The Despised Wife - S01 E48

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Heather’s POV

Girl, you’re the one

I want to want me And if you want me,

girl, you got me There’s nothin’ I,

no, I wouldn’t do, I

wouldn’t do Just to get up next

to you I groaned and sat

up. Someone was

screaming their lungs

out to Want to Want

Me by Jason Derulo.

The voice got closer, and my bedroom door

opened. “Morning Heather. I

brought you breakfast

in bed!” William

grinned as he walked

towards me. He placed the tray

down, and I stared

down at the plate of


pancakes and the

steaming cup of chai. Yes, I drink chai. I

went to India during

my college years for a

service project. I

loved the food and, of

course, the chai. I never lost the habit of

drinking chai in the

morning ever since,

and I try to go to

Indian restaurants as

much as possible. “Uh, thanks

William.” I said. He nodded and

plopped down on the

bed beside me. I ate

my pancakes silently

while William watched

me. He had a questioning look on his

face and was in deep

thought. “Something

wrong?” I asked,

putting my fork down. “Today is Jackson’s

birthday party,

Heather.” He said,

running a hand through

is hair frustratedly. “Yeah?” “It’s going to be a

big event, which

means paparazzi.

Even though Kelly isn’t

here, if she sees us

together, I’m worried she’ll come after you.”

He sighed. “Go with Natasha

then. It’ll look like you

still hate me.” “I don’t want

Natasha, I want you.” My heart just

melted in a pile of

mush. Why does it do

that? It’s been five

days since I talked to

my friends, and I’m supposed to be mad at

William, but these past

few days have been o

hard. He keeps doing

sweet things to try to

get me to forgive him. For example, two days

ago, he started putting

heart-shaped sticky

notes all over the

house with little

messages written on each one. I ended up

keeping every single

one, which turned out

to be 600 notes. Then,

he bought this fluffy,

stuffed penguin that said ‘Cuddle me.’ on its

stomach. It is so

adorable! “I like how your

cheeks turned bright

red when I said that.”

William chuckled,

leaning forward. He pressed his lips

to my cheek softly and

said, “I’m going to go

check if Mannie is

awake or not.” He kissed my nose

and left the room. I

sighed and finished my

pancakes and chai. I

guess I better get out

of bed now, I have to get ready since the

party is at noon, and it

is ten in the morning. An hour later, I was

finally ready. I was

wearing a long, black

dress that hugged my

curves and showed off

my legs. My hair was pinned back into a

half-ponytail, and I

combed it gently to

tame the waves. I

tugged my coat on. “Heather! It’s time

to head out.” William

called. I grabbed my purse

and the present before

heading downstairs.

My present for

Jackson was an

antique record player. When I was talking to

Jackson one day, I

learned that he was

looking for one. Then a

couple days ago, I

visited my grandma who had a little antique

shop, and bought one

there. “Alright, I’m ready!”

I said, rummaging

through my purse. There was no reply,

and I looked up at

William. He was

staring at me with his

mouth slightly open,

and his eyes running over every inch of my

body. When his eyes

finally met mine, they

were dark.

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