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June whimpered as she lay on the floor helplessly. “Miss Sinclair, are you alright?” A security rushed into the room to help her up.

“Are you alright ma’am?” He asked again.

“I’m fine.” June muttered in response.

“You’re bleeding. I have to get your father now. But first, let me help you to your room.” He said and swung her hand across his shoulder, helping her navigate her way through the hallway down to her room. He sat her down on a sofa and left the room to get Patrick.

Minutes later, Patrick rushed in.

“Honey, are you okay? my goodness!” he said and knelt down, inspecting the bruise on June’s nose. He touched her nose and she winced in pain as droplets of blood dripped out, staining the floor.

“My goodness! Your nose is broken. What happened? Who the hell did this to you?” Patrick asked..

“It’s nothing dad.”

“nothing? You can’t tell me this is nothing. Look at you, who did this to you?” He asked again but June’s response wasn’t forthcoming.

“Where is Rose?” he asked.

“She left.” June muttered.

“is this about her? Baby you have to tell me what’s going on please.” Patrick pleaded. June raised her head up and shot a stare at the security standing by her room.

“Please excuse us.” Patrick said to him, understanding the meaning of June’s stare.

“Tell me, what happened?” He asked.

“It’s Rose” June said and paused, she sighed aloud and continued. “She found out about her dad.” She added.

“Oh no! Goddammit!” Patrick cursed and stood up in shock.

“She hit you this way?” He asked, feeling furious.

“It was an accident dad, we just had an argument and she kinda lost it. It was absolutely not intentional.” June said.

“First we need to take care of your injuries. We’ll worry about her later. Come, let’s go.” Patrick said and stretched out his arm, she reached out to him and stood up.


“Rose, are you alright?” Nicole asked as Rose rushed up the stairs, crying. Nicole stood motionless, not having a clue as to what is going on.

“Honey, are you alright?” Nicole yelled and followed behind. On her wheelchair, scarlett wheeled herself out of the kitchen with a puzzled look, obviously confused at all that was going on.

Nicole rushed into Rose’s room and met her sitting up on the bed, heads down.

“Rose, what is it? You don’t look so good.” Nicole said and sat next to her, on the bed.

“Talk to mommy dear. What is it?”

“It’s nothing mom.” Rose answered and wiped off the tears.

“You’re crying, something definitely happened. Talk to me.” Nicole pestered.

“Mom I’m fine. Just a rough day.” Rose answered. Just then, her phone began beeping. She shot a side glance at the small screen and caught up June’s name.

“You have a call.” Nicole said but Rose ignored.

“Aren’t you gonna answer it?” Nicole asked further and leaned to have a look at who the caller was..

“Honey, it’s June.” Nicole said, wondering why June’s call of all people is being ignored.

“Mom stay out of this!” Rose growled, feeling irritated at her mom’s persistence.

“Did you two get into a fight? We could work this out.” Nicole said.

“Mom please leave!” Rose yelled, catching her mom by surprise.

“You should rest honey.” Nicole said and sighed, she stood up and left the room leaving Rose with her thoughts. She had been pondering of divulging the truth to her family or letting it slide and make amends with her best friend. She took a throw pillow and tossed it across the room in frustration.


The Griffiths were on their way back home after Dominic’s discharge from the hospital, Jacob took the wheel while Josie sat next to him at the front. Alexa and Dominic both occupied the back seat.

“Dad, I’ll be stopping at June’s House.” Dominic said, looking out the window feeling worried.

“Shouldn’t you get home first?” Jacob asked and shot a glance at the rear-view mirror taking a look at his troubled son.

“No dad, that can wait. I have to see June first.” Dominic responded.

“Okay then.” Jacob said and made a turn right, heading to the Sinclair mansion.

Minutes later, he pulled the car to halt at the front gate.

“Take care son.” Jacob said as Dominic got down from the car. He leaned to the driver’s window and responded.

“I will.” He said and head for the gate.


“Sit, I’ll be back with the first aid kit.” Patrick said gesturing at the couch in the living room.

