The Secretary

1 month ago


I walked out briskly and smartly with my dog with two gaurds quickly running to my side

“i hate this” i sighed

I never really liked all this royal recognition .

I walked smiling into the eight storey building with a big board where THE COMPANY is written on. My dog by side,

A very loud and noisy “morning sir” came from everywhere and i quickly made for the elevator.

I entered my office, took in the environment slowly before i went in.

I said some prayers before i sent sparrow to goan call tony.

Actually, tony has been a very good old friend or dad to me coz hes by far older than me.

“morning sir” he greeted me as he came in

“look, stop all this stuff uhn?…lets just keep it simple okay?”

“okay sir”

“Tony!!!”…i called him in a way to remind him he forgot something..

“oh forgive me – okay steve”

We both laughed at that.

“so tell me tony, whats gon happen today?”…i asked sitting in my chair.

“well” he was flipping through his book now ” theres going to be a meeting with the whole sector today by 2 also a talk with the market and field team by 3 and theres a proposal” he concluded.

“what proposal” i asked

“well…you must have heard about about the Tiang chin coporation coming in in three months time for the rail road construction and they have called in to know if we could supply them enough metal” hmm, i nodded “how many are we talking about”

“50 thousand tons”

“wow! Thats such a huge load” i was surprised .

“i hope so too” he said this with a dropping eyes and i suspected what the matter was.

“my source says the JETHOLD got the proposal too”

Now the competition is going to get worse….

The Secretary - S01

The Secretary - S01

1 month ago