The Chauffeur Job

2 weeks ago


Our lives pretty good, no girls involved and we’re good. Once Tony had loved a girl who later called him a poor d--k afterwards. So you see, fending for yourself alone is always the best.

I’ve got a dog tho, he’s name his sparrow, I’ve had him six years ago and Mehn I love him to bits already. We’ve been through so many things Together For the past years ,y’all remember The bad guys? How we kicked their ass?…

Here at packaging villa, jobs are like room space that all now seemed to be occupied. I and my friends hUnted for better jobs for seven years and when none of us couldn’t get one, we automatically resigned to drinking every night which eventually turned into a tradition for us.

At times, I went with sparrow to the bar, if I knew I would be drinking A lot and I wouldn’t wanna sleep in the gutter.

Actually, we’ve had jobs, but we’lld drop them as they didn’t really help us financially. Once I’ve been a babysitter but I was fired when I was caught with the baby’s elder sister’s back against the wall while my hand was buried underneath her skirt ,also, I served drink in a local canteen later I was fired because my friends are free food everytime.

Yeah… It’s all sad but somehow just funny….

To Be continued in episode 1

Written BY: afolabi

The Chauffeur Job - S01

The Chauffeur Job - S01

2 weeks ago