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He tapped lightly on the ground with the tips of his toes. He was still able to unleash the Golden Dragon Flies even without his wings.

The faint silhouettes of wings flickered behind him. In the blink of an eye, Tang Wulin was already in front of Jiang Wuyue. He slashed upward with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands and aimed it at Jiang Wuyue’s pair of hammers.

After the metallic clanging, the situation was clearly different. This was expected as Tang Wulin had not donned his armor, whereas his opponent, Jiang Wuyue, wore two-word battle armor and was physically powerful. Jiang Wuyue’s hammers were slightly raised by the impact, but they were not blown away.

However, at that very moment, Tang Wulin suddenly bellowed furiously with his Golden Dragon Roar!

A giant golden dragon’s head materialized, with a diameter of more than five meters. It let out a furious howl at Jiang Wuyue at close-range.

Jiang Wuyue felt the sound wave hit him with terrifying force. The roar tossed his body backward, knocking him senseless. His very bloodline was heavily suppressed.

Tang Wulin floated in midair. The Golden Dragon Spear in his hands burst forth with a dazzling incandescent white glow. He t----t his spear, and his Spear’s Consciousness condensed into a thirty-meter-long spear of light which reached Jiang Wuyue instantly.

Jiang Wuyue lived up to his name as an expert of the same rank. When his battle armor was under attack, he activated his protective barrier reflexively, and the stimulus also brought him back to his senses. He instinctively crossed his hammers in front of his chest, shielding himself.


The whitish-golden spear’s gleam penetrated the first warhammer and pushed his second hammer so hard that it smashed into his chest. The impact shook Jiang Wuyue so much that his vision darkened. His battle armor’s defenses were nearly breached.

Shortly after, Tang Wulin shook his spear. With an excited roar, a giant golden dragon leaped into the sky and caught up to Jiang Wuyue instantly, striking him from the front.

Jiang Wuyue’s body was sent flying and his soul skill was shattered. With a flash, Tang Wulin’s rose to the skies instantly. Countless brilliant, golden Bluesilver Emperor vines surged out like a swarm of bees. He pointed forward with his Golden Dragon Spear and the vines shone with the same glow. It was as if there were hundreds of Golden Dragon Spears stabbing Jiang Wuyue’s body all over.

The Golden Dragon Impaling Array!

Jiang Wuyue felt as if he had crashed onto a wall of nails. His entire body stiffened and countless bloody wounds were cut into him.

Shortly after, Tang Wulin swiped with his Golden Dragon Spear. The golden glow around him reached the height of its brilliance. It was his Golden Dragon Rage Domain. The only difference was, since they were opponents, the Domain covered Jiang Wuyue and had a suppressing effect on him.

The Golden Dragon Spear in his hands suddenly shot out countless beams of light. Every beam seemed to be accompanied by a blade of Bluesilver Grass. Hundreds of these beams converged into one instantly. The whitish-golden spear’s gleam suddenly intensified, and the entire competition stage was enveloped in its radiance. He then forcefully t----t downward.

In Jiang Wuyue’s perception, the air around him seemed to have transformed into the Spear’s Consciousness. When the hundreds of spears merged into one, the process seemed to have compressed the air until it was only a hundredth of its original volume. The sound of bones cracking came out of his body during this compression. When the spear stabbed at him, he felt as if his entire being was impaled. Not only his body, but even his soul felt like it was being pierced.


Jiang Wuyue was nailed to the ground. The white spear of light suddenly exploded and blasted his body into a fine powder.

The Thousand Accusing Fingers!

Tang Wulin was overcome with joy. Although he was still unable to materialize that much Spear’s Consciousness with a solid a form, he had the help of his Bluesilver Emperor! He could finally unleash a portion of the Thousand Accusing Fingers’ powers. This was also the closest he had come to launching the Thousand Accusing Fingers in battle. Although it was still some leagues away from the complete Thousand Accusing Fingers, at least he had learned what it was like.

Days of spearing practice and the formation of his soul core had finally given him a huge boost. Also, with the completion of his soul core, the complementing Yin and Yang effects of the two cores had greatly reduced his consumption of energy when he used his Blood Soul Fusion Skill.

Before this, he could only use his Blood Soul Fusion Skill up to three times, but after the completion of his soul core, he could already use it ten times if not more.

When Tang Wulin came to the outside of the competition grounds, what he saw was Jiang Wuyue standing there with a blank expression. He seemed to be out of sorts.

