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One-Hundred-Thousand Year Spirit Soul

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He felt for the first time the constrictive bottleneck before him was loosened during the process of absorbing the life force. How could he not be excited over it?

“Please help to thank the boy on my behalf. The Blood God Army owes him a great favor for his help. Ask him what he wants and provide him accordingly. I’m going to engage in closed-door cultivation for some time. Tianwu, you’ll take over the management of the daily routines.” Zhang Huanyun’s figure vanished from the army in a flash upon saying that.

The group of people had absorbed so much life force that they rushed to return to their living quarters so as to convert the life force, they gained today, into what they wished for during their cultivation practice.

The entire army quietened down as they digested and absorbed a massive portion of the life force.

The large stretch of saplings swayed rhythmically in the bitter cold wind of the frozen and snow-covered land. The plants would not disappear at least for a short period of time.

Tang Wulin opened his eyes slowly while his five soul rings were retracted silently. The smooth glossy surface of his skin gradually returned to normal.

He had never experienced such a wonderful feeling before. It felt like the origin energy was flowing into his body with every breath he took. His bloodline fluctuation and soul power fluctuation fused into one another to influence the elevation of his cultivation base.

Rank-64. After absorbing such a dense life force and origin energy, his soul power cultivation base sustained a breakthrough to rank-64 right after he was in possession of the soul core.

“Your Excellency, we can begin now.” The Damask Tulip floated and bowed in salutation toward Tang Wulin under the close and envious watch of the other five great hundred-thousand-year plant-type soul beasts.

The growth of the seventh leaf from the Nature Seed completely convinced all of them of his identity as the Nature Child. How could Tang Wulin trigger the birth of the Nature’s Seed if he were not the Nature Child? If not for the location that was unsuitable, the Nature’s Seed would already have taken root and germinate by now. So long as Tang Wulin’s identity as the Nature Child ensured that he was one with the Nature Seed, he could channel the origin energy for his own use.

“Great!” Tang Wulin nodded toward the Damask Tulip.

At once, the Damask Tulip swayed its body once and transformed into a large pink flower with its petals fluttering in the air as it spun around Tang Wulin.

The thick energy fluctuation circulated in the air as a tyrannical aura cruised through the airflow. A delicate fragrance lingered in every corner of the living quarters like a mist.

The fusion of the spirit soul would require both parties to have mutual empathy and complete willingness. There was no doubt that the shackles that bound the Damask Tulip’s heart were already removed, and it was willing to accompany Tang Wulin for the rest of its life.

Everything was achieved effortlessly during the process where the pink radiance was fusing into his body. Tang Wulin’s body that was nourished by the Nature Seed earlier appeared to withstand its hundred-thousand-year cultivation base with great ease. The entire process of absorbing the spirit soul was smooth due to the Nature Seed assuming command of the process. The presence of a strong body, a plant-type martial soul, and the Nature Seed ensured that the fusion process was carried out without a hitch.

Pink petals gradually circled, spun, and retracted around Tang Wulin’s body. Finally, it transformed into a ring of blood-red radiance that surrounded Tang Wulin while the rest of his five soul rings emerged once again to reflect the blood-red soul ring.

Tang Wulin’s aura increased exponentially. His whole body’s quality transformed once again after being infused by the hundred-thousand-year spirit soul. There was a spiritual aura about him with a dash of elegant fragrance emanating from his body.

The fusion of the Damask Tulip ensured that all kinds of poison could not invade Tang Wulin’s body from then on.

Although it was a fusion of the spirit soul and not the soul bone, the spirit soul’s assistance was not something a soul bone could measure up to.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes as he entered into the meditative state once again. The soul core in his abdomen area shook ever so slightly as the dense soul power immediately spun in his body following the Mysterious Heaven Method’s mode of operation.

