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Don’t Feel Inferior

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Jiang Wuyue had his brows in a tight furrow. “Is that so? But I feel perfectly fine! The way I felt it, my defenses were clearly up.

How could it be weakened?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “I don’t know about that. Nevertheless, it’s a grave problem. It’s insignificant in the Battle Network, but if something in your body goes wrong while you’re fighting an abyssal creature, then that would be disastrous. It’s a matter of life and death! Why don’t we go in again so that you can feel the changes in your defenses carefully?”

Jiang Wuyue nodded immediately. He said with slight nervousness, “Okay, let’s try again. This time, go slow, don’t be in a rush to attack me.”

They both re-entered the competition stage.

When Jiang Wuyue hammered his own chest with his giant hammer, he felt his defenses and his battle armor’s defensive powers were in place. The anxiety in his eyes immediately vanished.

“There’s nothing wrong! My defenses are normal! See, the force of that strike just now was at least thousands of kilograms. I don’t feel anything wrong with my defenses. Haha, I told you I’m fine. Then again, I don’t trust…”

A minute later.

“Tang! Wu! Lin!” An exasperated Jiang Wuyue looked at Tang Wulin who emerged from behind him. “No, no, it’s your spear that’s acting strange. Your strength is odd as well. This time my hammer clearly hit your Golden Dragon Spear, why did it bounce off immediately? It also left a deep mark on my hammer. My defensive powers mean nothing against your Golden Dragon Spear. It’s like cutting through butter with a hot knife. What’s the matter?”

Tang Wulin blinked. He was just about to say something when Jiang Wuyue continued, “Don’t tell me that you’ve no idea as well. I won’t believe you even if you said so. You’re a devious man. You must’ve known what happened from the very beginning. It’s not a problem with the Battle Network, right? It’s your abilities that have evolved.”

Although Jiang Wuyue was honest and frank, he was not dumb to be able to reach his current status. After a few tries, especially when he had focused his attention, he realized that he had been duped by Tang Wulin. This man had known what was happening from the beginning all along, but he had tricked him into being the target practice time and again.

However, he was also greatly shocked. With his defensive powers which were already at its peak among the ranks of Soul Emperors. Tang Wulin’s attacking powers had rendered his defenses utterly useless. Even Soul Saints or ordinary Soul Douluos could not do that! It was especially true for the sudden kill in their first match. Even if he had underestimated him, his attacking powers would have had to be highly potent for him to pull that off.

Jiang Wuyue was unable to comprehend all this, but the truth was laid in front of his very eyes.

Tang Wulin said with a helpless expression, “I didn’t! I really have no idea what happened. I did have some breakthrough, but I don’t understand why it made that much of a difference. You must’ve weakened, right?”

“Don’t give me that crap. My soul power vortex has already formed, and it’ll most certainly turn into a soul core in the future. How could I possibly have grown weaker?” said Jiang Wuyue angrily.

Tang Wulin’s expression changed immediately as he said smugly, “Then it’s me who’s become stronger. You don’t have to maintain that tough façade. You can just admit that you’re afraid of me. There’s no shame in that. It’s alright. I won’t discriminate against you. We can still be friends.”

“Who says I’m afraid? I wasn’t afraid. I was merely unfamiliar with your abilities after your transformation.” Jiang Wuyue retorted angrily.

“Huh! You don’t even dare to fight me, and still, you say that you aren’t scared? We’ve fought a few times now. You must be used to me by now, right? Are you still brave enough to come at me again?” Tang Wulin’s nose was high in the air.

“Bring it on! Let’s see who’s afraid after this. You’re paying!”

“Okay.” Tang Wulin agreed without hesitation. They re-entered the competition stage again.

Two minutes later.

A light flashed, and Jiang Wuyue staggered out of it. An expression of fright flashed across his face.

Tang Wulin walked out after him and declared smugly. “Told you that you can’t. This, my friend, is the difference between us!” As he scoffed at Jiang Wuyue, he pointed at the muscles on his arms.

