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Title: The Last Survivor

Money stop nonsense, but sometime Gun speak


Location: The Viking’s Castle

Time: 11:05 am

The trio drove in, alighted and breathing heavily, the cops had been on their neck chasing them. They make 50 U-turn from Benin to their territory before the cops lose them.

There is a perfect silent in the surrounding as they drag the hopeless mia along with them

Elena:(gesturing) welcome to the castle of skull sister

She laugh as the two men open the door and carry mia on their shoulder

She know that on a normal norms, betraying mia is like throwing precious stone inside the red sea.

She sighed deeply, think the way of executing her, she will kill slowly. She take a glance at her wristwatch , it’s 11:100am, Brenda’s family will become history before the midday, 50 mins to go, it’s show time.




They throw and locked mia in a dark room

She weep silently, she felt something near her, she cannot see in the dark, a hand grab her from behind, she screamed.

She recognise him by his scent,when she freed him and cut him lose

Mia: away with your murderer

She fired at Chris

Chris:(chuckling) There’s no a difference between you and me, you dare call me a murderer! I work for my money, i fight my way through in life, the world is corrupt difting slowly from the light. Just a little difference, who am i, and who are you? I can get you out of here if you can operate with me

Mia: i don’t need your help

Chris: i have no choice but to do this

He slammed the door at her face




Rebecca drives slowly and listening to her favourite song ‘THE SERIAL KILLER’, A killer kill for a reason……something trigger a man to pull the trigger

She meditate as she make a U-turn, she need to make this two car that had been following her lose their track, but they are expert at it, She think of a easiest way to get to the Jewelry shop…….she is not ready to spill blood, and bring out the Old Lady R, that was her name when she was working with Nightmoon

She increase the speed of the car at 200 khr per second for 1 hour…….she got tired of the chasing and drive to a nearby bush.

They followed her, put the car to a halt, The two men alighted from their car, and walk toward her

Rebecca: Rino Black shadow!

She exclaimed, and shake terribly

The Devil twin warrior had been her rival since when she started her traning in the Land of no return camp. Land of no return was situated at an abandoned town in Tokyo in Japan. Assassin and world terrorist was trained there

She had met them on her way to pratice the monkey stance on the mount

They always fond of bullying other student because they are the son of the dean, the evil dean that always covered himself with hood

She merely escaped death on this day

She vividly remember

Rino and Black shadown will not to a country because of fun making……they have a mission to accomplished

Rino:(clapping) Who do we have here…… come the furious girl that always fight her way through

He chuckle and take a few step toward her

Black shadow: we are not here to fight but to play, just like they taught us, two bullet on the head, one on the leg, always be vigilant

He fired a shot at her, but she quickly use her car as a cover

Rino: So the might elephant can run……come on girl, show us what you’ve got

She come out from her hideout

Rebecca: want to turn this to a street fight right..? No weapon

She clenched her fist

Rino: you ask for it

He run wildly toward and delivered two quick punches, but she dodge it, and give him a headbutt

Blood start dripping slowly from his head

Black shadow: Now my turn

He throw knives toward her, she luckily dodge, but one enter into her hand

Rino: let send this dauiter of lucifer to her rightful place…….see a pretty girl

Black shadow pin her down while Rino mount her, tearing off her cloth

She kick rino on his main part, he groan and kick black shadow on his head, she sprang up immediately

Rebecca: you guys forgot something

Rino: you have no means of surviving herd

Rebecca: always be a head of your opponent

She reach for the knife with her bleeding hand, somer saulted and caught rino on the wrist

Rebecca: just like a told you moneky stance work

She hold his head with her leg in a 69 position, twisted it, rino dropped dead

She prepare for the final strike, holding two knives in her hand…..she throw it toward black shadown direction……he quickly pull the trigger

The knives caught him on his neck, he dropped dead, what a good day to die!

the bullet enter through her skull

She closes her eyes slowly, as the cold hand of death snatch her away

Rebecca: Lucas, you turn me into this, how i wisi i have the chance to see you once again

She dropped death on the ground.




I log into my facebook account and started accepting those that send me friend request

A message was to sent to me immediately, the user name is benny black, it’s read ‘hello sam, how are you doing’?

Me: am fine

Benny: i’d love to know you more

Me: i live in guanwa estate, i’m a little bit timid and clumsy

Benny: can we meet?

Me: sure

Benny: i be expecting you soon……the fifth house in the estate

I Change into red long sleeve, and red trouser with a face cap

Prephap she maybe on my bleeping list




Mara: my name is mara, nice meeting you

she change the channel to 9ja gist and news

Newscaster: the daughter of chief benard was kidnapped in the morning on her way to school

Me: thats my sister

Mara: you did not know who against your family

She pointed a gun at me

Mara: have heard a lot about you, how you used and dump girls, how u love banging them

I Heard shot fired, after a second i did not feel any pain

Mara was sent sprawling on the ground by a kick from a red head girl

Me: may i know your name

Girl: common we have no time

Mara throw something on the ground

Girl: Jump now

there was an explusion, and the building was on fire

Me: no

i shouted as my eyelid close slowly





Time: 11:30 am

Elena take a glance at the security man at the gate

this is will be the easiest mission, if only she was not spotted by anyone

She bring out the costume,put it on and made for the gate

Kamoru: sacreetary, secreetary, i hail o see as you dey late to work, chief dey wait for you o

She smile and shove 500 naira to his hand

Benard was in his office operating a pc

Elena fired a shot using the Sniper

He dropped dead, he was 65 year of age




Mia tired her possible means to escape

Chris barge in and speak with anger

Chris: f--k you

He hold her from the back, strangle her to death, he cut off her head and bury it with lia own



I open my eyelid slowly, my eyes caught the red head girl, she sit beside me

Me: hello

Girl: you are awake

Me: where are my parent, my siblings

Girl: sorry, they have been killed, the news is over the country

Me: tell me am dreaming..NO……..O

i shouted


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