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Thelma closed her eyes one more time trying to remember the things that were blocked from her memory with the help of Simba. He had been very helpful lately. He told her to take a deep breath and just concentrate on her thoughts while he walked around in circles praying for her. Shane had gone to work whilst Sam was out of the country taking care of some family business.

Thelma inhaled deeply and the first thing she remembered was Diablo’s house where he was staying and she remembered Aretha as well.

‘I remember,’ she quickly said opening her eyes.

Everything now started coming back to her while Simba kept on praying. Thelma touched her head and started screaming whilst on the floor. All of the things she couldn’t remember before coming back to her like a tornado volcano, whatever that means. Simba knelt down on floor with a nose bleed, while Thelma screamed more. The more she screamed, Simba was feeling the pounding headache. It’s like the two were connected or maybe he was connecting himself to her. He could clearly see what was in her mind and when she finally stopped screaming, Simba collapsed on the floor.

‘Simba!’ Thelma screamed shaking him but he was unconscious.

Simba woke up at around 11pm with a cold towel on his forehead and he had been sleeping since in the morning at around 9am. He slowly opened his eyes and Thelma had fallen asleep on the chair in his room. Shane had gone back at his house and Thelma didn’t call him when Simba collapsed. Simba smiled weakly and slowly got off the bed. He walked to Thelma who was fast asleep and lifted her up on the chair. She didn’t even badge nor did she felt his huge arms on her. He laid her on the bed and covered her with a blanket. He walked out of the room and went to drink some water in the kitchen.

Still with the water glass in his hand, he was thinking about what he had seen in her thoughts. The things she went through and when Diablo raped her. Simba could feel his heartache from all of this and just couldn’t help by wonder how badly it had affected her. He placed the water glass on the table and went back to her room. He didn’t want her to be alone in the room and so he went to sit on the chair. He just stared at her beautiful face, such a beauty sleep face, he thought to himself. Earth to Simba when he was smiling on his own thinking of how crazy Thelma was, well crazy in a good way like she was totally a very funny person. He sat there with his large arms on his chest and Thelma was sleeping peacefully. She had never had a goodnight sleep working for Diablo but now she was free and could easily fall asleep even when Simba could be reading the bible for her. At least she ended up remembering Nyasha which was a very good thing; just maybe they were going to be able to help her.

It was morning when Thelma woke up,

‘Oh my God!’ she exclaimed getting off the bed.

She rushed to the kitchen and found him at the stove preparing breakfast for her.

‘Sleepy head is awake. Morning kiddo,’ he said to her.

‘I told you to…,’ he cut her short when he placed a piece of scone in her mouth.

He laughed when she started chewing it.

‘What are you laughing at?’ she asked shyly.

‘Sit down I dish up for you.’

‘Do you honestly have to continue treating me like a princess?’

‘You don’t deserve that?’

‘No, I mean…wooow this scone is nice. No forget about the scone. When did you learn how to cook, I am so jealous of you right now. I actually envy your cooking skills,’ she said with a smile and he felt flattered by her compliment.

He placed the plate of scones in front of her and a cup of coffee. She was about to eat when he was staring at her.

‘Grace?’ she said and he laughed.

He said grace. They started eating together in silence; oh no she was quiet because she was enjoying his scones. He was silent because he just adored how much she loved eating his food. He could do this every day with her, cook for her and never at all getting tired of it. They finished eating and she just couldn’t stop talking of how wonderful his scones were as they were washing dishes.

‘You should teach me please,’ she said to him

He had never met someone so talkative like her. Not that it was a bad thing to him but he just enjoyed hearing her voice every day, it just soothed his soul you know. She somehow reminded him of her and her; he never wanted to talk about what happened to his late fiancée. Her death had made him want to study theology and just preach the word of God. He was happy that he was going to be able to help Thelma and he had promised himself that he was never going to leave her side and she was one lucky woman.

‘I will teach you,’ he said wiping the dishes.

‘What time did you wake up? I mean you already cleaned the house and I feel so embarrassed right now. I bet you think I am a lazy woman.’

‘Not at all, I am used to staying alone and doing things on my own. My mother taught me all of these things, I think for a particularly good reason because now her teachings are being put to good use and practically I enjoy doing women’s stuff,’ he said with a laugh.

