At What Cost - S01 E58

6 months ago

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Felix woke up in a desert .

Then he stood up and started walking trying to find civlization.

He walked and walked till it was sunset but still he found no civilization and he looked as if he has been walking in circles.

Tired, he decided to take a rest, so he laid down on the sand,but rain started falling heavily, felix tried to get away from the rain but there was no shelter whatsoever.

The rain continued to fall heavily, felix looked down but he saw water, the sand disappeared and the water continued to rise until the water rose up to a thousand feet and felix at the very bottom, felix tried to swim his way to the top but the higher he got, the higher the water rises.

Felix muscles now sore, he could no longer continue swimming and he was now floating in the water, he was finally shutting his eyes and breathing his last, then a hand reached out to him.

Argggh, felix screamed waking from the dream.

Felix, Benson said rushing to his side.

My head hurts, felix said holding his head.

Gently, Benson said to supporting felix to stand up but Felix fell back to the bed.

My body hurts, felix said in pain.

Yes, I know but don’t try to get up again, Benson advised.

What happened, felix said laying on the bed.

Benson started narrating all that happened to felix.

Then two arrows laced with poison was fired but you managed to dodged but one grazed your side a little and that caused all this, Benson added.

So that son of a… Argggh, felix said but could not finish his statement because of the pain.

Take it easier don’t stress yourself, Benson said.

The door to felix room was pushed opened by kunle and Joshua with the latter not wearing any shirt and a bandage round his ribs.

You are finally awake, kunle said.

It been three days now but you finally opened your eyes, Joshua chipped in.

Three what, so that means we are on Monday, my work, felix exclaimed.

Benson twitched and said, The poison might have affected your brain,there was even a public holiday , you are thinking of work or do you, O, now I get it is because of…

Stop, felix interrupted knowing fully well what Benson was about to say.

But Felix, Benson said with his countenance portraying seriousness.

Go on, felix said, sitting upright on the bed.

I got a glimpse of the person that fired the arrow, so I did some diggings and I found out the attacker his wanted in the entire continent of Asia,Europe some countries in north and south america, he wiped the entire cabinet of singapore and his wanted dead and alive with a huge bounty fixed on his head.

The face of kunle and Joshua exhibited shock while felix face remained calm .

That not all, he once belonged to the league of monster and he was an elite because the weapons lack their trade mark but his style, Benson said.

The league of monsters, joshua and kunle said In unison, knowing fully well the kind of organization it was because it actually produces monsters.

How did you know all this, Joshua said stuttering.

I was once an elite,so Benson said.

Kunle and Joshua looked at the person standing before them in absolute shock.

Don’t be surprised, he left there and we both joined the assassin’s guild till we quit.

Assassin’s Guild, kunle and Joshua brain was about to burst from all the information.

League of monsters and assassin’s guild are the most dangerous group, how could they not be surprised knowing two former members of the org.

I think things just got complicated, Benson said.

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