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“You’re quitting? Need I remind you that it’s stated in your by-laws that you can only quit if there’s a conflict of interest and if there’s one, I can decide to waive it for you”, she said to him.

“Oh God, how do you get to be so smart?” He asked, smirking.

“How do you think I got to where I am?” She asked, folding her arms.

“Then you got to let me and Lilian be”, he said to her.

“I just want to get something straight, first you were hitting on me and then your jump to my friend the minute you see her. You do know that this kind of things spoil friendships”.

“It only spoils friendships if the two women involved both like me. In this case it’s just Lilian, am I right?”

“Ross!! If you’re indeed doing all this to get me to want you, then you’ve got a big thing coming to you because I’m very protective of my friends!!”

“Do you want me?”

“You got be kidding me. You want to hurt Lilian like that?”

“He’s not hurting me Sasha”, she said, walking in.


“I’m really grateful for how you’re looking out for me Sasha. I always knew that you cared for me but there’s nothing going on between us”, Lilian said to her.

“Wait I’m confused”.

“The other day you met Ross and I laughing and talking, we were actually talking about you. You know I’ve always rooted for you to finally be happy. And my love radar pointed me to him the minute I saw him. And I walked in to have a chat with him to see if his radar was opened and he actually told me that’s he met you before and he likes you and that was when we concocted our plan”, Lilian said, wiggling her brows and Sasha was confused and she thought about all the moments she and Lilian spoke about Ross.

“Wait, was Rachel and the others in on this?”

“No, it was just Alicia and I”.

“Lilian I’m so going to kill you”, Sasha said to her.

“The question still stands, do I quit or not?” Ross asked, staring at her and for the first time, Sasha felt shy and she looked away.

“You can quit Ross”, she said, trying to hide her smile.

“So what do you say to us getting dinner tonight”, he said, taking her hands in his.

“We’ll see about that”, she said, smiling.

“She means yes!” Lilian said to him.

“Alright, I’ll go with what Lilian says. I’ll see you tonight”, he said and he left.

“Oh my God, Lilian. He could be the one. He reminds me so much of Philip. He’s cocky, he’s smart, he’s caring and he listens”, Sasha said in excitement.

“I know I know but don’t rush things. I would hate to be the one to set you up for another heartbreak”, Lilian said.

“Oh with Ben, you were just looking out for me”.

“But at the end he hurt you and I wanted to make up for it”, Lilian said to her.

“Thank you so much Lillian”, Sasha said, hugging her.

“Anytime Sash”.

“I’ll get back to you and set you up with a dream come true”.

“No no. I want to find my man myself”.

“Oh but you are here finding a man for others?”

“It’s different. If we don’t give you a push, you wouldn’t move an inch into a relationship”, Lilian said and they both laughed and left the conference room.


Rachel and Lilian were arguing in Sasha’s office over what happened with Ross.

“You know she isn’t ready for a relationship and you set her up for this?” Rachel exclaimed.

“What makes her not ready?”

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“Are you really asking that? She needs to him herself and fix her relationship with everyone around her before she can find the one to move on with”.

“Hey Dr counselor Rachel. Just so you know, I’m here okay. You two should stop arguing about this. I’m a grown woman and I know what I want and I can work on myself along that”.

“Hmm. This is a terrible idea. I just feel it”, Rachel said to her.

“Ross knows how Sasha can get and I’m sure he can help her to work it out”, Lilian said.

“I’m done talking about this. When something goes wrong, it’s on your head”, Rachel said to Lilian.

“Whatever”, Lilian said and she walked away.


Sasha was in her room, picking out a dress for her dinner when Sally walked in, in tears.

“Sasha…”, she said, walking up to her.

Sasha was surprised to see her in tears.

“Sally, is everything okay?” She asked, engulfing her in a hug.

“I screwed up!”

“What happened?” Sasha said, releasing her hands and they both sat on her bed.

“My boyfriend broke up with me”.


“No. Kenny is my ex. I’m talking about Justin”.

“Oh yeah. Sorry. Justin. What happened?”

“I was too busy trying to get Kenny not to move on and still want me and I ended up sleeping with Kenny and it kept on going on for days till Justin found out and he broke up with me. And it made me realize that it’s Justin I want”, she said, crying.

“Oh Sally. I would have reprimanded you right now but it’s happened already. The only thing you can do is apologize and hope that he forgives you. But you’re not the type to cheat. What happened this time?”

“I don’t know Sasha. I don’t know. Kenny got to me and I couldn’t resist”.

“Hmmm. Have you apologized to Justin?”

“Yeah and now he’s blocked me everywhere and he’s changed his house key card. So I can’t even get into his place”.

“He’s hurt Sally. Just wait it out”.

“I can’t. I’m hurting so much and I just want him to talk to me”.

“Sally, he’s the one hurting more. And you’re in the wrong. If you really care about him, then you’ll give him space till he’s ready to talk to you again”.

“What if he moves on? I don’t think I can stand it”.

“It’s not about you anymore. It’s about him. So just wait it out. I know it’s difficult but you have to do that”.


“Promise me that you won’t do anything stupid”.

“I can’t promise that”.

“Sally it’s for his own good and for yours too”.

“Okay okay”, she said, wiping her tears. “Do you have a date?” She asked looking at the dresses on the bed.

“Yeah, I do”.

“Is he hot?!”

“Extremely”, Sasha said, winking at her.

“Oh, then you should wear this dress”, Sally said, pointing at a grey seductive dress.

“I don’t plan on seducing anyone tonight”, Sasha said, laughing.

“It’s not to seduce him. It’s to blow his mind”, she said, smiling.

“I already did that. It’s Sasha you’re talking to”, she said, smirking.

“For a minute I forgot how proud you are”.

“See who’s talking”, she said and they both laughed.


Ross was at the drive way of his house, about to get into his car. When his mum drove in.

He got off his car and walked towards her.

“Mum, What are you doing here?” He asked, surprised.

“I’ve got some good news to share with you but it looks like you’ve also got some good news to share with me”, she said, smiling.

“Oh, I’m just going on a date”, he said, smiling at her.

“With how wide your smile is I can tell that you really like the woman”.

“Yes mum. I do”.

“Who is it? Do I know her?”

“Yeah. It’s Sasha”.

“Fredrick’s daughter?”


“Ohh”, she said, frowning.

“What is it mum?”

“She’s going to be your step sister”.

“What do you mean?” He asked, frowning.

The goodnews I had was that Fred and I are getting married”, she said to him.

“Shoot!!!” He exclaimed, kicking the tyre of the car.

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