Tang Wulin was anxious. The Thousand Accusing Fingers would affect one’s spiritual powers as well. He hoped that Jiang Wuyue’s soul was not damaged by this. If it was, he would be in a lot of trouble.

Fortunately, the Star Dou Battle Network protected its users to a high degree. After a moment, Jiang Wuyue’s body started trembling.

As he shook harder, his spirit seemed to return to him, as evident in his eyes.

Jiang Wuyue staggered and sat on the ground with a thump. He then started panting heavily, his eyes filled with fright.

“How’s this possible? How’s this possible?” He had lost and lost completely. He had been completely suppressed by Tang Wulin’s explosive attacks from the beginning right until the end.

Although Tang Wulin did not attack him with Blood Soul Fusion Skills alone, his martial soul and bloodline had merged due to the effects of the yin-yang vortex. Thus, his martial soul and bloodline would reinforce what the other was lacking. Although his rank-65 soul power was only that of a Soul Emperor, it was not far below Jiang Wuyue’s. He could also suppress Juan Wuyue’s bloodline. With the addition of the terrifying powers of his Blood Soul Fusion Skills, even with his battle armor on, Jiang Wuyue was still met with a terrible defeat.

This was definitely something Jiang Wuyue had not foreseen. However, the truth was right there before him. He had no choice but to believe it.

“Wuyue, are you alright?” Tang Wulin asked, concerned. This time, he was genuinely worried.

“I don’t want to talk to you!” Jiang Wuyue’s expression showed that he was speechless.

Tang Wulin sat down beside him, “Pressure can also be motivational. A spring is soft, but the more you press it, the harder it’ll bounce back. You have exceptional talents, and fighting me is in itself unfair to you. Our bloodlines are too closely related and your bloodline is greatly suppressed by mine. Actually, the disparity between our power isn’t that great.” This time, he was genuinely trying to comfort him. Even he knew not to overdo it.

“Go away!” said Jiang Wuyue pointedly. “No matter what you say, I won’t fight you anymore. I’ll have to go back and think carefully about all this. I can’t accept this. There must be something that I’ve overlooked.” As he said this, he got to his feet and walked out.

Watching him leave, Tang Wulin scratched his head. He reckoned that it would be difficult for them to spar together again. However, he really should not make him his opponent anymore.

After his few sparring sessions with Jiang Wuyue, Tang Wulin fully understood his own current condition.

His soul core was complete. After the two great energy cores formed the complementing yin-yang vortex, his overall strength had improved by leaps and bounds. He could even stand a chance against a three-word battle armor master.

Since he could not use Wuyue anymore, he had to find a substitute. There were still a few days before the next match.

He disconnected from the Star Dou Battle Network. Tang Wulin sat cross-legged and meditated to process and absorb the experience of actual combat. However, because Jiang Wuyue had not put him under too much pressure, the benefits he had obtained from the fight were quite minimal. At most, he had gained a clearer understanding of himself.

As expected, having a soul core made a difference.

What he had to do next with, the time he had, was figure out how to harmonize his various abilities and completely unleash all of his combat strength.

His soul power cultivation base had been raised to rank-65 in a short time. With the addition of his two great soul cores, it was enough to cause a change in him. Settling down and gathering himself would be his approach for the time being.

When Tang Wulin awoke from his meditation, it was already the morning of the second day.

His Blood God Bracelet rang with the ringtone of a soul communicator.

“Hello, Blood One.”

“Come over to my place. Your rank is ready.”

‘Rank? Colonel?’

In an instant, Tang Wulin’s heart was ablaze. When he thought about the possibility of being a colonel, he was overjoyed at the surprise. He had only been there for a few months. The facts had proven that it was the right decision to come here. Not only had his cultivation base substantially improved, but he was also being promoted to colonel. He could be regarded as a mid-level military officer already.

He came to the Blood God Battalion.

Tang Wulin noticed with astonishment that Blood One was not the only one present. From Blood One to Blood Nine, all great Nine Blood Gods of the Blood God Battalion were present.

“Good morning, senior officers!” Tang Wulin stood at attention and saluted.

Blood One looked at him with a stern expression and said, “As per your request, and after verification and discussion by the army, it has been decided that you will be conferred the rank of colonel as the reward for your accumulated merit points and the recent Life Baptism. The Blood God Battalion’s supernumerary personnel, Tang Wulin, come forward.”

“Yes, sir!”

Tang Wulin strode toward Blood One, and Blood Three came up with a tray. There were two impressive insignias on the tray’s red cloth.

Two bars and three stars flickered with a brilliant golden glow.

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