The Despised Wife - S01 E46

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Heather’s POV I shoved William

away as soon he

kissed me. He can’t

just do that when he’s

jealous! I glared at

him angrily and stood up from the couch,

putting Mannie and his

toy on the rug. I turned to William

with a tired look. “I am

sick of your bipolar

personality. What do

you want from me? I

don’t get it. You’re fine, then you’re cold. I just

can’t do this anymore

William! If you hate

me, divorce me. If you

don’t, explain to me!” He had his back to

me, and I yanked his

shoulder to make him

face me. I was

stunned at the look on

his face. He looked broken and absolutely

devastated. His eyes

were shining with

sadness that almost

made me regret

snapping at him. Almost. “William?” I frowned. He fell to his knees

and shook his head,

rubbing his hair

frustratingly. “I can’t

hide this from you

anymore. It’s breaking me apart.” “What are you

hiding William?” I

asked coldly. “Heather, I really,

really like you. I fall for

you more every-d--n-

day and it hurts so bad

that I can’t tell you

that. When I saw you walk down the aisle, it

felt like you planted a

seed inside of my

heart without me

knowing. It just kept

growing and growing, and now I can say it’s

practically filled my

whole heart with roses

and daisies now.” He

smiled softly. “Well, you have a

funny way of showing

it.” I snapped. “I have to hurt you.

I have to protect you!”

He yelled. “What are you

talking about? That

doesn’t even make

sense! It’s a paradox!”

I yelled back. “Kelly told me

about her revenge plan

on our wedding day,

and at first I was

willing to help her, but

that went out the window eventually.

She convinced me you

were a total b---h,

once she told me

about what happened.

I was so confused about my feelings for

you that I didn’t know

how to act. I used to

think I was nice so I

could get more

information for our revenge, but then I

realized it was

because I liked you.

After seeing your big

heart and getting to

know your beautiful personality, I didn’t

want to help her

anymore. I realized

this the day we went

to the shelter, I went

to meet her after I had this epiphany, and told

her to stop with the

revenge. But she

threatened me! She

said if I didn’t help her,

she would hurt you, or worse, kill you! I didn’t

think she was going to

do anything, but after

the picture incident, I

knew she was

serious.” He said, rapidly. “I started acting like

a bastard and

heartless maniac so

Kelly would think I’m

still helping her and

leave you alone. That’s why every time I was

nice or affectionate, I

had to balance it with

something hurtful. My

plan was to stall Kelly

until I could finally get you out of this mess

and take you far, far

away from her.” He

took a deep breath

once he blurted all that







yelled at him. If he told

me this before, it

would have saved me

a lot of heartache and

anger. I also might have helped him. “I wanted to,

Heather. I really did. I

died inside every time

I hurt you. I wanted to

rot in hell. But if I told

you, she would know. I don’t know how, but

she figures everything

out. She even knew

about our first kiss,

and that I went to the

shelter with you. ” William said sadly. “Then why are you

telling me now? And

does that picture have

to do with Kelly as

well?” “Yes, she was

apparently working

with your kidnapper.

Thankfully, he was put

in jail again after your

brothers went on a massive man-hunt.

He’s gone now. I am

telling you now

because I know she

won’t know because

she in Paris right now. She told me she was

going to take a break

from revenge, but she

wanted me to

continue. ” I sighed. This is

way too much to take

in for me right now.

“William, I need to

think about all this. I

need time because right now, I don’t know

if I should believe you

or not. I don’t even

know if I should give

you a second

chance.” He nodded. “I

understand. This is

way too much and I

don’t deserve your

forgiveness. I know I

hurt you badly, but I hope you understand

why I did it.” He walked to me

cautiously and kissed

my forehead, before

looking into my eyes

with a warmth and

tenderness. He rubbed my cheeks. “I’m so

sorry Heather. I would

do anything to change

time or keep you out

of this World War Z. ” I looked away and

he sighed. He let go of

my cheeks and made

his way upstairs. I sat

down on the couch

and looked at Mannie. “Why is life so

complicated Mannie?

I don’t know what to

do. Do you?” He blinked up at me

and sneezed. Well,

that answers my


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