The Despised Wife - S01 E51

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Heather’s POV

After dancing with

William, I decided to

go to the bathroom. I

began walking down

the corridor when an

arm came out of nowhere and grabbed

me. I yelped and tried

to scream but the

hand muffled my

mouth. I was shoved into a

room, and I spun

around to see

Natasha. What the

hell? “What the heck

Natasha?” She sighed and

played with her hands

nervously. “I’m sorry

okay. But I needed to

talk to you in private.” I frowned and

crossed my arms over

my chest. “Okay then.

What do you want? If

it’s about William, I

don’t know what to tell you. He’s trying to

earn my forgiveness,

and I’m struggling with

it because I don’t

whether to be forgive

him or not. I-” “Forgive him.” She

cut me off. I stared at her for a

moment in shock.

Doesn’t she want

William? “No Heather, I don’t

want him. William is

like a brother to me.” Did I say that out

loud? She chuckled.

“Yeah, you did. I shook my head to

clear my mind. “Then

why do you go on

dates with him if he is

like you brother, as

you say? “Because of Kelly.” “Kelly?” “Have you ever

wondered how she

knows everything,

even if she isn’t

around?” “Yeah.” I said

slowly. Where is she

going with this? “I’m her spy.” “Hold it! You tell her

everything that

happens?” I asked,

feeling anger rise in

me. “Yes, I did it

because she told me

you were a b---h, and I

believed her.” “Figures.” I

muttered. “Look, I’m really

sorry. I was so wrong

about you. William told

me what you’re really

like, a couple days

ago, and I decided to help him keep you


The things I said

to the reporters was to

make Kelly think we

were helping her ruin

you. I didn’t mean anything. I’m really

really sorry.” She

looked remorseful. I ran a hand through

my hair. What is with

these confessions

from everyone? I’m

getting really tired of

it. “Thanks for telling me Natasha. Now, if

you’ll excuse me, I’ve

got a lot of thinking to

do.” I really do. I don’t

know if I should

believe her or not. She nodded and

stepped aside. I left

the room hurriedly and

was muttering to

myself before I walked

right into someone. I stumbled back, but a

pair of arms wrapped

themselves around my

waist. “There you are.”

William said. He

leaned down and

rubbed my nose softly

with his. “You were

taking so long that I got worried. ” I pushed him back

gently. “Why didn’t you

tell me about Natasha

helping you?” He frowned. “She’s

helping me?” “That’s what she

told me. She said you

told her what I’m like

and that’s she’s

helping us.” “Um, I never told

her anything.” He said,

his face slowly

hardening. “So she was lying?”

I asked incredulously. “I guess so. We

have to get you out of

here. Who knows

what her plan is? She

might hurt you.”

William replied rapidly. His jaw was clenched. “Ugh, this is turning

into a hot, confusing

mess.” I muttered. I

don’t even know

what’s what anymore. “Trust me, Heather.

I’ll get us through this.

I vow to keep you safe

because right now,

you mean everything

to me.

Don’t forget that.” William said,

holding my cheeks in

his hands.

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