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Now there is another Xie Meimei, and like her, Ji Rou would like to disappear from the world forever. As for how to make the girl named Ji disappear, doctor Tong thought maliciously, dead, injured, disabled, ruined by others and so on.

"You think we can really get rid of her?" Xie Meimei wants to get rid of Jirou, but she has some self-knowledge. The mountain behind Jirou is not something ordinary people can afford.

"As long as she knows the truth, she will naturally leave Qin Yinze. After leaving Qin Yinze, she is just a little girl with no power to bind a chicken. At that time, she was the fish on our chopping board and could only be slaughtered by you and me." Doctor Tong said with a cold smile, "Ji Rou is usually domineering and arrogant. She thinks that the eldest young master of the Qin family is devoted to her. If she wants to know that she is only a double, what do you think of her?"

Xie Meimei seemed to see Ji Rou's downfall, and her uncertain heart leaped with joy: "I don't know what she will do, but I think it will definitely hit her."

Dr Tong sighed, "I really want to see what she looks like when she knows the truth."

Xie Meimei replied, "it's not easy to see it. Let's go to see it together."

Jingling bell

doctor Tong's mobile phone rang suddenly, which made Doctor Tong and Xie Meimei both shiver. When doctor Tong saw the phone number displayed on the mobile phone screen, she calmed down: "my man called."

Dr. Tong answered the phone, Xie Meimei didn't know what was said over the phone, only to see that Dr. Tong's face was becoming more and more ugly, which can be described as black as black carbon at last.

"I'm exposed!" Hang up, doctor Tong is in a hurry.

"What's exposed?" Doctor Tong said these words, and Xie Meimei was confused.

Doctor Tong was so angry that he hit the wall with a fist: "Pengshan is actually checking me. That fool who never thought about things would doubt my head. How could he doubt my head?"

Xie Meimei said, "would it be Ji Rou?"

"Jirou has suspected me for a long time, but she can't give evidence. Pengshan has prejudice against her and won't believe her." Doctor Tong turned two circles, a flash of inspiration in his brain, and suddenly thought, "Oh, it must be Qin Yinze waking up, it must be."

It's said that Qin Yinze woke up, and Xie Meimei jumped up with fright, and her voice trembled: "you don't mean Qin Yinze can't wake up in half a month, why did he wake up so early?"

"That man is different from ordinary people. It's not surprising that he can wake up early, but I didn't expect that he could wake up so early." Doctor Tong rushed out of Xie Meimei's room, and then rushed into Xiang Lingfeng's room. "Xiang Lingfeng, you must contact Ji Rou immediately, you must let her know that you are still alive, you must let her see you immediately, or we will have to die."

Doctor Tong knows Qin Yinze's character. If she offends him, there is only one way to die. Before, she had seen the fate of many people who offended Qin Yinze.

She doesn't want to follow those people's path, so she can only think of ways to make Qin Yinze change his mind. Now only Ji Rou can make Qin Yinze change his mind.

And she has a festival with Jirou. She hates to kill Jirou. Jirou will not want to see her again, but Xiang Lingfeng is a special existence for Jirou.

Ji Rou thinks about Xiang Lingfeng. As long as Xiang Lingfeng appears beside Ji Rou and tells her what happened in the past few days, Ji Rou will tear Qin Yinze's face. At that time, Qin Yinze's energy is all on Ji rou. She can't finish her plan without time.

Doctor Tong's plan is perfect. Now Xiang Lingfeng has to cooperate with her. However, Xiang Lingfeng looks out of the window at the snow and looks calm, as if she has not been heard.

"Xiang Lingfeng, you talk." If it wasn't for Lingfeng's cooperation, Dr. Tong thought he would slap the man in the face.

When did Xiang Lingfeng pretend to look at the scenery calmly? He thought he was Qin Yinze, and he could see Mount Tai falling in front of him?

Doctor Tong is so anxious that he looks like an ant on a hot pot. However, Xiang Lingfeng still looks out of the window at the snow scene, and even refuses to give her a nasal sound.

Xiang Ling is still in a bad mood. Doctor Tong is really in a hurry. He rushes to Xiang Ling's body and grabs his collar: "Xiang Ling, are you deaf?"

Xiang Lingfeng suddenly smiled and looked at the poor woman who was a lot shorter than him, but was very arrogant and very frightened: "you sent the picture of Miss Qin to Ji Rou?"

Doctor Tong was frightened by Xiang Lingfeng's eyes, but she was unwilling to admit defeat and shouted, "yes, I did."

Pooh Pooh

as Dr Tong's voice fell, a sharp dagger stabbed her in the abdomen, her eyes widened, and she looked at Xiang Lingfeng strangely: "you"

Xiang Lingfeng pulled out a dagger, and then he stabbed Dr Tong in the abdomen with a fierce knife. Dr Tong only felt a whirl of the sky: "you even have Xiang Lingfeng"

Dr Tong's mouth corner has The blood flowed out, but she didn't give up and tried to open her mouth: "don't forget who saved your life when you were going to die!"

"It's you!" Xiang Lingfeng smiled coldly, pulled out the dagger again, and then stabbed doctor Tong's abdomen with a knife. The blood slowly dyed doctor Tong's clothes red, and she could not make a sound any more. She stared at Xiang Lingfeng with wide eyes, and two eyes seemed to be staring out of her eyes.

"I told you not to touch Jirou's hair. Can't you understand?" Xiang Lingfeng pushed her gently, and doctor Tong fell on the cold floor with a thump. Blood flowed from her body.

In her impression, Xiang Lingfeng is a big sunshine boy. Even though he was nearly killed by someone in the face of great changes, he still feels like the rising sun. It's warm and makes people want to get close to him.

However, he killed the man who stabbed Dr. Tong with a dagger and a knife. He was as terrible as a devil. He could not touch Xiang Lingfeng in her mind at all.

He's not a bully!

He's not!

He is just a devil.

Looking back, he saw that his eyes were like a sharp knife, and Xie Meimei stepped back. Just two steps back, she fell to the ground because her legs were scared to be soft. "Feng Feng Xuechang"

"Ji Rou is not something you can touch." He said that the voice has returned to its usual calm, but Xie Meimei will never find the voice pleasant any more, but will only make people feel cold in the back.

"I, I dare not, I dare not again." seeing Dr. Tong's death with her own eyes, even if I give her ten more courage, she dare not calculate Ji Rou again.

"Remember!" Xiang Lingfeng throws these three words.

"I, I remember!" Xie Meimei nodded repeatedly.

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