The Despised Wife - S01 E50

4 months ago

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Start from the beginning  Jackson chuckled and turned to William.

They did their weird

handshake/bro hug. “Hey Heather!”

Nathan hugged me. “Hey Nate!” “Who’s this

adorable little guy?”

He asked, poking

Mannie’s cheek gently. “This is Mannie.” “Can I hold him?”

Nathan asked with a

hopeful look on his

face. “Sure, if you want

to.” He nodded eagerly

and took Mannie from

my arms carefully. “Heather.” Elliot

greeted. “Hi Elliot!” I said

happily, and gave him

a quick hug. “You look

stunning.” He said, his

gaze running over my

body. “Um, thanks.” I

fidgeted under his

intense stare. “You wanna

dance?” I looked back at

William, who was

talking to Jackson and

Nathan. “Okay.” I took his hand,

and we headed to the

dance floor, where a

fast-beat pop song

was playing. I put one

hand on his shoulder and the other in his

hand. He placed his

other hand on my

waist. Elliot was a pretty

good dancer since he

didn’t step on my toes

at all. We talked about

our lives and our

hobbies. “So, how are you

and William?” He

asked after a while. “Alright, I guess.”

I said, smiling to

myself. “That’s good.” He

mumbled, while glaring

at his feet. “What’s wrong?” He sighed. “I just

wish–I was wondering

if you-” “May I cut in?” I

heard a deep familiar

voice say. I turned to

see William glaring

angrily at Elliot. Elliot glowered,

before nodding. He let

go of me reluctantly

and William wrapped

his arms around my

waist. A slow song came on so I put my

arms around his neck.

We swayed slowly to

the soft melody. I could tell William

was upset about

something since he

was stiff. “What’s wrong

William?” “Nothing.” He

replied immediately. “Right, and I’m the

queen of England.” “You are my

queen.” He retorted. “William!” “I’m jealous of

Elliot okay!” William’s POV “I’m jealous of Elliot

okay!” I snapped. Heather stared at me

in confusion. I sighed,

she is so clueless

sometimes. “I don’t like him

touching you. You are

mine. ” I said slowly. “I know that,

considering you said

that at least 50 times.

You’re such a

caveman” I chuckled and

pecked her lips. “Only

for you. You know, I

bet cavemen are good

in bed, we should try-” “For Pete’s sake,

shut up!” She slapped

my chest playfully and

buried her red face

into my chest. I laughed and

hugged her closer to

me. “I am so whipped.” I thought, as I buried my nose

into her sweet-

smelling hair. I’m falling so fast,

but I need to make it

up to her because I

was so horrible. I just

hope she forgives me


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