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William’s POV

I moved a couple

of hairs out of

Heather’s face. She is

so gorgeous. I can’t

believe that I wanted

revenge before. I’m glad I stopped, or else

I wouldn’t be able to

have this amazing girl

in my arms. It took me a while

to figure out that I

actually liked Heather. A lot. The day at the shelter I watched her

interact with the kids,

and I realized that I

wanted her to be the

one to have my kids. I

want to grow old with her and hold her hand

through every twist

and turn we go

through. I want to be

the one who wipes her

tears and holds her while she sleeps. I

want to be the one to

make her smile every

morning, every night,

every day of her life. I

don’t want to be the one she is hurt by. I

don’t want to let go of

her anytime soon. “Great, I’m turning into a sappy

poet.” I chuckled to myself as she snored

in her sleep. If only

she could hear my

thoughts. We were

currently in my room,

and I was watching her sleep soundly.

After I had gone

upstairs, I did some

work and came back

downstairs to find her

asleep with Mannie. I put Mannie in the

nursery that was there

for any baby visitors,

and carried Heather

back upstairs to my

room. She was cuddled up to my

chest, like that day at

her house. I really hope she

gives me another

chance. If she doesn’t,

I don’t know what I’ll

do. “William?” A groan

snapped out of my

reverie. I looked down

to see her rubbing her

eyes. “What are you

doing in my bed?”

Heather snapped. “I’m sorry to

disappoint you

sweetheart, but this is

my bed.” I smirked

down at her. “What?” She lifted

her head and looked

around. “I-I, what am

I doing here?” “You fell asleep on

the couch so I brought

you up here. I put

Mannie in the guest

nursery.” “Great.” She

murmured, “Can you

let go of me now?” “Nope.” I said,

leaning down and

nuzzling her neck.

D--n, she smelled

like hot chocolate and

melted caramel, with a hint of a butterscotch.

Don’t ask me how I

know all that, I’m just

saying what she

smells like. “William, I’m still

mad at you and

confused. So please

let go of me!” She said

firmly. I sighed and

removed my arms

around her reluctantly.

Heather leaped out of

the bed and was out

the door before I could say a word. This is

going to be a long

night. Heather’s POV “What do I do? What do I do? Do I

believe him?” I paced back and forth

in the kitchen. Mannie

had gone back to

sleep after I fed him

his bottle, and William

went to help his friends with the

planning of Jackson’s

birthday party. I’ve got it. I’ll call

my friends over, they’ll

help me out. I

immediately texted

Alex, Andrew,

Stephanie, Jason, Ethan, and Chelsea a

‘SOS’. In about ten

minutes, we were all

in my bedroom, with

the guys pacing

around the room, and

the girls laying on the bed trying to think. It

would have been a

funny sight, if it

weren’t for the fact

that this was a

seriously, sticky situation. “Let’s get this

straight. He says that

he likes you but he

couldn’t tell you that

before because Kelly

would hurt you. But if she apparently knows

everything, wouldn’t

she know he told you

now?” Ethan asked,

his lawyer side coming

out. ” William says she

is in Paris right now,

so she won’t know.” I

frowned. “Gosh, this is so

messed up.” Chelsea

said tiredly. “You’re telling me.” I

snorted. “I think you should

give the guy another

chance, Booboo. If he

broke down in front of

you like that, it

obviously means that he cares a lot about

you. Jessica says that

she has never seen

him so happy with a

girl before.” Jason

said, running a hand through his hair. We all turned to look

at him. He frowned at

us. “What?” I grinned evilly. “You

and Jessica huh? How

long has this been

going on?” “Yeah dude, you

didn’t even tell us you

had a girlfriend. I

thought we were

bros.” Alex said,

holding his chest dramatically. “Oh, shut up! We

aren’t to the stage of


yet. I took her out on

three dates and that

was it so far. I haven’t decided when to ask

her to be my girlfriend

yet.” “Awww, Jasey-poo

is going to get his first

girlfriend.” I cooed and

pulled his cheeks. He glared playfully

at me and slapped my

hands away. “Anyways, any ideas

on what I should do

guys?” I asked

seriously. “Well, we don’t know

if he’s lying or not. I

say you should at

least give him a

second chance

because he says he was trying to protect

you, even if it was the

wrong way to do so.

So, it’s up to you if you

want to believe him or

not. What does your heart say?” Stephanie

asked. “My heart says to

give him another

chance. But I’m

scared. I’ve practically

been verbally abused

by him, just so he could ‘protect’ me. I’m

scared that this might

be part of his revenge

plan and he is faking.”

I said weakly. “You’ll never know

unless you try. We’ll

all keep an eye on

him. If he does

something wrong, we’ll

be there to torture him to death, sell his

organs, and throw his

balls to the bulldog on

Main Street.” Chelsea

said, cracking her

knuckles. We all shuddered at

the horrifying image. “Chelsea honey,

we agree with the


part, but the

punishment is a bit

gruesome.” Ethan said. “Come on, you

weasly wimps.” She

whined, mimicking

Wanda from the Magic

School Bus. We burst out

laughing at her

imitation of Wanda.

After that, we spent

the rest of time

cracking jokes and teasing each other. I

felt a lot better after

talking with my best

friends in the whole

world. What would I

do without them? While everyone

watched Ethan and

Alex arm wrestle, I

began thinking about

William again. “I’m going to give him one chance. If

he messes up, I’m

leaving and never

coming back. Just

one chance, but he

has to work for it. I’m not giving in so

easily. William has

got himself an uphill

battle now.” I thought to myself. Hey Guys!!!! So do you think

William deserves

the second chance?

Let’s hope Heather

made the right


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