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Qin Yue glared at Jane and said, "Jane, who is pretending to be Gao Leng with you?"

"Well, you're not pretending. You're so cold." No matter how cold his face was, Jane was not afraid of him. She took his hand and said, "President Qin, don't be angry."

Qin Yue stares at her again: "who is angry with you?"

Jane smiled: "you have a cold face, I thought you were angry with me."

Qin Yue: " I don't want to tease him anymore. I guess I'm really angry.

She added: "Qin Yue, you should change your attitude towards our son-in-law. If you treat him so coldly again, be careful that he bullies your daughter behind his back."

"He dare!"

"He is not afraid, he is reluctant, because he will not hurt less than you. It's you. You are obviously satisfied with Yao lie's kid. How can't you give him a good face? Don't you have to get to see him one day and ignore you, so you will be happy? " However, Qin Yue's attitude towards Yao lie has not changed no matter how much she tries to persuade him.

"I'm not at all satisfied with him!" His daughter was then stolen by the boy. Now that kid has cheated his daughter out, and let him see his daughter once a week, how can he be satisfied with that kid.

"You," said Jane, shaking her head, knowing that he couldn't make sense of it. "You can wait for the children here. I'll go to the kitchen and see if Xiaobao's favorite pearl balls are steamed, and then we'll see if we're ready for the strawberry jam."

Qin Yue grabbed Jianran and said, "someone is busy in the kitchen. Take a rest, and don't tire yourself."

"I don't need to cook on weekdays, but today I have to help prepare," she sighed. Mom is gone, but we can't lose this good tradition. Sometimes I still think that when Azer brings his wife home, I will teach her to cook some dishes that the family likes. When we get together, we will cook by ourselves. Later, let our daughter-in-law pass it on to our grandchildren and daughter-in-law, generation after generation and one after another. "

"Not everyone thinks the same as you. You are so good to accompany me. Don't worry about other people's affairs." Qin Yue doesn't want to make Jianran work hard. He wants Jianran to spend more time with him.

"Anyway, my mother and I think so. As for my daughter-in-law, it depends on the situation in the future. If she wants to learn, I'll teach her. If she doesn't want to learn, I don't ask for it. " Jane thinks it's a good thing. If she wants to pass it on from generation to generation, she can understand it if the younger generation is unwilling to accept it.

Qin Yue was dissatisfied again, and said calmly, "you are busy with your work on weekdays, and you are busy taking care of everyone on weekends. When can you be mine?"

"I have your time every night," she said with a smile

Qin Yue: ""

What did Jane think of again: "Qin Yue, Xiaobao and the children don't tell us what our daughter-in-law looks like when they come back. What do you say our daughter-in-law looks like? Gentle type? Cute? Or charming and sexy? By the way, what kind of girls do you guys like? "

Qin Yue is angry: "Jane ran, can't you see me in front of your eyes?"

Jane didn't respond for a moment: "what do you mean?"

"Mom and Dad"

it's Qin lelan.

Jane said: "when the children arrive, our topic will be suspended. Don't put on a cold face."

Seeing his parents standing here, Qin ran up and down: "Mom and Dad, wait for me here specially."

Qin Yueming is here to wait for his daughter. When he saw her arriving, he put on a cold face and hummed out a syllable from his nostril: "hum"

"we are coming naturally." Jian ran ignored Qin Yue's cold face, smiled and hugged his running daughter. "I haven't seen her for a week. My baby seems to be beautiful again."

"Mom, don't boast about me. Go on boasting. My tail is almost up in the sky." Qin leran looks at Qin Yue and sees that his face is not good. She is not afraid. She holds his arm. "Dad, you must miss me very much, right?"

"I have to be busy to accompany your grandpa." Leaving such a sentence behind, Qin Yue turned around and left behind Jianran and Qin leran. "However, your father just came to wait for you, but he seems to be angry because of me again. Don't blame him."

Qin lelan smiled: "I know he's waiting for me, but he's an awkward person and still pretends to be Gao Leng in front of me. He don't forget that I grew up with his shit and urine. I know his mind very well. But mom, why is Dad angry with you? "

"I don't know why. He got angry somehow. He's been like this all these years. Sometimes he's very stingy. I'm used to it. " Jian ran shrugs helplessly, and then notices that Qin leran is the only one who has no strong brother who is inseparable from her. "But what about your strong brother?"

When it comes to brother lie, the happiness on Qin lelan's face can't be hidden: "brother lie sent me to the gate of the yard and went out to help me buy things."

Jane said, "there's everything at home. What does he go out to buy?"

"My appetite is not very good these two days," Qin said. "I suddenly want to eat sour plum for appetizers."

"Bad appetite, want to eat sour plum appetizer" what suddenly occurred to Jane, excited to quickly protect Qin lelan, "however, are you pregnant?"

"Pregnant?" Qin leran immediately shook his head, "Mom, you think more, brother lie is not willing to have children for the time being."

When it comes to baby girls, Jane needs to know why: "he doesn't want children?"

Qin leran nodded: "brother lie said that his company is developing at a high speed in recent years. He needs to deal with many things himself. He may not have the heart to take care of the children, so he is not eager to have children. But I know that he should think that I'm not old enough to let my children pester me when I'm so young. I don't have freedom. "

After listening to her daughter's words, Jane is more satisfied with her son-in-law: "however, if he loves you, he will think for you everywhere, and you should also understand him."

Qin lelan added: "Mom, I know that brother lie loves me, but I don't rule out that he doesn't want children because he is afraid."

"Do you think it's because his family affected him?" Jane worried

Qin leran nodded again: "brother lie's family has a great influence on him. I think he must have a psychological shadow, so he is afraid to have children, but for whatever reason, I would like to respect him and wait for him. Even if he doesn't have children for a lifetime, it doesn't matter to me."

Because brother lie's birth is different from ordinary people and his education is different from others. His family has no love for children and daughters, only conspiracy and use. Now he has come out of that family completely, but some thoughts are deeply rooted and hard to change.

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