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Profit or Loss?

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Blood One looked at Tang Wulin intensely. “The Ancient Gold Tree’s seed had brought immense benefit to the army. It allowed everyone to receive nourishment from the life force and elevated everyone’s cultivation base. What do you wish as a reward for doing so?”

“Reward? There’s a reward for that? You helped me gather so much origin energy. This is a little embarrassing! I can ask for anything as a reward?” Tang Wulin’s eyes were glowing.

Blood One was still smiling as he listened to Tang Wulin’s first half of the conversation. With the turn of events during the latter part of the conversation, Tang Wulin was at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

“Boy, you really know how to capitalize on your benefits, don’t you? However, that’s good too. Zhang Huanyun said that you can choose your reward. I was the one who helped to gather the origin energy for you in the beginning, but everyone joined in afterward. The Ancient Gold Tree absorbed such a massive amount of energy. It’ll definitely startle the world if it happened elsewhere. The origin energy from at least a thousand square meters was absorbed into nothingness.

He was right. Had it been another place with a dense population other than the deserted Boundless Mountain, Tang Wulin would definitely not be able to absorb such a massive amount of the origin energy so easily.

“The reward, can it be a military rank? Look, I’ve already entered the finals and even for the mecha battle as well. Could my military rank be promoted too?” Tang Wulin enquired.

Blood One’s lips could not help cracking into a faint smile. “Why’s military rank so important to you? I wish to know why you want your military rank promotion so much?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I thought I’ll be granted leave of absence when I’m promoted to the rank of major and above. Then, I’ll be able to leave the camp freely.”

Blood One was stunned for a moment while Blood Three could not refrain herself from laughing. “So you’re doing this to be entitled to leave of absence? Our Blood God Battalion is supposed to enjoy the benefit of one leave of absence per week. You can also accumulate a few days to go on a long leave of absence. Although you’re a supernumerary personnel, you are entitled to preferential treatment as well.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin was truly unaware that the Blood God Battalion offered such special treatment.

Blood One could not help smiling upon seeing Tang Wulin caught in bewilderment. “Do you still want your military rank promotion then?”

Tang Wulin clenched his teeth and spoke, “I’ll take it.” The Blood God Army’s reward was nothing more than material gains and military ranks. He could still exchange for the materials by earning merits from forging. However, he could not do the same with military rank promotions. He would still need the Blood God Battalion’s assistance to be promoted.

Blood One nodded and spoke, “Alright, military rank it is then. Zhang Huanyun is still engaged in closed-door cultivation at the moment. The Blood God Battalion is allowed to decide on the military rank promotion as long as it’s with proper justification. The merits you’ve accumulated are enough to confer you a major. In addition, your entry into the finals of both the competitions qualifies you to be the top three finalists. Besides, the life force you’ve brought enlightened the entire army increased everyone’s life span by at least five years and indirectly healed many people’s internal injuries. It is a meritorious service with astronomical gains. I might as well immediately confer two military ranks upon you. I’m making an exception in your promotion, but your cultivation base is worthy of your rank. Thus, I’m conferring to you the rank of colonel. Are you willing to accept?”

“Yes!” Tang Wulin immediately uttered the acceptance. Even his tone went a few pitches higher. What else was there if not to accept? What could be better than this? He was a colonel now! He had simply attained the highest level in a single step which was similar to being promoted to a regimental commander from a platoon leader. He was even one rank higher than Jiang Wuyue. It truly made him swell with pride!

Blood One smiled and nodded. “Very well then. I shall make arrangements for your promotion ceremony. It’s decided then.”

“Thank you, sir.” Tang Wulin stood at attention and saluted.

“Go,” said Blood One with a smile.

Tang Wulin left with joy and excitement. He was going to continue practicing his spear technique. He would like to see if he could achieve a breakthrough in his spear technique after his cultivation base was much elevated and his soul core condensed.

Blood Three watched as Tang Wulin boarded the elevator joyously. Wondering whether to laugh or cry, she said, “I thought you’ve always cared for him? Is it okay to entrap him like this?”

Blood One spoke with a smile, “How am I entrapping him? This is the reward he wanted. I didn’t make him choose it.”

Blood Three spoke with helplessness, “You’re allowed to give him the highest reward of the army according to the regimental commander’s wish. Still, the highest reward of the army is a red mecha! Being conferred a higher military rank is nothing but a mere ideology. Our Blood God Battalion doesn’t acknowledge ranks anyway. It’s a vast difference between being conferred a colonel and being awarded a red mecha.”

