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“Ben, I’m talking to you. What’s this?” She asked, shaking in anger.

“That’s my daughter and her mother”, he said stuttering.

“You have a wife?!!”she asked, getting on her feet.

“No, she’s not my wife. She’s my ex girlfriend”.

“A baby mama?”


“I can’t believe this!!”, she said in anger.

“Let me explain Sasha”, he said to her.

“No no! Just get away from me and I don’t want to ever see you again”, she said, walking away and he pulled her back.

“Get your hands off me”, she said, pushing him with her two hands.

“Sasha. I’m sorry”, he exclaimed and she walked away.


Jennifer was at her desk , sleeping when Lilian walked in.

“Jennifer!!!” She exclaimed.

“Yes?” She said, jumping out of her chair.

“Oh my God. I thought it was Sasha”.

“You should thank your God that it’s not her. She’s in a very bad mood and she’ll be here any minute. You better prepare yourself”.

“Oh no. What happened this time?”

“What do you think? She ended things with Ben”.


“This time he was the one at fault. He has a baby and a baby mama and he didn’t tell her about it”.

“Oh shoot!! That’s going to hurt”.

“Yeah. So you know she’s going to be on extreme level today”.

“Oh no!! I actually wanted to talk to her about a promotion and now this?!”

“You need a promotion? Speak to Ralph. He’s the human resource manager”.

“I just wanted to get the upper hand by going to her”.

“Then today is your unlucky day”.

As they were both conversing, they heard her scolding one of the workers.

“Is this the way to dress to work? Do you think we’re running a fashion house here?! You’re fired!” she exclaimed.

“Oh my God. This is bad”, Jennifer said in fear.

“All the best Jen”.

“No no Lilian, you have to call Rachel. She’s best at handling her”.

“Rachel has her own company to run and not to babysit Sasha”.

“Just call her. You know she’d want to do it”.

“Fine. But for now, handle it”.

“Jenny! I want the realtors in charge of the buildings at Swazy estate now!!!” Sasha said, walking into her office.

“They’re all out Sasha”, she said, walking into Sasha’s office.

“The three of them? Why?!”

“They’ve got clients waiting for them, I think it’s good news”.

“Good news? The three of them are attending to one client?”

“No, I mean there is more than one client”.

“Great. So get me any other realtor. I need one to go to the building at ball street now!”

“Sasha, I think they’re all busy!”

“Jenny! If you don’t want to end up like the red haired girl. You better get me one”.

“Okay”, she said and she ran off.


Samantha and her friend were on their way to Sasha’s room when Sally interrupted them.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to that witch’s room”, Sally said to her.

“We are. Is there a problem?”

“You go and see. She’s really in a very good mood”, Sally said, wiggling her brows.

“Sally be serious. What is it?”

“Oh nothing”, she said and walked away.

Samantha shook her Mr and still went ahead with her male friend.

“You wait here and let me talk to her first”, she said to him and he nodded and took a seat at her hallway.

“Sash”, Samantha said, walking into her room.

Sasha was on her bed, with her face buried in her pillow.

“Go away”, she said in tears and a sad voice.

“Did something happen?” Samantha asked.

“I want to be alone Sammy”.

“Hmm, do you need me to call someone?”

“Just go. I’ll be fine”.

“Are you…..”

“I said go!!!” Sasha exclaimed.

“Okay”, Samantha said and she left.

“Is she okay?” Her friend asked.

“Now it’s not a good time. Let’s go”, she said and they left.


Ann and her female friends were in the kitchen, trying out new recipes when Rachel walked in.

“Mum”, she said in surprise when she saw her mum.

“Rachel?!” Her mum said, hugging her.

“It’s really been a long time since I saw you. I think Ann sees you more than I do”, her mum said to her.

“I know mum. But I’ve just been busy with work”, she said.

“I understand. You should try to come home one of these weekends. Your dad and I have missed you so much”.

“I will mum. Ann can I speak to you privately” she asked.

“Sure. Excuse me”, Ann said to her friends and she walked out with Rachel.

“Is there a problem?” Ann asked.

“I really think that Sasha needs help. Like a psychologist or something”.

“What happened this time?”

“She fired about her personal assistant and two other people today and they’re all suing her”, she said.

“Oh God. And what’s she doing about the suit?”

“She’s not taking it serious and I’ve been trying to get her to take it serious and she’s just been lashing out on me”.

“Hmmm. I’ll take care of the suit”.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. You know how she doesn’t want you or her dad getting involved with anything concerning her company”.

“Hmm. So what do we do?” Ann asked in a sad tone.

“First, I think you should talk her into seeing a psychologist first and I’ll speak to her lawyer and see if he could…”

“The lawyer that she fired last month?

“Oops, I forgot about that. Hmm. I’ll try again and talk her into getting him back or a new lawyer”.

“Thank you so much Rachel. I don’t know what she’d have done without you”.

“She’s like a sister to me and I’ll always be there for her”.

“God bless you so much. I’ll speak to several psychologist and see who’s best for her. I think the challenge is getting her to see one but I’ll still handle it”.


Rachel left and when she arrived in Sasha’s room, she wasn’t there.

“Sasha?! “ she exclaimed as she searched her room. She went to the balcony and she spotted Sasha in the driveway.

“Sasha! No. Don’t go to this place”, she yelled but Sasha ignored her and drove off.

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