Simultaneously, the Dragon Core responded as well. His bloodline power circulated in reverse. These two powers circulated in opposite directions to form a whole new vortex within Tang Wulin’s body. As a matter of course, the origin energy in the air was gathering toward him.

Tang Wulin had reason to believe that he would only spend a short amount of time during the process of elevating his cultivation base from rank-60 to rank-70 as compared to the previous elevations in the past.

The fusion of a hundred-thousand-year spirit soul allowed his soul power to be elevated a step further to rank-65.

He had already caught up with his companions’ standards within a few short months. At the same time, the elevation of his cultivation base had exceeded his soul power elevation by far.

As to the extent of his elevation, he would still need to experience it in depth via actual combat in order to be thoroughly acquainted to the gains of his elevation at this time.

Naturally, the soul power vortex achieved breakthrough after the fusion process that had taken such a long time to finally allow Tang Wulin to join the ranks of the high-ranking soul masters. It had also established the foundation for him to continue to the peak of cultivation in the future.

The entire Blood God Army gradually awoke after a full day. The feeling was undoubtedly peculiar for everyone. It felt like each person was given a new lease of life after being nourished by the life force.

Blood One was already waiting for Tang Wulin when Tang Wulin reappeared in the Blood God Battalion’s camp.

“Although I’m not supposed to ask about this, I can’t refrain myself from asking you anyhow. What was that with the dense life energy?” Blood One looked at Tang Wulin curiously with Blood Three standing by his side.

They were the two people from the Blood God Battalion who managed to gain the most from Tang Wulin’s breakthrough this time.

Tang Wulin pondered for a moment before he answered, “I wonder if both of you are aware of the Ancient Gold Tree.”

Blood Three’s expression changed as she cried out involuntarily, “Of course, we’re aware of that. I thought the Ancient Gold Tree, along with the academy, had…”

Tang Wulin nodded gently. “The Ancient Gold Tree is still the core of Nature. I don’t know its origins, but it was probably left by the First Ancestor of Shrek Academy. I received the Ancient Gold Tree’s assistance through a chance encounter which allowed me to possess the strength to be on intimate terms with Nature. Perhaps, it’s because I’m initially a plant-type soul master. Before the explosion which destroyed the Ancient Gold Tree, it left me its seed and used my body as its origin source to nourish its seed. The seed awakened when I achieved a breakthrough to my soul core, and it resulted in a dense life source being emitted while I absorbed massive amounts of origin energy from the air. This is not a suitable place for it to grow. Hence, it’ll remain as the core of Shrek Academy when we rebuild Shrek City in the future.

Tang Wulin’s voice sounded sonorous and forceful with a grim determination when he ended his elucidation.

Blood Three covered her mouth subconsciously while tears streamed down her face spontaneously. How could she possibly not know about the existence of the Ancient Gold Tree as a former high-ranking personnel of Shrek Academy?

It was the foundation of the Sea God’s Pavilion and whose very existence relied on it! The Ancient Gold Tree was not completely annihilated for it left behind its seed. Hence, there was a possibility of its revival. What else could be more exciting to her other than having this knowledge?

The existence of the Ancient Gold Tree signified that it was highly possible for the academy to be rebuilt!

Blood One was similarly shocked for the Ancient Gold True was once Shrek Academy’s true core. Tang Wulin and the others could not possibly survive the incident without the Ancient Gold Tree’s protection. He did not expect the tree to leave behind its seed, so it was truly a marvelous event.

The Ancient Gold Tree had actually protected the entire Shrek City including the Tang Sect headquarters at the time. Unfortunately, the enemy’s attack was overly powerful such that the two Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition’s destructive power exceeded the Ancient Gold Tree’s protective capability.

A tinge of sorrow flashed past Tang Wulin’s eyes. Perhaps, the Ancient Gold Tree could have successfully withstood the catastrophe if it had not given a third of its energy to Tang Wulin. His heart was filled with guilt. No matter what, he would ensure the Nature’s Seed to grow again.

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