“Okay dad.” June answered.

“Excuse me Miss Sinclair, Dominic Griffith is here.” A steward announced. June nodded in response to his announcement, he got the message and left immediately to usher Dominic in.

“Hey.” He greeted as he walked into the large living room.

“Hi.” June greeted back.

“Are you alright?” He asked on noticing the blood stained tissue June held.

“I’m fine.”

“I called, you hung up and now you’re looking really messed up. What happened?” Dominic enquired further and took his seat next to her.

“Dom, I’m fine.”

“You don’t look okay June.”

“Thank you for saving my life by the way. I probably shouldn’t have gone to him straight up. I was angry and confused.”

“Yeah you shouldn’t have!” June snapped.

“I’m sorry.” he apologised again.

“Got the first aid kit. This will sting a little.” Patrick announced from the hallway aloud as he walked back to the living room holding the first aid box.

“Oh, Dominic.” He said on noticing Dominic’s presence.

“Good day sir. Thanks for the other day.”

“It’s nothing. You’ve done more for my daughter.” Patrick said all smiles and shook hands with Dominic.

“What happened to her? She’s bleeding.” Dominic threw the question at Patrick as he knelt down, attending to June’s injuries.

“She had a bust up with Rose.” Patrick said without uttering any further detailed information.

“June you need to tell me what’s going on between you both.” Dominic said as June winced in pain in reflex to the treatments Patrick applied on her open wounds.

“I can help with that.” Dominic said.

“With what?” Patrick asked.

“The broken nose and the bruises, I can make her heal faster.”

“Oh my God! That’s true. How on earth did i not remember this!” June said and stood up abruptly, neglecting the pains she was going through.

“Uhm you have to sit first.” Dominic said looking confused.

“Dad, Dominic is the key. He is solution to mom’s case.” June said grabbing her father by the arm excitingly.

“Really?” Patrick asked.

“Yes dad. He can.” June affirmed.

“What are we talking about here?” Dominic asked in confusion.

“Dom, is it possible you cure cancer with your powers? Or at least stop the growth of a tumor?” June asked taking Dominic by shock.

“Wait! Your mom has cancer!? Holy shit!”

“and you never thought to tell me? I thought we were friends?” Dominic said feeling disappointed.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t know how to break it down to you.” June apologised.

“I understand.”

“I’m sorry tho. I can’t help.” Dominic said.

“What do you mean?” June asked.

“Remember when you broke your legs? I healed your legs right? It was broken and it is expected to heal itself but what i did was aid the healing faster than it normally would.”

“Same with what I’ll do to you now, I’ll make the pain go away and make your body heal at an unbelievable rate.” Dominic explained.

“Can’t you do the same to her?” June asked.

“No sweetheart, it’s different.” Patrick chirped in.

“How?” June asked.

“It’s cancer, it’s quite different from a fractured bone or bruise on the skin. It’s the division of cancerous cells and they spread like wild fire. My powers if used on them will only make them spread faster just like they heal wounds faster.” Dominic explained.

“Shit!” June cursed and ran her fingers through her hair, feeling frustrated. She dropped to the couch in exhaustion.

“I’m sorry.” Dominic apologised again.

“Don’t, it’s not your fault Dominic. We’ll get through this together.” Patrick said.

“If you’ll allow me June.” Dominic said as June nodded for him to carry on. Dominic moved closer to her and waved his palm around her nose in circular motion as the bruises began to enclose. Patrick watched in awe, marvelled at the reality of magic.

In no time, the wounds were gone and June felt no pain.

“Thank you Dom.”

“You’re welcome. Now tell me about Rose. What happened?”

“It’s a family thingy.” June said and sighed. Patrick packed up his first aid materials and closed the box. June shot a glance at her father, awaiting a signal for him if she should divulge the truth or not. Patrick got the message in her stare and smiled.

“Do what is right. Don’t make same mistake twice.” He said and left both of them.

“Meaning?” Dominic asked.

“He meant, you should know the truth. If i had told Rose the truth, this wouldn’t have happened.” June said.

“What truth?”

