The Heartbroken

3 weeks ago


If I could fly in any

direction, where would

it be? Would I be

headed in one direction? Would I be fixing my gaze and

limiting my focus on

one, straight line?

Would I be following that

straight line, enjoying

the way the wind

would rush to meet

me, the way the clouds

would softly dissipate

as I pass them, the

way my eyes would

automatically flutter


Or would I let the wind

take me anywhere?

Would I go north,

south, east, west, or a mix of

all these directions—

going nowhere in

particular? Would I let

time pass me by as I

glide effortlessly

through the limitless

sky? Would I close my

eyes, feel every little

thing in the world—the

soft hum of the wind,

the coldness of the sky

enveloping me as I

took flight, the way my

mind would release itself

from my consciousness

—and feel as light as a

feather carried by the

wind in midair? Would I

slip into an endless

flight, never fixing my

gaze on a straight line,

never giving myself

limitations and


I would probably

choose the second one.

To let every little worry

completely slip off of

my mind. I would

probably take flight and

get carried away. Flight

means freedom. It has

no restrictions. It has

no limitations. It allows

you to feel like leaving

your worries far below

you. Flight must be a

wonderful thing.

But I could never fly.

Ever. Not in the way I’d

want to. I could never

soar through the skies,

not now, not ever. But

that’s okay. I don’t

have to fly, because I

found something

better. Something else.

Something way better

than flying.

The Heartbroken - S01

The Heartbroken - S01

3 weeks ago