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Mecha Guidance Master

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In the past, he had learned about mecha operation from the Tang Sect, but the sect’s mecha masters were lagging far behind the person before his eyes.

Even though Ling Wuyue’s boomerang martial soul was powerful, she was still much weaker compared to his Golden Dragon King Bloodline. She lost to him because of the disparity between their essential cultivation base, but not because of her skills and techniques.

Tang Wulin had not even managed to dodge Ling Wuyue’s first attack despite his Dragon Moon battle armor’s amplified speed! Moreover, how could a mecha’s speed be compared to a battle armor master’s? Thus, one could only imagine how skilled she was in operating a mecha.

Hence, Tang Wulin sincerely wished to learn from her.

Ling Wuyue scoffed once. “Why would I agree to do so?”

Tang Wulin smiled. He was naturally confident when he proposed the idea. “That’s because I can help you to forge all the metals needed for your two-word battle armor. Made entirely from spirit alloy, yes? I’m a Saint Craftsman-ranked blacksmith.”

He had no choice but to acknowledge that his identity as a Saint Craftsman was certainly useful on many occasions, not only for showing off. It was definitely practical.

As expected, Ling Wuyue’s eyes immediately glistened upon hearing his words, but she soon turned cold and detached. “You’re a Saint Craftsman? Who are you trying to fool here? Why don’t you just call yourself a Divine Craftsman then?”

Tang Wulin spoke helplessly, “I’m telling the truth. Ask Jiang Wuyue if you don’t believe me. I’ve helped him forge something before. What’s there to fool you with? What you hear may be false, but what you see is true. I can help you to forge some metal first, then you can teach me.”

Ling Wuyue shifted her gaze slightly. “You can do spirit forging as well? Spirit-forged spirit alloy? Can you really do that?”

Tang Wulin said, “My battle armor is made from the metal I forged on my own. Take a look yourself. The greatest feature of two-word battle armor is that it can fuse into one’s body, and it’s much more useful than one-word battle armor for a soul master. At the same time, one must begin to build a firm foundation from two-word battle armor so it can be fused with one’s martial soul and become the battle armor that solely belongs to one person. I think that your cultivation base is already close to six rings, right? Then, you should begin to prepare the metal for two-word battle armor and start making it once you’ve reached six rings. It won’t be that easy for me to defeat you once you have the amplification of two-word battle armor. Your boomerang’s attacking ability will be enhanced even more by then.”

Ling Wuyue raised her head slightly. Her loss in the battle with Tang Wulin was due to the disparity between their martial souls. She could tell that she could not measure up to this boy with her inherent qualities, but, as a soul master, she was still highly captivated by the idea of two-word battle armor. She was already twenty-eight years old this year, so if she was unable to become a two-word battle armor master before the age of thirty, her future path would be longer and tougher.

Her situation was quite similar to Mu Ye’s, where most of her time and energy had been devoted to her mecha.

Approaching thirty, she realized that she would need to work on her martial soul. Tang Wulin’s words went straight to her heart.

“Alright, if you’re truly capable of helping me to forge the metals needed for my two-word battle armor, it’s a deal. I’ll teach you mecha techniques.”

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “I wish to seek guidance from you on some mecha operating techniques and mecha-making skills. Is that okay?”

“Sure.” Ling Wuyue agreed without the slightest hesitation. It would be a huge advantage for her if Tang Wulin could help in forging suitable two-word battle armor metals.

Both of them swore to each other palm-to-palm and set the agreement terms.

Tang Wulin had always been quick at finishing tasks. He brought Ling Wuyue straight to his forging workshop.

“I’m giving the material for the first piece of metal needed for your battle armor to you as a gift. You’ll need to prepare the rest yourself. Let’s complete the agreement first.”

Tang Wulin inquired about Ling Wuyue’s thoughts on battle armor style and condition at once, before he immediately began to forge for her.

Naturally, he did not need to exert much strength to forge spirit alloy given his Saint Craftsman-rank forging standards. He immediately forged a piece of spirit alloy with a harmony rate of over eighty-five percent.