“Her late father, George McCarthy was a staff of the company, he was killed by a zombie at the special facility as a result of a failed experiment. He actually is the first victim of a zombie attack from the influence of the serum.” June explained.


“My dad found out and they decided to do a cover up, they burnt down the facility and made it seem like he died in a fire outbreak. He told the press and Rose’s family it was a fire whereas it wasn’t.” she continued.

“This is deep.” Dominic said and shook his head.

“I only found out recently and i was furious with my dad. He gave his reasons why and i decided to keep his secret with me at the expense of lying to my best friend everyday. She somehow found out today and exploded in fury.” June continued and paused.

“I’ve never seen her that way all my life. I looked into her eyes and i couldn’t recognise her anymore.”

“She seemed like a totally different person.” June said.

“D--n! This is a whole lot of damage.” Dominic said and clenched his fist.

“I know. Its all my fault.” June said.

“No, it’s not. Absolutely not. You hid the truth from her to protect her, to prevent exactly what is happening now from happening in the first place.” Dominic responded and held June’s hands.

“Thank you.” She said quietly and rest her head on Dominic’s shoulder.

“I have an idea. We could talk to Ornelle and see what she has to say.” Dominic said.

“This has nothing to do with magic stuff.” June responded.

“Yes it does. Just watch and see.” Dominic said and brought out the departing gift Ornelle had given him.

“So what does Ornelle have to do with this?” June asked.

“I just have this feeling we need to consult her for assistance on how to go about this.” Dominic responded.

“You’re a young witch. You still need guidance.” He added.

“Right. Go on.” June said as Dominic pulled out a mystical ball. A blue smoke crept slowly inside the walls of the transparent glass ball.

“Wait a minute. Is that Ornelle’s departing gift to you?” she asked.

“Yes. You like it?”

“Sure. It’s the first time I’m seeing it.”

“it’s beautiful.” June said.

“how does it work?” she asked.

“if the smoke in the ball is blue, it means there is peace. If it turns Amber, it means warning and when it turns red, it means danger.” Dominic explained.

“but there is no peace now.” June said and shrugged.

“There is at the moment, Grenville is peaceful and it is you who have personal problems. The ball doesn’t work that way.” Dominic said.

“Right. So how do we get through to her with this?” June asked.

“You’ll see”

“Take my hand.” Dominic said holding the mystic ball in his left hand, he stretched out his right hand to June, she entwined her hand in his and they both shut their eyes closed. The fumes in the ball began to move at a random pace, teleporting their souls to a new realm.

In the physical realm, they both fell to the floor unconscious the minute their souls departed their bodies.

“Dom, where are we?” June asked, she turned to scan her environment. All she could see were ice and snow flakes dropping from the sky. They stood in a narrow icy path, leading to what appears to be nowhere. Turning to the left, they met cracked icy walls and turning the right, trees with leaves covered in snow dust.

“It’s pretty cold down here.” Dominic said shivering while June stood still, unaffected by the bizarre winter.

“Where is she? You’re gonna freeze to death down here.” June said feeling worried.

“I don’t know. I’ve never done this before, it’s my first time.” Dominic responded shivering.

“Do we say anything special to summon her?” June asked.

“I have no idea.” Dominic responded. Just then, they could hear the wind whirling in circles, A feminine figure began surfacing from the whirling wind.

“Is that?-” June was saying as Ornelle stepped out to answer her curiosity.

“Hello June, hello Dominic.” Ornelle greeted all smiles, she stepped out of the circle of ice created by the wind. She looked pale white, like the goddess of ice herself.


Rose sat in her room, crying nonstop. She felt all sort of emotional pain and disappointment. A part of her wished she hadn’t reacted badly to June and another part of her wished she had hurt her even more than she did. All these mixed feeling drove her crazy.

While deep in thoughts, she heard a knock on her door.

“Mom go away!” She yelled to whoever was behind the door, assuming it was Nicole who came back.

“It’s Scarl.” Scarlett responded from outside.

“What do you want?” Rose yelled.