‘Your mother was a good woman neh,’ she said remembering about her own mum, ‘they didn’t spend so much time together when she fell sick and instantly died.

How much she had missed her little brother? She just hoped that 1 day she was going to be able to see him.

‘Everything is going to be alright,’ he said holding her wet hand as if she had read her mind or maybe he had done that, typical of him just always knowing that something is wrong with the other person. He should have been a prophet then or some witchdoctor.

She nodded with a lump on her throat. He was a good comforter by the way. They finished doing everything, I mean household chores and he asked her if they could watch a movie together.

‘I thought you were not a movie person,’ she said to him which sounded more like a mock and he just laughed.

This man loved laughing please. Whenever you were around him, you could just feel at ease and not afraid of anything bad happening to you. He was what they call, the freest spirited person that ever lived in this world. He just made her days brighten you know. For someone who had been through a lot, Thelma felt better just being around him. He never made her remember all of the awful stuff but made her think about the bright future ahead of her. Simba was just a blessing in so many people’s lives and his story had been shared in most of the European countries he had been to.

‘I love watching movies once in a while.’

‘Ohhh,’ after all he wasn’t a church boy, she thought to herself.

She was just having a little crash for him. I mean who wouldn’t? The guy not only was he handsome but he was very talented, let me use the word intelligent which is sexier than talented. Yes he was and there was no way faking it or not even compliment. He sat down on the sofa just beside her and boy was he smelling good. I wasn’t there but I know he smelled good. Anyway they started watching their movie and she was just quiet along the way as they watched WAR ROOM. Oh no she hadn’t watched the movie and it brought tears on her cheeks. He was just looking at her, because he had watched the movie. This was her teaching for today, he just wanted her to know that no matter how hard life might be or complicated, and she should never give up on praying or God because he will always be there for her. When the movie finished, her eyes had become red with all the crying.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked concerned.

She looked at him and just hugged him.

‘Thank you very much Simba.’

‘For what?’ he asked placing his hands on her back, hugging her too I mean.

‘For everything, for teaching me everything that I didn’t know. I really appreciate and God bless you for being there for me.’

‘It’s okay Thelma. I just want you to know that no matter how hard it is, never give up on praying and we will always defeat the devil Thelma. He never wins over our father. We should just continue believing in him, our creator and worship him and understand his written and spoken word.’

‘Thank you.’

There was an awkward silence between them. He looked deeply in her eyes and noticed how beautiful she was. She was looking at him too and so he cleared his throat.

‘Are you coming with me to church tomorrow?’ he asked breaking the awkward tension.

Since she started living with them, she had felt nervous about going to church but now she wanted to at least try to set her foot there. Father Martin would be so happy to see her.

‘Yes,’ she said with a hint of confidence in her voice.

‘I am so happy right now.’

‘Wait what? So you had been waiting patiently for me to say yes?’

‘Well yes and I am happy that you finally agreed to go to church with me.’

Tomorrow came and the two set to go to church. Shane had called earlier on to check up on Thelma and Simba had promised to get her a new phone because she needed one since Simba was supposed to start work on Monday. She walked out of her room dressed in a long perfectly long white dress that suited her well and some heels. She didn’t apply any make up and he just looked at her, just stared at her taken by her beauty, breath taking actually. She just smiled at him.

‘Earth to Simba.’

‘You are looking absolutely gorgeous. Shall we?’ he said giving her his hand.

‘Sure and thank you.’

They walked out of the house to his parked car outside the gate. He opened the door for her and she got in. he strode over to the driver’s seat and got inside. He drove off to church while playing some Versace on the floor by Bruno Mars; I mean who plays that on a Sunday. Pastor Bae was something else.

‘You are kidding me,’ laughed Thelma, ‘on a Sunday?’ ask him girl, on a Sunday. Really?

‘Versace on the floor, uuuu take it off for me for me for me now girl. Daaaaaance,’ he sang for her and she just laughed, ‘I might be a Christian guy but I love such songs, love songs. This is for you Theeeeelma,’ he said in a seductive tone and making her burst into a laughter, ‘I am happy you smiling.’

Versace on the floor, he absolutely made her day.





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