In less than an hour’s time, he had shaped a piece of spirit-forged spirit alloy into a silver-white pauldron that seemed to be pulsating with life source and presented it to Ling Wuyue.

With a faint smile on her face, Ling Wuyue exhaled as she looked at the metal before her, then at Tang Wulin. “I finally understand why Jiang Wuyue called you a monster. You are truly monstrous. I’m leaving. I’ll be teaching you for two hours every day in the afternoon when I’m not on duty.”

Tang Wulin was rather fond of Ling Wuyue’s character. She was slightly ill-tempered, but she was straightforward and direct. This was a classic military officer’s way.

Tang Wulin was in a great mood after finding such an awesome mecha teacher. He believed that he could certainly make vast improvements in the future with Ling Wuyue’s guidance, whether it was the process of forging black mechas or his mecha technique.

Additionally, he had attempted the Blood Soul Fusion Skill that day, and the power was unlimited, just as he had predicted. He would need to cultivate one step further to elevate it.

It was still in preliminary fusion right now, so there was still much room for improvement. Compared to a martial soul fusion skill, it was lacking somewhat in its power, but he believed that it would definitely catch up to martial soul fusion skill’s level when its harmony rate was increased.

Tang Wulin’s life became even busier after the agreement he made with Ling Wuyue. He spent the day time cultivating on his own, while in the afternoon, he was learning mecha techniques from Ling Wuyue and helping her to forge. Through all that, he began to make preparations for building his black mecha. He spent his nights participating in competitions and continued to cultivate once again after the competition ended.

Tang Wulin began to receive high-ranking military officials seeking his help to forge when his reputation of being a Saint Craftsman started to spread. There was not much work, but every agreement that he made was enough to earn him a good number of merits. These merits were used by Tang Wulin to exchange for the rare materials needed for his mecha. As for his three-word battle armor, he was not in a rush to get to it now.

Even though he was already capable of completing soul forging, he did not consider himself mature enough, seeing as how he had just crossed the threshold. Tang Wulin’s plan was to wait until he became a rank-8 blacksmith before he forged his own three-word battle armor. This process required time and tempering.

There was an order to his priorities. For the moment, his most important goal was to condense his soul core and then elevate himself to rank-60 and a six-ringed cultivation base so that he could fuse the one-hundred-thousand-year Damask Tulip. Everything else would come after that. As a result, he was only preparing for his black mecha but was in no rush to begin making it. He genuinely did not have the time for that. As for his three-word battle armor, it was arranged for even later.

A soul master would require a seven-ringed cultivation base in order to truly utilize the three-word battle armor’s power. Even if Tang Wulin had his soul core, he did not have the seven-ringed martial soul avatar. Thus, he put the three-word battle armor in a later phase.

The following rounds of the round-robin tournament of soul master battles left Tang Wulin neither scared nor hurt, for he had not encountered any particularly formidable opponents. Every round of the mecha battles was tough as the opponents were so difficult that he could only defeat them by relying on the superiority of his martial soul.

“Wuyue, it’s so strange!” said Tang Wulin softly when he found Jiang Wuyue during lunch.

“What happened? What’s strange?” asked Jiang Wuyue in confusion.

Tang Wulin answered, “Haven’t you noticed that we still haven’t encountered any especially powerful opponents after entering the round-robin tournament? Could it be that there are no seven-ringed or eight-ringed seniors from the army taking part in the competition?”

Jiang Wuyue rolled his eyes. “So, you’re asking about that, huh? Are you looking to be battered or something? Is that not a good thing?”

Tang Wulin frowned. “How’s that a good thing? Our main purpose in taking part in the competition was to train. Powerful opponents will help us to elevate ourselves even more.”

Jiang Wuyue spoke in an unpleasant tone, “You really are looking to be battered. I think I can finally see that now. Let me tell you, this is the army’s decision. Nobody with seven-rings and above are allowed to take part in the competition, so, of course, you won’t be encountering any powerful opponents. Only a small number of high-ranking officials are even aware of our Blood God Army’s existence. The west division is so desolate. If a large batch of powerhouses were to appear in the end and enter the finals, won’t our existence be revealed? As for the reward, it’s not worthy of the army’s attention.”

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