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The White-Gold Spear’s Radiance

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Jiang Wuyue spoke with an unpleasant tone, “You think everyone is in your Blood God Battalion where everyone has their own Star Dou Cabin? Do you know how much I envy you? I’ll get myself one once I’ve accumulated enough merits. Only that it’s too expensive. It takes eight thousand merits, and I can’t afford that!”

Tang Wulin spoke smilingly, “Then, you’ll have to be patient and queue for your turn. Let’s go. Less talk, more action.”

Jiang Wuyue scoffed once. “I’ll definitely beat you up so bad this time you’ll be looking for your teeth all over the floor. Let me tell you this. I don’t know how the army managed to trigger a massive amount of life force a few days ago, but I made a qualitative improvement from the event. It’s an enormous breakthrough. My soul power vortex is formed. My Overlord Dragon’s strength is elevated multiple times with the support of my soul power vortex, so I’ve no need to worry about the lack of strength anymore. Just wait and see, hehe!”

Tang Wulin smiled as he spoke with a harmless expression on his face, “Sure! I’m not afraid to be beaten for one can only improve after being beaten!”

Jiang Wuyue shouted, “Go!”

They split the cost of two thousand Federation coins between them equally. A radiance flashed past and they entered the competition arena.

It was apparent that Jiang Wuyue was overjoyed with his breakthrough. He could hardly suppress himself. As soon as the electronic voice was heard, he immediately unleashed his battle armor and martial soul.

A dusk-gold radiance engulfed his body. Tang Wulin saw a dense and vigorous, dusk-gold vortex appearing vaguely in front of his body.

The blooming of the vortex immediately made Jiang Wuyue’s body swell up to eight meters. The thick and heavy two-word battle armor attached to his body exuded an exceedingly tyrannical aura which burst forth from his body at once.

His soul power, under his control, was spinning at full speed, while a terrifying strength fluctuation shook the surrrounding air so violently wisps of crack marks appeared in the air.

Jiang Wuyue spoke in a discernible prideful tone, “The soul power vortex that I’ve formed is different from others. The spinning speed of my soul power vortex is at least three times that of an ordinary soul master because of my body’s strong endurance. It supplies me with an exceedingly massive amount of energy that is directly infused into my strength. My strength has grown three fold as well. You’re certainly no match for me this time despite your strength in the past.”

“Come!” Tang Wulin smiled as a golden radiance shimmered on his body. With his two-word battle armor attached to his body and his mask deployed, he gave out a crisp sonorous sound while his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his hand simultaneously. The spear swayed once by his side as a seven feet white-gold radiance bloomed from the tip of the spear.

A raging roar was heard. Jiang Wuyue dashed in Tang Wulin’s direction in great strides. His hands were stretched out as a pair of war hammers dropped into his hands. He raised the war hammers as a dense and energetic dusk-gold radiance burst out instantly which appeared like two little meteors heading straight toward Tang Wulin.

He was not lying about his increased strength. His double war hammers now yielded at least a three fold increase in its strength. Even a three-word battle armor master could not withstand the terror of his power.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. The battle armor on his entire body was rippling with a faint golden radiance. He made a sudden move in the next moment.

The pair of dragon wings on his back retracted abruptly. All of a sudden, his entire body turned brighter when he touched the tip of his toes against the ground. The wings on his back flapped just once when Jiang Wuyue saw a stream of dazzling radiance in the next moment.

A sense of sharpness which was difficult to define was felt for a moment. The double war hammers’ strength seemed to have dissipated within a split second and even his soul power vortex that was spinning at full speed paused momentarily.

From the beginning to the end, Jiang Wuyue only saw a speckle of white-gold radiance flashed past before disappearing. A moment later, Tang Wulin vanished without a trace.

Soon after, Jiang Wuyue discovered that his soul power vortex was out of control.

“Boom…” Jiang Wuyue’s body disappeared within a violent explosion accompanied by the sounds of him screaming out in agony.

The golden flares on Tang Wulin’s body were retracted at present. The crystal clear, yet solid-like radiance that turned white-gold were emitted from the Golden Dragon Spear but was now slowly dissipating.

At the moment just before Jiang Wuyue exploded, a huge hole that was a full meter in diameter penetrated his enormous body. Even his two-word battle armor was incapable of shrinking the wound.

A shadow flashed and Tang Wulin was removed from the battle zone without having much of an opportunity to learn from the experience.

Jiang Wuyue stood over there with an astonished expression. Similar to how Tang Wulin had yet to fully experience the change of his energy during the battle, Jiang Wuyue had yet to completely awaken from his sudden annihilation.

What happened? He had made such a vast improvement, yet how did it end so soon? He did not even have the chance to see the wound on his body.