“To talk. Please open the door.” Scarlett responded. Rose thought about how Scarlett could have gone up the stairs on her own, she then shrugged off the thought and assumed mother must have aided her up the stairs.

Rose stood up grudgingly and opened the door, lo and behold she met scarlett standing absolutely fine.

“You can walk now?” Rose asked in disbelief at the sight of her sister standing without her wheelchair or a support.


“Welcome to the realm of the undying.” Ornelle greeted.

“Thank you. It’s freezing cold here.” Dominic said shivering, his skin was minutes away from becoming ice.

“Why am i not affected?” June asked.

“You belong here, he doesn’t.” Ornelle said.

“Then why did you give him the ball when you know it’ll lead him straight to a place he shouldn’t be?” June asked.

“because i know of all three of you, only Dominic posses the wisdom to actually use the mystical ball when it is needed. You’re here because he suggested it, you wouldn’t be here if you wielded the ball yourself.” Ornelle explained.

“Noted. He’s dying, how do we save him please?” June asked.

“It’s simple, hold hands with him. Your powers will shield him from the effects of the frost.” Ornelle said. June grabbed Dominic’s hands immediately and entwined her hands in his. In a few seconds, the ice began falling off Dominic’s skin and he came alive in no time.

“Wow that was quick.” Dominic said as he felt the warmth take over the chills in his body.

“Each session is limited, please go straight to why you’re here.” Ornelle spoke out.

“Are you alive?” Dominic asked.

“No, I live on as a memory here and my knowledge is limited to things i know of while i was still amongst the living.” Ornelle answered.

“That son of a b---h destroyed the coven. He’ll pay for this!”Dominic said clenching his fist.

“calm down Dom, let’s listen to her.” June said.

“Why are you here?” Ornelle asked.

“We’re here to seek your advice, June kept a dark secret from Rose for a while and she found out and she’s freaking out. She hit June in a way she has never done before and we’re afraid of what she might do next. She might go rogue and if it gets to the police, Patrick Sinclair will spend the rest of his life in jail.” Dominic explained.

“This happened a long time ago and June kept it away from her to keep her safe, to avoid exactly what is going on now. What do we do to contain the situation?” Dominic asked. Ornelle smiled monetarily and looked up to June.

“You my dear, you’re a witch of the old gods and thus, you posses the power of time. Time is powerful and perhaps the most beautiful invention in all of humankind.” Ornelle said

“If mastered, the fate of the world is at your fingertips and if misused, it takes just as it gives.” Ornelle added.

“Powerful, it has the ability to rewrite and if seen, terrible unimaginable things happen.” Ornelle concluded.

“Is this how we’re to save Rose?” Dominic asked.

“Yes Dominic.” Ornelle answered.

“thank you but how? I have no idea how to start.” June said.

“You will, all the answers to your abilities lies within you. All you have to do is find it.” Ornelle said.

“Few minutes more.” Ornelle added and looked up to the icy sky, they had began changing, indicating time is running out.

“There is only a limited time the living can come visiting, if exceeded you become trapped here forever.” Ornelle said, sending fears down the spine of Dominic and June.

“One more quick question. The other day at the hole, The Aeternae referred to me as blood of my blood. Why would he say that?” June asked.

“I wish we had more time to discuss this, but here is my gift to you.” Ornelle said and blew out a smoke of ice to June’s face. June coughed up a bit and lost her balance, she stood up almost immediately feeling normal again.

“You’ll get the answers you seek when you open your mind to it.” Ornelle concluded.

“How do we leave?” Dominic asked as a gust of icy wind began to smack their faces.

“Close your eyes, imagine yourselves back in your destination.” Ornelle said and disappeared. June and Dominic held hands and closed their eyes, in no time they teleported back to their bodies laying on the floor at the Sinclair mansion.


Back at the McCarthy’s home, Rose was still bewildered by her sisters sudden recovery.

“Yes i can walk now.” Scarlett answered.

“I’ve missed this moment with you so much.” she added and pulled Rose into an embrace.

“What are you doing here?” Rose asked and broke free of the embrace.

