The Lion’s Den

3 weeks ago


Written by: ©Benson Mphandika Lungu III.


He drove slowly his Corolla make car down the the street heading home after a long day at work. The road he was using was very busy with pedestrians. Some were venders selling their merchandise, others were people who were hurrying to their home as well from the town centre where they had gone back. The road was so busy that some people crossed ahead of his car a few metres from it without caring whether they would get hit by it or not.

As the road was so dilapidated and having a lot of potholes, he had to carefully drive along it making sure that he controlled the car from plunging into the muddy potholes of the untarred road.

As it he passed by the night club, he saw some people gathering there preparing for their night stay there. He remembered the day he had visited that night club and how extra ordinary the environment was were women skimply dressed would throw themselves on him.

“This world is crazy now” he thought to himself as he should his head with a weak smile on his face.

He then heard a loud angry shouting besides his window from a man who looked so plump and bogous. When he paid attention to what he was growling about, he realised that as he was deep in thoughts he plunged into a pothole which splashed the water onto the man. He then realised that he had wronged the guy and there was nothing else he could do but apologise.

“Sorry man” he shouted through the window.

“Nonsense! You are even saying sorry. Do you know how much is laundry soap? You should pack your wretched car! Useless man” the man shouted from outside.

“Buy yours and splash others” he shouted again as he drove away from the man.

He did not pay attention to the man who was still shouting. As he looked in his rear view mirror, he could see the man raising his hands and talking angrily. Though at that point he was not able to hear the words, all he was sure of was that the words were not friendly.

“The economy is really bad. All people are angry” he said to himself.

He then turned on his sound system in the car and started playing some nice slow Rhumba songs as he hummed along the songs.

He was some three hundred metres away from his home which made him feel a bit relieved knowing he was getting home a few minutes from there. With his heart so relieved, his vehicle started jerking at which this went on and it stopped.

The engine went off. He looked at the dashboard trying to figure out what could be wrong with the vehicle.

There was no sign of any problem with it as the fuel gauge and oil indicator were showing all was well. He then switched off through the ignition and then on again.

The Lion’s Den - S01

The Lion’s Den - S01

3 weeks ago