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Ben and his family were having their dinner when the doorbell went off.

“Are you expecting someone?” his baby mama asked.

“No. Are you?” He asked and she shook her head.

“Okay. I’ll go see who it is”, she said and she walked towards the door and when she opened it, Sasha shoved her aside and walked in.

“Hey. Who are you? You can’t just barge in like you own the place”.

Ben was surprised when he saw her.

“Sasha”, he said, stuttering.

“Nancy, please take her Amy inside the room”, he said to his baby mama.

“Who is she Ben?” She asked.

“Just go”, he said to her and Nancy glared at him.

“C’mon baby, let’s go and eat inside your room”, she said to Amy and they both left.

Immediately they left, Sasha slapped Ben really hard.

“Okay, I deserve that”, he said to her.

“No, you deserve to be run down by a vehicle”, she said, hitting him in the chest.

“You don’t mean that”.

“Shut up!!!” She yelled.

“Do you know what you’ve done to me. I was fine on my own and wasn’t ready to date anyone and you kept hitting on me and got me to date you whiles you knew that you had a baby and a wife or girlfriend or whatever she is”, she said, in tears, glaring at him.

“I’m sorry Sasha. When I met you I was stunned by your beauty and couldn’t stay away from you and the more I got to know you the more attracted I was to you and before I knew it, I was deep in it and was too scared to tell you about my child and her mother. Nancy is just a friend and the mother of my child and nothing else. I know I should have told you about her but I’m really sorry. I was just terrified that you wouldn’t want anything to do with me”.

“So why does she live with you?” Sasha asked as she calmed down.

“She doesn’t. She only comes here during the weekends with my daughter and sometimes during the weekdays”, he said to her and she didn’t say anything.

“I’m really sorry Sasha for hurting you. It wasn’t my intention. And I’ll be glad if you could find a way to forgive me”.

“I just came here to get my frustration out. It’ll take sometime to forgive you but for now, I need some space from you. So stop blowing up my phone. Just leave me alone”, she said, walking away and he pulled her back.

“Please Sasha. Just give me another chance and I’ll make it up to you”.

“You have a child Ben and it’s not even the child that’s the problem. It’s your baby mama. She’s occupying a high percent in your life. I can’t deal with that and then the fact that you lied?! No way. Just let me be”.

“Fine. I respect your decision”, he said to her and then she left.

When she stepped out, she was surprised to see Rachel, Lilian, Alicia and Ralph.

“What are you all doing here?!” She asked, chuckling.

“Oh thank God she’s in a good mood”, Ralph said, heaving a sigh of relief.

“Do you think they’re back together?” Alicia asked.

“I doubt”, Rachel said.

“Someone seems to be in a better mood”, Rachel said to her as she approached them.

“Yeah. I just had to speak to him and hear whatever he had to say and now I’m not hurt. This was just a little storm and I’m fine now”, she said and they were all surprised.

“This is surprising. But we’re happy for you”, Lilian said.

“So what do you all say to us getting a drink at the diner”, Alicia suggested.

“Yeah, I’m in!!” Sasha exclaimed.

“Okay, I’ll be joining Sasha in her car and then you all can use my car”. She said, handing over her keys to Ralph.

“Drive safely. That’s my baby”, she said and he rolled his eyes.

Rachel got into Sasha’s car and she drove off.

Rachel kept staring at Sasha to be sure that she was fine.

“Will you stop staring at me”, Sasha said to her, chuckling.

“I’m just surprised at how you’ve handled this. What happened in there?”

“I slapped him and lashed out on him and then he just told me what I needed to hear. He was scared of telling me about the baby and he’s sorry and blah blah”.

“Mmm, so will you get back with him?!”

“No way. I don’t want any baby mama trouble and can’t be in a relationship with someone who has another woman in his life”.

“I understand. So you’re really bent of moving on?”

“Yeah. There are plenty fishes in the sea”.

“I really think you should hold off for a while and work on yourself first”.

“You’re the same person who encouraged me to keep dating since Philip died and I was ready to hold off after Manny but you all encouraged me to give it a try with Ben. Now you want me to hold off?”

