At What Cost - S01 E73

4 months ago

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Sir, hostile vehicles are approachsaid the base, a ferrion called the attention of branch and Brian.

Who are they, Brian asked.

They are the rust, branch said banging the glass table.

Mobilize the super ferrions.


Felix was panting heavily with his shirt ripped and few scratchs after killing the last lion.

Sorry bro, I couldn’t help you, Benson winked looking down at felix.

Just get me up, felix said, Benson had already untied purity and her father.

O, felix, purity said after he was helped up with them and she hugged him tightly.

Ermm, her father coughed.

Oh, sorry, dad meet felix and Benson, she said introducing them.

Nice to meet you sir, Benson said smiling sheepishly then he turned to look at felix.

We got to get running, Benson said.

Yeah, felix said and they both lead purity and her dad.

Nice, felix whispered to Benson at his side.

You owe me too.

Boom, kaka, gun sounds and explosion could be heard.

What is happening, purity asked.

I guess the ferrions has unwanted visitors which benefits the invited guests.


Sir all the super ferrions we sent are dead, a cage said.

This can’t be happening, branch said angrily.

Sir the rust have penetrated our defenses, another cage rushed in to tell branch.

We need to leave here now, Brian said after seeing a footage of the ninja.

Self destruct, branch said and a countdown could be heard


Felix, Benson, purity and her father successful escaped the ferrions HQ and were passing a forest, it was now dark.

Please wait, purity said after seeing her father trying to catch his breath.

Okay, we can rest a little but we gotta go, felix said sitting down looking.

Thank you for saving our lives but if I may ask, who are you, purity father asked.

I am felix and…, No, felix yelled after seeing a sword coming out of him, two of them opposite each other with purity and her Benson on their side.

Purity turned and saw her father, coughing out blood and a light showing a figure behind him.

Awn, did I ruin story time, the ninja said childishly removing his sword from purity father and wanted to plunge it into purity but was stopped by felix timely intervention which made the ninja do backflip.

Shoot, time off, the ninja said then got on a car and sped off.

Benson take of purity and her dad home, felix said getting on the power bike he came with leaving the car for Benson after ignoring Benson calls.

Felix is just stupid, Benson said aloud carrying purity father to the car.

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