“Wulin, you’re out as well? What happened? Is there something wrong with the Star Dou Battle Network?” Jiang Wuyue looked at Tang Wulin in puzzlement.

Tang Wulin blinked. “I don’t know! I’m out as well, am I not? It seems like both of us collided into each other and the competition ended on its own accord.”

Jiang Wuyue frowned deeply. “I’ve not heard of any problem with the Star Dou Battle Network though. If there’s something wrong with the system, the Federation will be in deep trouble. Come, let’s try again.” He took the initiative to pay the two thousand Federation coins as he was saying that. Both of them were brought into the competition stage of the battle zone once again.

A radiance flashed once as both of them appeared simultaneously. The countdown from the electronic voice was heard which sounded the same as before.

“It feels like nothing has changed! Yet, how did the earlier problem appear?” said Jiang Wuyue to Tang Wulin in a confused expression.

Tang Wulin answered, “Shall we try again?”

Jiang Wuyue nodded. “Sure, let’s do it again.” He unleashed his battle armor and martial soul once again as he was speaking. Six soul rings arose while his body enlarged together with a pair of war hammers in his hands. He growled ferociously as he dashed in Tang Wulin’s direction.

Tang Wulin was similarly cladded in his battle armor with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. The white-gold spear’s radiance appeared once again. With his prior experience, his spirit and soul fused into one instantly. The two great energy cores were shimmering with dazzling radiance as they transformed into the yin-yang energy vortex which resulted in a sudden increase of energy in the white-gold spear’s radiance. When he dashed toward Jiang Wuyue, the golden radiance on his body was evidently growing stronger.

He relied on the Golden Dragon Flies move of the Golden Dragon Nine Moves in the earlier battle to increase his speed. With the support from his positive-negative vortex, the power of the Golden Dragon Flies was greatly enhanced. In his next move, using the omnipotent sharp spear’s consciousness, Tang Wulin pierced through Jiang Wuyue’s body.

He did not even bother to use the Golden Dragon Flies this time, but he dashed directly toward Jiang Wuyue. However, his speed had doubled as compared to before. He touched the tips of his toes against the ground and accelerated abruptly. In a flash, he was already upon Jiang Wuyue.

This time, Tang Wulin seriously felt the experience. Just as Jiang Wuyue’s double war hammers were about to strike his body, the double cores in his body glowed brightly while the dragon wings behind his back flapped once abruptly to accelerate for a second time. He forced his way between the double war hammers, followed closely by his white-gold spear’s radiance which had reached Jiang Wuyue’s dusk-gold battle armor.

The Overlord Dragon’s defense in addition to the two-word battle armor had made Jiang Wuyue exceedingly powerful. However, both defenses dissolved silently, upon contact with the white-gold spear’s radiance, to flow along Tang Wulin’s spear tip.

A shadow flashed once and Tang Wulin landed on the ground out of thin air. This time, the entire process was not as fast without the enhancement from the Golden Dragon Flies. At least, Jiang Wuyue felt intense pain. When he lowered his head to look at himself, he saw a huge gaping hole on his chest. Just then, the electronic voice was heard.

“The competition has ended. Little Tang: Victory.”

A shadow flashed once again as both of them were sent out from the competition stage in succession.

Jiang Wuyue widened his eyes in surprise outside the battle zone while Tang Wulin had an innocent expression.

“What happened there? Earlier? It was so painful. You defeated me?” Jiang Wuyue finally came to realize the truth.

Tang Wulin blinked. “I’ve won? It ended too soon. Why did I not feel anything? How did I win?”

“Exactly! How did you win?” Jiang Wuyue’s face was filled with confusion. The serious flaw in Jiang Wuyue was that he had always assumed no battle armor master of equal rank was capable of breaking his defense in one move, hence defeating him in the same instant. He still could not figure out the situation this time despite feeling the pain.

Tang Wulin spoke with a stern expression, “It seems like the battle network has a number of problems in its system. We must try out a few more times. If it’s truly faulty, we can then report to the army. Come, let’s try out again. I’ll pay this time.”

Jiang Wuyue believed Tang Wulin upon seeing him pay the fee willingly with his overwhelming sense of righteousness. Both of them entered the battle network once again.

A minute later, they were sent out in succession again.

“What the heck! That was too painful. Tang Wulin, what happened? What’s with that white-gold spear’s radiance of yours? This time, I actually saw it. It was your Golden Dragon Spear that punctured a hole in my body. What’s going on with you? Did you capitalize on a flaw in the battle network’s system? Or were you cheating?” asked Jiang Wuyue as he skipped about.

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched. He coughed once and spoke, “No! How could I possibly know the battle network’s flaw as this is a technological product of the entire Federation? Is there something wrong with you? An issue with your defense or perhaps your own cultivation that resulted in the weakening of your defense.”

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