At What Cost - S01 E52

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Wow you came but what about your friend, purity smiled and asked Benson after she saw in church.

He is good, he could have come but he has a slight headache, Benson lied.

O’i hope he gets better, purity said feeling concerned.

All choir members are to meet now, please assemble, the choir leader announced at the altar by the help of the microphone.

And that is my cue, please send my regards to him, bye, purity said.

Bye, kunle replied.

Then purity turned and left.

And where is joshua, Benson said using his eyes to try and locate him for they came to church together.

There he is, Benson said after locating him, he then headed there.

Yo, Benson said after reaching Joshua.

Sorry for keeping you waiting, I was attending believers class, Joshua said.

Believer’s what, no matter, let’s go, I might join to see why you are so interested, Benson said and left the church premises together with joshua.

******Next day(monday) *********

I was expecting you in church but I didn’t see you, purity asked.

I followed one of my friends to his church, Felix replied.

I wasn’t talking to you Felix but Jordan at your back.

Felix turned and saw Jordan.

I was just tired,Jordan said scratching his head but I promise to make it this Sunday, Jordan said smiling.

But Benson told me you had a slight headache , purity asked hands akimbo.

yeah, sure but the headache reduced and I decided to follow my neighbor who is also my friend to his church, felix said without blinking.

Good, leaving that aside, we have a talkshow scheduled by 3pm, so this is the topic, purity said handing a paper to felix.


»»Fast forward (evening)

Dude, why didn’t you tell me , you told purity I had an headache, Felix questioned Benson.

Calm down bro,would have preferred me telling her you never want to visit in quote her church again, Benson asked.

Yes, sure, Felix replied doubtly.

Stop being so rigid, try to be a little flexible, for what I can see you like, no love her and I think vice versa, because of her , you now have a glow in your eyes but….

Stop, Felix yelled infuriated, I don’t love her, the glow you are talking about is because I have succeeded in killing some of those responsible for my family demise, felix said and turned his back to leave.

And one more thing, never bring up this issue again he said then left .

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