Blood One spoke with a smile, “Of course, I’m aware of that. However, it may not necessarily be a good thing to give him the red mecha now. His speed of progress is too fast so he will need to temper himself more. Even if he were to own a red mecha in the future, I hope that it’ll be through his own effort to build one for himself and not rely on receiving one directly. It’s true that he did enlighten the entire army this time, but it wasn’t all his effort actually. I worry that he will become conceited if he’s overly rewarded. The boy has a stable temperament. Fortunately, he’s not so easily influenced. I don’t want his mental state disturbed by external forces.”

Blood Three heaved a sigh. “He will be facing a tough time that is beyond our imagination in the future. The possession of a divine mecha will at least be an additional safeguard for him.”

Blood One shook his head and spoke in all apparent seriousness, “Only his own ability can truly safeguard him. For us soul masters, we must depend only on ourselves to reach the peak and not on a mecha. I can see the potential in him that goes beyond the ranks of a Limit Douluo! To be the choice of the Nature Seed, think about it, where did the Ancient Gold Tree come from in the beginning? It’s a level that could only be reached by the divine. He had the approval of the Ancient Gold Tree, the approval of the Nature Seed for the revival of Nature on the entire continent. Thus, his possibility in the future could well be…” He raised his hand and pointed up with his finger.

Blood Three looked at Blood One in astonishment. “Is that truly possible?”

Blood One answered, “I don’t know either. However, if there is even the slightest chance, it will certainly be him. I’m confident in him.”

Blood Three took a deep breath. She now understood that Blood One had such high regard of Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was unaware of his loss, as he immediately ran over to the gravity training room. He retrieved his Golden Dragon Spear and continued with his training.

Soon, he discovered that he had become something different. The transformation which he was looking forward to had finally appeared.

He held the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. The moment he pierced forward with his spear, his Dragon Core and soul core would release its aura naturally. Simultaneously, Tang Wulin could sense the double-rotation of a peculiar vortex appearing in the middle of the two great energy cores which unleashed a gush of strength into him before diffusing into the spear.

It was the perfect fusion of his bloodline power and soul power.

The spear’s radiance began to change as its initial dazzling golden color turned white-gold. Without using his soul skill, three feet of the spear’s radiance would be unleashed naturally whenever he pierced forward with the Golden Dragon Spear. It was a result of the guidance from Tang Wulin’s strength.

Currently, the spear’s radiance achieved a length of seven feet, and it was a move he made effortlessly! He did not have to shift his strength intentionally at all.

In other words, the quality change to his spear’s radiance had also doubled its power. Moreover, the white-gold spear’s radiance was certainly different from the initial golden spear’s radiance.

It was definitely a great surprise to him! The spear’s power had increased exponentially, while he could infuse his energy into the spear such that his awareness of the divine weapon became much stronger. It was as if the more energy he infused into the spear, the more intense the inner secret unleashed from the Golden Dragon Spear would be.

He pierced forward with the spear continuously until the white-gold radiance illuminated every part of the room. The spear’s radiance could reach a hundred meters when Tang Wulin focused all his efforts into piercing forward with the spear and almost penetrated the training room.

What was that…

Tang Wulin felt his bloodline boiling. Was he so powerful as such? He utterly dared not unleash all his strength outside the training room.

‘No, I must try it out at the Star Dou Battle Network.’ It was the only place where he could unleash all his abilities.

“Wuyue, what are you doing now? If you’re free, why don’t we train in the Star Dou Battle Network? I’ve had some insight from my recent cultivation. Would you like to try it out?”

“What? You’ve some insight as well. Great! Let’s spar then. Are you paying? Why bother splitting the cost between us? That’ll only put a distance between us. Give me a treat. I don’t find it awkward anymore.”

“Hey, don’t hang up, don’t hang… We’ll split the cost equally then.”

It was getting more difficult for Jiang Wuyue to ask Tang Wulin for a treat these days for he was getting more shrewd!

If only Jiang Wuyue could hear Tang Wulin’s thought: ‘I learned this from you!’

Tang Wulin entered the Star Dou Battle Network first and waited for Jiang Wuyue at the agreed location. Although there was no competition, the Star Dou Battle Network was heavily utilized in the army. Jiang Wuyue would need to queue for his turn. Tang Wulin waited for half an hour before Jiang Wuyue finally arrived.

“You’re late!” said Tang Wulin.

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