The Despised Wife - S01 E49

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Start from the beginning  I gulped at the look on his face. “William.” He took a step

towards me.

“Heather.” “What are you

doing?” I stepped

back. “This.” He pulled me to

him and crushed his

lips to mine. His lips

were moving gently

and slowly against

mine in a soft, intense kiss. His lips tasted

like toffee, and I could

smell his comforting

Axe cologne. I put my

hands on his chest,

and I could feel his heart pounding rapidly

under my fingertips. It

was just as fast as

mine! After a couple of

minutes, we pulled

apart breathlessly. As

we tried to get our

breath back, he

rubbed my cheek with his thumb. “You look absolutely

gorgeous. I’m going to

have to make sure

every male keeps their

eyes off you.” He

whispered. I gave him a small

smile and pulled away.

“Thanks, now can we

go?” He smiled and

nodded. I went and

picked Mannie up from

his crib carefully to not

wake him up. I

wrapped the blanket snuggly around his

little body and tugged

his beanie onto his

head. It was very cold

outside, so we had to

make sure he was bundled up. He

shuffled a bit before

snuggling his head into

the crook of my neck

and sleeping soundly

again. I smiled and kissed his temple

before heading out. “Is Mannie still

asleep?” William

asked, as we walked

out to the car. “Yep, he’s like a

bear in hibernation.” William chuckled

and fixed the blanket

on Mannie. “Are you going to

move him to the

shelter soon?” “I’m going to wait for

a few more days. I

need to make sure he

is absolutely okay, and

the police still have to

find out what happened to his

parents.” “That’s fine by me. I

like the little guy’s

company.” I smiled. “I do too.” After about ten

minutes, we reached

the hotel where the

party was. There was

a banner that said

‘Happy Birthday Jackson!’ Several

paparazzi were also

outside the hotel, and I

took a deep breath

nervously. The reporters were

staring at us in shock

and started firing

questions rapidly. “Mr. Solace, you

have a son?” “Mr. Solace, are

you and Mrs. Solace

working things out?” “Mrs. Solace, is

this your baby from

another man?” William put his arm

around my shoulders

and moved us swiftly

around the mass

reporters. “I hate how they

show up everywhere

and ask the stupidest

questions.” William

growled, once we

were inside and taking off our coats “I know how you

feel.” “Well, let’s go

greet Jackson then.” We handed our

coats to the

receptionist and

walked into the

ballroom. Jackson

was talking to Elliot and Nathan. “Jackson!” I

called. He turned to us with

a beam. ” Hey

Heather! You look

amazing!” “Thank you and

happy birthday!” I

grinned and handed

him his present. “Thanks Heather!”

He tried to give me a

hug, which was hard

with Mannie in my

arms. “Okay, you guys

work really fast. A

baby already?”

Jackson teased. I blushed and

slapped his shoulder.

“Shut up.”

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