“I know why you’ve been here crying all day. I know what June’s father did to dad.” Scarlett said.

“You do?” Rose asked.

“Yes. And i think you should stop crying and be tough. What you did to June was nothing compared to the pain father passed through at the hands of a zombie.” Scarlett further said. Rose kept mute for a while, heads down.

“Look at me. You’re my family and we have to stick together and fight people like Patrick Sinclair. He has to pay for all he has done.” Scarlett said raising Rose’s chin to meet her bright blue eyes gaze.

“What should i do?” Rose asked.

“Kill him, kill June.” Scarlett said.

“I can’t. It’s murder and I’ll go to jail.” Rose protested.

“You’ll only go to jail if you’re caught. After all they did to dad, you honestly want to show them mercy?” Scarlett said shaking her head. Rose flashed back to the footage she had seen on Patrick’s computer. The beast ripping her father to shreds. Her anger reached a whole new point and she became determined to end the Sinclairs.

“What do you want me to do?” Rose asked, breathing heavily in fury. Scarlett smiled and pulled out a pistol from her jacket.

“Don’t miss. Avenge father. You know they deserve this.” Scarlett said and handed over the gun to Rose.

“I won’t miss.” Rose said and tucked the gun in her sweatpants.

“I have to go now. Mom is worried.” Scarlett said and left the room hastily.

Rose clenched her jaw in anger, the blood of revenge pumping through her veins. She stepped out of the room to the living room to meet Scarlett sitting innocently on her wheelchair, watching a comedy sitcom.

“My goodness! What are you doing with a gun? How did you get that?” Nicole asked in shock, Scarlett turned to Rose in shock too. Appearing surprised at how Rose had a gun.

“Patrick Sinclair killed father and covered it up. They’ll pay for what they’ve done. All of them!” Rose barked and shot the gun in the air. Piercing the ceiling.

“I won’t allow you do this. Sweetheart drop the gun!” Nicole warned and rushed to the door to obstruct Rose from leaving.

“Out of my way mom!” Rose warned. Nicole pant heavily, she looked into Rose’s eye and knew her daughter wasn’t there anymore. Nicole locked the door quickly and pulled out the keys, running upstairs to give a call to the Sinclairs.

“Mom open the door!!!!” Rose yelled, holding her head in annoyance. She began sweating profusely.

Nicole ran upstairs and rushed into her room. She pulled out her cell phone and reached out to Patrick.

“Hello Mr Sinclair.” She said as soon as Patrick answered the call.


Patrick coughed up to shrug off the feeling of nervousness overwhelming him. Could Rose have told her mom about her new discovery? Is Nicole calling to ask about it? He was lost in thoughts as Nicole kept saying hello over the phone, awaiting a response.

Patrick summoned courage and responded.

“Hello Nicole. How are you?” He said.

“Rose has gone crazy. She has a gun and she has threatened to kill you and June. I honestly don’t know what has gotten into her.” Nicole said and began sobbing at the other side of the call.

“Calm down Nicole. I’ll be there with security in a jiffy. Please try to contain her.” Patrick said and ended the call.

“D--n it!” He cursed and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. Patrick left the laboratory immediately and head for the elevator, he got back to the living room and called up a team of security.

“Dad what’s going on?” June asked.

“It’s Rose. She has gone crazy. She has a gun!” Patrick said.

“I’ll come with you.” June said and stood up abruptly, Dominic followed suit.

“If she has a gun, I don’t think it is advisable they come with us.” A security suggested taking a look at Dominic and June as they all walked out of the mansion to the garage.

“They’re not ordinary kids.” Patrick responded with a straight face. The security took his statement as a joke and laughed it off.

“If you say so sir.” He said amidst laughter.

They all hoped into a black SUV car and sped out of the mansion grounds.


“Mom open the f-----g door!!!” Rose yelled.

“Scarl, go tell mom to give me the d--n keys!” Rose yelled to her sister.

“I can’t. Remember?” Scarlett said reminding Rose of her condition.

