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The president, lieutenant general, ferros and dr richard were shocked to their bones after watching the video, so a meeting was held amongst them.

Who the hell is the guy, the president said.

I thought he died during the crash, Dr Richard said.

Clearly he is not, branch said.

That was not him, it seems to be another because method was crude, he carried no gun apart from swords, lieut general chipped in.

So there is another, is that what you trying to say, the president asked bewildered.

Yes, there is and he seems to be more dangerous than the first, the lieut general said .

He need to be dealt with, I leave it to you ferros and the general because you all know the police are suspended for now, the president bluntly said.

Very well mr president, branch said.

And remember the campaign for the upcoming elections campaign and the general election is soon, put this at the back of your minds, the president said shifting his gaze from the lieut general to branch

All duly noted.


In a room with red lights with three men and a lady pacing about.

I will make sure his death is extremely slow and painful, a man with a bionic left hand said.

Hey, I am the one to end him, a man with a iron claw fastened on his hand said.

I know for sure we all want to see his end for what he did to us but all know we can’t finish him on our own thus our reason for working together, who kills doesn’t matter as far we all get our pound of flesh, a man with a eye patch fixed on his right eye said.

True we need to wait for the others to arrive before we leave for nigeria, a lady with a hand fan with sharp edges said.

They should come soon or I would go…, the man with the bionic hand said.

You would go and get yourself killed by him, the lady interrupted.

Watch your tongue, the man warned.

She is telling the truth, there are only three that can stand toe to toe with him but all of us in this room are not among the three or you want another painful reminder, the man with the iron claw said looking at his bionic hand.

You can either choose to wait or go and be maimed, maybe perhaps meet your end, the man with the eye patch said, remember what he did to us.

But only we are already enough, he said

Yeah, sure but what of he got backup as strong as he , the lady said.

I thought he works alone, the bionic armed man said.

You thought wrong, and we don’t know any tricks he got up his sleeves, so he would hurt to wait for the others, the iron clawed man said.

The man with the bionic hand punched through the wall then said

McLean your end is nigh

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