The Despised Wife - S01 E52

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Start from the beginning  I smiled softly, and he kissed my

forehead. “Come on.

Let’s say bye to the

others and leave.” After hugging

everyone and taking

Mannie from Nathan,

we left the hotel in a

hurry. William drove with

his hands clenched on

the wheel tightly, and I

put my hand on it

gently to get him to

loosen his grip. He turned to look at me

and smiled slightly. “I don’t think we

should go home just

yet, so I’m going to

take you somewhere.”

He said, relaxing. I nodded, looking

back to see that

Mannie was asleep. “How about we play

20 questions. I’m sure

there is more that we

don’t know about each

other.” “Okay.” “Favorite food?” He

asked. I grinned. “Cheesy

Lasagna or pasta.

Favorite book?” “I’m a die-heart Harry

Potter fan. But I also

really like To Kill a

Mockingbird.” He

replied. “Huh, never pegged

you as a guy into be

into books. Are you

secretly a nerd

underneath all that

manly ego?” I teased. His cheeks turned

red slightly, and he

looked uncomfortable.

I burst out laughing.

“I’m kidding.” “Well you’re kinda

right. In high school, I

was the kid with the

glasses, who always

had a book in his

hands. I wasn’t really social and nobody

wanted to be friends

with the ‘nerd’. Once I

got rid of my glasses

and started working

out for fun, people noticed me. Mostly the

girls. I didn’t like it

though. It was as if

once I changed my

appearance, I was

deemed ‘cool’ to hang out with the popular

kids. I never did hang

out with them, but I

soon met all my

friends in college. I

met Nathan and Freddy in one of our

classes. We were

always competing, and

hated each other. But

eventually, we became

friends after we realized how alike we

were. I met Jackson

and the girls through

Nathan. Now, they’re

my closest friends. I

can count on them for anything.” He ended

proudly. I gave him a smile

and squeezed his hand

gently. He grinned at

me and squeezed

back. “So did you have

any girlfriends?” I

asked. “I had a couple, but

they turned out to be

after my money.” He

frowned. “Wow, they sound

like total bitches.” “Believe me, they

were. How about you?

Any crazy, possessive

ex-boyfriends I should

know about?” “Considering

you’re my first kiss.

No. I haven’t had

anything or anyone.” I

said sadly. My romantic life

was sad. He grinned. “I’m

special huh?” I scoffed. “Yeah,

to my shoe.” William glared at

me playfully and

shifted in his seat

slightly. He opened his

mouth hesitantly “Um,

well if it makes you feel any better. I’m a

virgin as well.” “What?” I shrieked,

turning to look at him. He parked the car

in abandoned parking

lot. “I never got farther

than making out with a

girl. I didn’t want to

sleep with just any girl who wanted to open

their legs for me.” I stared at him in

shock, and he gave

me a small smile. “Is it

that hard to believe?” I blushed. “Sorry.

It’s just–I didn’t expect

that. I thought you

would have at least

done it with one of

your girlfriends.” William chuckled

and winked. “I guess I

want someone

special.” My cheeks turned

red at his implication,

and I looked away. We

were in a parking lot

for some forest or

something like that. I gulped. “You’re not

going to kill me and

leave me in there

right?” He grinned evilly.

“Maybe.” I slapped his

shoulder. “William!” William roared with

laughter and dragged

me onto his lap. He

nuzzled my nose with

his. “You are so

adorable, do you know

that? And you’re all

mine. Remember that”

He muttered, before

claiming my lips in a smoldering kiss. Believe me, after

that, I don’t think I

could forget it.

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