William. But I’m not

giving this up. Never!

I–” I hung up on her.

What is going on with

her? Where is the

sweet little girl who

believed there was

good in everyone? She definitely has changed,

and not in a good way.

I could say it’s partly

my fault since I was

helping her, which

probably encouraged her. I’m praying to God

that she stops this

nonsense and moves

on. I shook my head

and threw my phone

on my chair. I was in

my home office when I

got a call from Kelly. I

didn’t answer, but she continuously called

me. I finally picked up

and she started asking

me what we should do

next. That’s when I

snapped. I stared out the

window, watching the

sun set slowly. The

sky was a dark pink

mixed with a light blue.

It was beautiful. Suddenly, I felt a

pair of arms wrap

around my waist from

behind. I turned

around slowly and

looked down to see Heather. She hugged

me warmly, and I

wrapped my arms

around her, taking in

her comforting smell. I

buried my face into her neck. “I forgive you.” I

heard her say. I immediately

pulled back, looking at

her wide-eyed. “Are-

Are you serious?” “I heard you

talking to Kelly. I know

you’re serious.” My face broke into

a huge grin that could

have split my face

apart. I was on Cloud

9. She laughed and

poked my cheek. “You

look like a kid on

Christmas.” “If it was

Christmas, it would

have been the best

one yet. ” Heather grinned and

got on her tiptoes,

pressing her lips to

mine softly. I

immediately began

moving my lips against hers happily. She still

tasted the same, but

there was a hint of

peppermint. I groaned

when she nibbled on

my lip and pried her lips open with my

tongue. We were both

smiling through the

kiss. It escalated pretty

quickly, and before we

knew it, we were on

the couch in my office

with me on top of

Heather. “Whoa guys. I’m all

for becoming an uncle,

but can you guys

make babies later? I

just ate.” A voice said

loudly. “I agree.” Another

voice said. We broke apart

breathlessly and

turned our heads to

see Ethan and Nathan

smirking at us. Heather groaned

and buried her head in

my chest. The guys chuckled,

and I glared at them.

“Wait in the living

room. I’ll come

pulverize you

knuckleheads there.” They shook their

heads and left.

However, Nathan

stuck his head back

in. “By the way, the

whole gang is here, so we can entertain

ourselves while you

guys finish making a

mini-William or mini-

Heather.” I grabbed my house

slipper and threw it at

him. “Get lost.” Nathan shut the door

in time, and we could

here his laughter as he

walked off. I looked down at

Heather. Her cheeks

were still red, but she

was looking at me in

amusement. “You threw your

house slipper at him?” I chuckled. “I guess

that was pretty lame.

It was the first thing I

could reach.” She laughed. “Well,

we better go entertain

our crazy friends. I sighed. “Alright.” I sat up, and she

stood up from the

couch. As she fixed her

shirt, I crept up behind

her and put my hands

on her waist. I leaned

down next to her ear.

“We are definitely continuing this later

though.” I nipped her ear

lobe, and she shivered

slightly. I straightened

and smirked down at

her. She glared at

me, and I chuckled, kissing her nose. “Shall we? She smirked. “I

didn’t know little

William was going to

greet our friends with

us. He seems….very excited.” I cursed. “You little vixen.” She kissed my

cheek innocently. “I’ll

see you downstairs.” I sighed and went

to take a cold shower.

Though I was annoyed

by the interruption, I

still had a smile on my

face. A big smile. Hey friends! How

are you guys doing?

I know I’m great and

excited. Guess

who’s birthday is in

8 days!!!! Lol, anyways ignore my excitement. How

was the chapter?

What do you guys

think is going to

happen? Please comment on that

because I would

love to hear your


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