“Yeah. You know that you have a lot of baggage and you need to fix it before you get on with someone else”.

“So what are you saying?”

“That you see a psychologist”.

“What? Never. I don’t want to talk to anyone who doesn’t know anything about me”.

“You need it Sasha. You need help and if no one is going to tell you, I will”.

“Stop acting like my mother Rachel. I’m fine and I don’t need a psychologist or therapist or whatever”.

“Hmmm. I still..”

“Just drop it. I’m in a good mood. Don’t ruin it for me”.

“Fine. So what are you going to do about the law suits against you”.

“Oh, Jennifer loves me. I’ll just pay her a visit, apologize to her. Give her a raise and then she’ll come back and drop it”.

“You’re just being manipulative”.

“No, I’m fixing the problem”.

“What about the other two people you fired for no reason”.

“I’m sure I had a reason”.

“You don’t even remember why you fired them. Do you?”

“No. I was just so angry and I lashed out. But I’ll try to get them back”.

“No, just get a lawyer and settle them and that’s it. For Jennifer you can get them back but for the other two, I doubt that they will want to come back”.

“How do you know that?”

“You’ve not read the suit? They’re suing you for wrongful termination, abuse of power, high level of harassment and a whole lot “.

“What’s with these people? They just want my money”.

“You’re in the wrong and they deserve the money”.

“No one deserves any money they didn’t work for unless it’s charity”.

“Just get a lawyer Sasha”.

“Fine, I’ll ask my dad to get me one”.

“Now you want your dad’s help?”

“He knows the best lawyers in town”.



Everyone at the company was busy working when Sasha interrupted them with a bell in her hand.

“What again?” One of the workers said to another co worker.

“Is that Jennifer? Wasn’t she fired?” Another said to a co worker.

“Can I have everyone’s attention?!” She said and they all stopped what they were doing. All those in their offices came to the working area to hear what she had to say.

“What’s going on?” Ralph asked Alicia.

“I have no idea”.

“Lilian, what’s going on?” He asked her.

“I’m just as lost as you are”.

“I’ll like to use this time to say a huge thank you to everyone here and I really appreciate how hard you all work. I’ll also like to use this time to apologize to everyone I’ve wronged in one way or the other. And I’ll also want to apologize to my wonderful personal assistant here and I’ll like you all to welcome her back with a round of applause”, she said and they all clapped.

“Well, this is new coming from her”, Alicia said.

“She’s just being smart and trying to prevent any other law suit and to enable everyone to defend her against the other two she fired”, Ralph said.

“That’s true. She’s so smart.” Lilian said, nodding her head.

“And I’ll also like to use this time to let you all know that we’ll have a dinner party this weekend to celebrate how far we’ve come. Jennifer will let you in on the details later”, she said and everyone clapped and rejoiced.

“And last but not the least. I’m promoting Jennifer to be my executive personal assistant”, she said and they all clapped.

“What’s the difference?” One of the workers asked another co worker.

“I think she won’t be doing too much of personal things and will be more of an advisor and can also take meetings in her place and some other things, I guess”, the co worker said.

“So there’s a vacancy now for a personal assistant, you can let the whole world know, and HR, I want one before the week ends. That’s all. You all can go back to work”, she said and then she took Jennifer to her new office.

“Is this my office?” She asked as she looked around the huge office.

“Yeah. Do you like it?”

“I love it. Thank you so much Sasha. You’ll never regret it. I’ll be the best ever and will help you to accomplish more”.

“I know you will. Enjoy your new office”, Sasha said and she left.

Lilian approached her smiling.

“What is it?”

“There’s a fresh prince waiting for you in the conference room”.

“A fresh prince? “

“I mean a very fine young man”, she said, blushing.

“And who’s he?”

“He said he’s a lawyer and he’s here to see you”.

“Oh okay”.

“And hey, if you don’t want him. I do”, Lilian said, grinning.

“Oh Lord, you’re so thirsty”, she said, chuckling and she left.

When she got to the conference room, she was surprised to see Ross, the son of her dad’s girlfriend.

“Hi”, he said, smiling.

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