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Qin lelan saw things so clearly, and she was very sad and pleased: "however, this is how couples should be, mutual understanding and understanding, this day can last for a long time."

"Mom, I understand. Don't worry about me." Before, Qin leran thought that she could not find her brother in this life. To find him would be a great fortune for her. She would cherish these hard won happy days.

"I am really a clever girl." Jane reached out and rubbed Qin lelan's head, then said, "but you must not forget your father because you have your strong brother. Maybe your father is hiding on the balcony to see you at this time."

Hearing her mother's words, Qin learan looked up to the building. As expected, he saw a person standing on the balcony in the distance, except that her father would not be someone else.

Qin leran hooked his lips and said with a smile, "Mom, you are the only one who can stand my father's awkward life."

Jane also looked at the past, but only saw the back of Qin Yue's walk to the house. She also smiled: "I have been together for more than 20 years, and after a long time, I am used to his stink."

"It's true that all of us are used to his introverted and awkward character." Fortunately, her strong brother is gentle and considerate. He will tell her everything, and he will not let people guess anything like his father.

"But apart from that, your father is full of advantages." Jane felt that her husband could only say that he was not good, others were not, and daughters were not.

Qin leran also understood his mother's care for his father, and wisely shifted the topic: "Mom, what about our lovely family? Why didn't he come out to pick me up today? "

In the past, the little guy knew that his sister was going home. He was more active than anyone else. He had been waiting at the gate of the courtyard for his sister who had not been seen for a week to go home, but today he did not see his figure.

"Little cute is playing chess with your grandpa." At this time, Jian ran saw a man coming to them from the corner of her eyes. She motioned to Qin Yinze to look at it. "Ran, your brother is coming."

"Brother lie......" However, I haven't seen him for just over ten minutes. When I saw brother lie, Qin ran to him in a hurry and threw himself into his arms. "Why have you been so long?"

Strong hug her: "long?"

Qin leran said, "of course it's a long time. I think it's been a year since I left you for a second. Besides, it's more than ten minutes now. I haven't seen you in my life."

"Look at you. Mom is still here. You have to pay attention." Lie unscrewed the plum box he just bought, took one and put it in Qin lelan's mouth. "Is it delicious?"

"Brother lie bought the plum for me. It must be delicious." Qin Yinze smiled at him and said, "brother lie, one is not enough to satisfy my appetite. I need another."

"It's so sour that you can't eat too much." Lie wanted not to give her to eat very much, but could not stand the look in her eyes. Her heart was soft and one was put into her mouth. "Only two can be eaten."

"Brother lie, can I have another one?" Qin leran still wants to eat two plum blossom, but he can't come here with brother lie. As long as she is coquetry with him, brother lie will be soft hearted.

However, she didn't expect that her brother was really cruel today: "two more after lunch."

Qin lelan: "..."

Is coquetry useless?

Lie put the plum box away: "don't put on the appearance of grievance, this kind of sour food is bad for the stomach, I have to control."

Qin lelan: "..."

What a grievance!

All of a sudden, I'm a little disgusted with my brother.

Jane looked at the loving couple and felt happy from the bottom of her heart. She smiled and saw that they didn't talk.

Lie knew that there were still elders in front of her. Qin lelan, who led Wei qubaba, came to Jianran and said, "Mom, we are here to give you trouble again."

"If you don't come, you'll be in trouble." If they don't come back in one week, Qin Yue must lose his temper. The key is that the person who loses his temper doesn't say it. It's really a big trouble.

Lie said, "Mom, what can I do for you?"

Jane said: "I don't need your help. Go to see Grandpa first. After grandma left, your grandfather was silent a lot, many times a person looked at the sky dazed. I can't see how he missed his grandmother. "

Qin leran holds Jianran's hand: "Mom, don't be sad. Grandpa and grandma have such a good relationship. Grandma left. It's normal that grandpa can't adapt. We as the younger generation have to spend more time with him, so that he can not be so lonely. "

"Well..." "And we should cherish the people in front of us. Life is just a few decades away."

"Well, cherish the people in front of you." Qin lran looked at her brother, "brother, do you hear me? You must cherish me. No girl in the world can be so infatuated with you as I am. "

Qin leran never disguised that he was brother lie's little fan sister.

"But don't make any noise!" Usually, the girl can deal with him freely. But now, in front of the elder, he must pay attention to his image.

"Easy to understand him:" strong, you and ran ran quickly to see Grandpa

Strong nodded and dragged Qin lelan away.

Jane watched them leave until she could not see them. She turned and walked to the kitchen.


"Little cute, aren't you playing chess with Grandpa? How can I sit here alone in a daze? " On the way to see Grandpa, Qin lelan met Qin Yinjian who was supposed to play chess with Grandpa.

Qin Yin as like as two peas, he hung his head, and his little face looked exactly like his father's voice. Qin ran ran over and patted his cerebellum: "my dear brother, because what's wrong?"

Qin Yin didn't speak.

"Let me guess Well, it must be that I will never meet my opponent again in my study. It's very lonely. " Qin lelan sat down beside Qin Yinjian, and put one hand on his shoulder. "Standing on the high place, I feel lonely, and my sister has experienced nothing to be depressed."

"Sister, I'm worried about my brother." Of course, these little things are not worthy of Qin Yin's depression. He is worried about his elder brother's body, but his elder sister clearly does not know.

Suddenly mentioned big brother, Qin lelan instinctively looked at brother lie, and then turned to look at Qin Yinyu beside him: "little brother, you tell my sister, what's wrong with my brother?"

Elder brother's old disease was caused by saving his elder sister. Qin Yin thought about it and thought that he should tell Qin lelan: "elder sister, elder brother left the old disease after being shot a few years ago. The old disease will happen every day when the weather changes. If you are light, you will have a high fever, which will make you unconscious. If you are heavy, no one knows what will happen. "

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