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Today is the weekend.

I don't know when it started. There is a new custom in the Qin family. Every weekend when the Qin family marries out their daughter, they will take their family back to nuoyuan. They will gather together to play chess, drink tea and have a chat.

However, today's atmosphere is slightly different, because Qin Xiaobao has been locked in a small black house after returning to Jiangbei, and he dare not come to see her elder brother for several days.

"Mother, are you so afraid of uncle?" Zhan Li didn't want to be talkative, but he couldn't help laughing at his mother, who was not afraid of anything.

In their family, Qin Xiaobao is the queen. No one dares to stop her if she wants to go to the house to jiewa, and the old man dares not to provoke her. His uncle's words can scare Qin Xiaobao away from nuoyuan for several days. As expected, it's still a mountain higher than a mountain and a thing lower than a thing.

As soon as the voice of Zhan Li's last words fell, Qin Xiaobao gave him a cold look: "Stinky boy, you don't talk at this time. No one thinks you're dumb."

"Mom, you said last night that I was your baby. You lied to me." Zhan Li pretends to be hurt at the end.

"You are my mother's baby. When did my mother cheat you?" Although Qin Xiaobao always bullies his son at ordinary times, as long as Zhan Li is really aggrieved, her mother is still in great pain.

"Mom, if I were your little darling, how could you be willing to kill me?"

"Who made you talk nonsense. If you don't talk, your mother won't hurt you. "

"So I'm not your little darling"

there is still a long distance between them. Jane can hear the noise of Qin Xiaobao's mother and son, listen to their conversation, and she can easily smile and quarrel with her son. Qin Xiaobao is the only one in the world.

This girl is a living treasure before she is married. After so many years of marriage, her temperament still hasn't changed. Thanks to Zhan Nianbei, who loves her.

At this time, the sharp eyed battle from the end of the discovery of Jane ran, he quickly ran to join Jane's arms: "aunt, I miss you so much!"

"Well, I'd like to meet you here, too." He rubbed his little head and looked at the end of the war. "We haven't seen each other for a few days. Our little distance is growing again."

"I'll try to be as tall as my brother." Qin Yingu is more than one year older than Zhan Li. Now when he grows up, his height is different day by day. Before, he didn't see how much higher than Zhan Li. Now, he is a big part higher than Zhan Li. He is extremely jealous.

He is always bullied when they are almost high. If he doesn't grow up to Qin Yinjian, he will be bullied to death. It's pathetic to think about it.

"Well, in another one or two years, our childhood will be as long as brother Jian. Then we can grow very tall in a day or two and catch up with him very soon," she said gently

"Auntie, I'll go to play with my brother." He's not a three-year-old. His aunt comforted him a little and insulted his intelligence. He'd better go to find that annoying little black belly.

"Well, go!" Jane didn't know that she was despised by her family.

"Sister in law, I miss you so much!" Qin Xiaobao comes over and embraces Jianran as he learns to leave the end of the war.

"You ah, still not long" Jane also hugs Qin Xiaobao, a face of helplessness.

Qin Xiaobao said with a smile, "I'm afraid I've grown up with so many of you."

Jane said: "the key is to get used to you. Eh, by the way, why didn't commander Zhan come with you? "

"There is something wrong with the military region. He asked the driver to send us here. He can come later." Qin Xiaobao did not look at Jane, but stretched his neck to look behind her. "Sister in law, where is my brother?"

"Your brother is in his study. You know, there are few days in a year when he can really rest." Jian Ran has advised Qin Yue countless times to take more time to rest, but the business at home is so big that no matter how many things are handed over to the following executives, there are still some things that Qin Yue has to do.

"My brother is also really capable. If a son doesn't stay in Shengtian to help, he will let him develop himself. You see, he's still tired these years. " It's said that Qin Yue is in the study. Even if he can't see the real devil for the time being, Qin Xiaobao's courage is fat and he dare to scold her brother.

"A Ze has his own life, Qin Yue has always respected the choice of children, and everyone is right," she explained

"My brother is domineering and ruthless. He always does things." when Qin Xiaobao scolded her brother, he saw Qin Yue coming to them from the corner of his eyes. "Sister in law, you said my brother was busy?"

Jane ran: "he is busy."

I'm busy. How can I still run out to frighten people? I don't know if he heard her speak ill of him behind his back? If she heard that, she would be locked up in a black house again!

"Sister-in-law Wuwu, my father is waiting for him to play chess. I'll play chess with him first." Qin Xiaobao turns around and runs. When Zhan Nianbei comes, go to see her brother. His brother will give her some face.

"Little cute is with his grandpa." Jianran knows Qin Xiaobao's temperament. She is so active that she can't settle down to play chess. It's probably something else. She shakes her head again, "the child is so big, and she's like a child. The girl"

"the girl is not clean up!" Qin Yue's low and sexy voice suddenly reached Jianran's ear, and she finally knew why Qin Xiaobao was so desperate to escape.

However, looking back, Qin Yue, who is tall and handsome, is by her side now. She looks at him and smiles, "aren't you busy?"

"I'm done." No matter how busy, Qin Yue will find time to accompany his family.

A person, when he comes to his present position, will understand that the more he has, the higher he stands, the more important his family is.

What's the point if one has endless wealth and no one shares it?

"Just now I had a good chat with Xiaobao," she said with a smile. "You scared Xiaobao away when you came."

"Qin Yue light way:" I did not frighten her

"I know you're not here to scare Xiao Bao. You're here to pick us up." Jianran knew that Qin Yue was reluctant to give up his daughter. Every weekend when Qin leran would arrive, he would come to wait for her several minutes in advance.

Qin Yue didn't say anything when she was told what was on her mind.

"You ah, in front of me to install what high cold, I do not understand what kind of character you are." This man, for so many years, is still the same. As soon as he speaks in his mind, he puts on a cold face to show her. It's really mean, but it's a little cute. /p

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