“Don’t pretend now! You were with me minutes ago! Now go get the keys from mom please!” Rose yelled, panting.

Nicole overheard her daughters argue downstairs, she rushed down out of her room to calm the situation. On getting back to the living room, Rose pointed the gun at Scarlett.

“Rose honey, what are you doing? That’s your sister!” Nicole said as her knees began to shake in fear.

“she’s pretending! she can walk and she gave me the f-----g gun to kill those bastards!” Rose growled.

“Scarlett has been with me all evening. You’re out of your mind baby, please put the gun down.” Nicole knelt down and pleaded.

“You think I’m insane? The insane bastards are the Sinclairs! Mom please let me out!” Rose knelt down too, pleading to her mom.

“I can’t. Please give me the gun.” Nicole pleaded with tears in her eyes.

“Get your ass off that wheelchair and do something!!” Rose screamed in annoyance at her mom’s persistence and pushed Scarlett off the wheelchair. Scarlett felt to the ground helplessly and winced in pain.

“Rose, what did you just do? Oh my God!” Nicole screamed and rushed to Scarlett’s aid. Just then, they could hear the sound of a car pulling over outside. Nicole figured it was the Sinclairs!

“You called the enemies??” Rose said in disbelief.

“Baby, you’re mentally unstable. Please let them help you.” Nicole said as Patrick began to knock from the outside.

“I’ll rather die than watch Patrick Sinclair lay a finger on me!” Rose said feeling disgusted. A voice whispered to her and she pointed the gun at Scarlett.

“This is all your fault!” Rose growled and fired the gun at her sister. In few seconds, Nicole was covered in Scarlett’s blood.


Outside the McCarthy’s home, Patrick and his team all heard the gunshot.

Patrick froze in shock, he knew something terrible had happened.

“We have to go in now.” A security suggested.

“It’ll take a few minutes but we’ll bring down the door.” He added.

“We don’t have a few minutes.” June said and stepped forward to the door and blew it off its hinges with her magic. The securities couldn’t believe their eyes, it dawned to them she wasn’t ordinary like Patrick said earlier.

“Rose, please stop.” June rushed in to intervene.

“You are the reason for all this. I will kill both of you!” Rose said pointing the gun at Patrick and June.

“Rose please put the gun down!” Dominic said and gestured his hands for her to calm down.

“Shut the f--k up! She’s using you, just like she used me. Her father used my family for years for his own selfish reasons! She ignored your true affection for someone in her class, the mayor’s son!” Rose said. Her words pierced Dominic’s heart, but he waved it off.

“They’re not good people. They’re selfish and they’ll spit you out the minute you’re of no use to them.” Rose added and pointed the gun at Patrick.

“Miss McCarthy, please put the gun down or we’ll be forced to subdue you.” A security warned.

“A step closer and i pull the trigger!” Rose warned as the team of securities took few steps forward.

“Stay back!!” She yelled and fired at Patrick. The bullet pierced Patrick’s heart and he fell to the ground immediately. Blood gushed out of his mouth as he lay on the floor, struggling to stay alive.

“Dad no!! No!!!” June cried out.

“Dad Please stay with me!!” June cried out more as Dominic froze in shock, not having the slightest clue of what to do next.

“Mr Sinclair!! Mr Sinclair!!!” A security knelt and felt Patrick’s pulse. He was gone. Nicole screamed aloud. Everything was happening so fast and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I have killed the man responsible for father’s death. Now I’ll kill myself and you’ll live with that guilt for the rest of your life!” Rose said and pointed the gun to her head.

“Rose no!! Don’t!” Dominic yelled but Rose turned deaf ears, she fired the gun into her skull and she dropped dead immediately.

Nicole held dead Scarlett in her hands, soaked by her blood. June lay her head on her father’s chest and wept endlessly. While Dominic rushed to Rose who died at the instant she fired at herself.

The McCarthy’s home became a bloodbath in few minutes, Scarlett and Patrick died at the hands of Rose McCarthy who later took her own life to get back at June.

3 Dead bodies lay on the floor, as the police siren approached from afar.




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