“Impossible! I refuse to believe this. Again!”

Another two minutes later…


Yet another two minutes later…


A defeated Jiang Wuyue looked at Tang Wulin before him. If the first time had been a mistake, and the second had been carelessness, what would three times or five times be? Would that still be considered a mistake?

This fellow was simply a monster. Whether it was his strength, agility, attacks or defenses, everything about him was in the superlative. His Golden Dragon Spear did not look like a heavy weapon no matter how one looked at it. Still, Tang Wulin managed to parry his giant hammers even in a head-on collision. The defenses which Jiang Wuyue took pride in did not pose a problem to Tang Wulin. The moment Tang Wulin had an opportunity, Jiang Wuyue’s body would be immediately impaled.

What was even more terrifying was Tang Wulin’s Spear’s Consciousness. When his Spear’s Consciousness was unleashed, Jiang Wuyue would immediately feel a chill running down his spine, as if the chilly air flowed through his body which was being hollowed by the spear.

When faced with such an opponent, despite Jiang Wuyue’s high battle spirits, the feeling of defeat remained! If they continued battling, Jiang Wuyue’s confidence would be completely shattered. He did not want to continue fighting Tang Wulin.

“Wuyue, are you alright?” Tang Wulin came to his side with a face full of concern.

“Go away!” Jiang Wuyue panted. It was not easy for him to recover from the pain he felt.

Tang Wulin sighed, “I didn’t know that it’ll turn out like this. Have I grown so strong? Wuyue, I’m sorry. I know that an overly huge difference between our skills will make you feel inferior, but I didn’t plan for it that way. It’s alright, don’t feel inferior. Continue to put in more effort.”

“Who’s feeling inferior? You’re the one who’s feeling inferior!” Jiang Wuyue’s short temper could not be restrained.

Tang Wulin shrugged. “You don’t even have the guts to continue. If that’s not feeling inferior, what is?”

“Who says I don’t have the guts?” Jiang Wuyue’s eyes bulged. In the next instant, his gaze turned calm suddenly. He scoffed and said, “I know what you’re doing. I won’t take the bait again. You’re a sly one. You’re trying to prod me into fighting you again with your snide remarks. I won’t be a fool this time.”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “Whatever you say. I want to give you a chance to redeem your self-esteem by not using my battle armor in the next match. Since you’re reluctant to continue, forget it then. Let’s go out.”

“Wait! Do you mean it? About you not using your battle armor?” Jiang Wuyue pulled at Tang Wulin.

“Of course!” said Tang Wulin earnestly. “I’ve to give you a chance to redeem your self-esteem. Forget it. Seems like you aren’t interested at all. I should save myself the pain of being clobbered by you.”

“Don’t! Wulin, you’re a good person. Come, come. Let’s have another match. This time, I’ll pay!”

They re-entered the competition stage and stood opposite each other. Tang Wulin had a faint smile on his face.

Jiang Wuyue looked at him with keen sparkling eyes, “You gave your word. You can’t use your battle armor!”

“Of course!” Tang Wulin nodded toward him.

“Three, two, one, begin!”

With the prompt from the electronic voice, Jiang Wuyue unleashed his martial soul and battle armor once more and raised his strength to the maximum.

As Tang Wulin looked at him, he could not help but muse inwardly. If it had been any other opponent, he would definitely not have prodded them into continuing the fight although he needed powerful opponents to have a measure of his current strength.

However, Jiang Wuyue was different. He had the most formidable battle spirit among all the people Tang Wulin had met. Besides, he was simple-minded. He had a better psyche than most people. He truly fought braver the more he lost.

As expected, Tang Wulin did not unleash his battle armor. He held his Golden Dragon Spear by his side. Four golden soul rings arose from beneath his feet which circled around him.

The first golden soul ring shone. It was his impressive Golden Dragon Body. Golden scales covered his entire body. Although it did not enhance him as much as his battle armor, the scales on his body emanated a faint whitish glow.

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