At what Cost - S01 E49

7 months ago

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Felix who has reached home was extremely pissed.

Why didn’t guys inform they were dogs, he asked with an angry tone.

We are sorry, we didn’t feel it important, Joshua spoke for himself and kunle.

Every single detail is important,felix replied.

You didn’t tell us, kunle said.

I know I didn’t but next time tell me every single detail, you guys wouldn’t want to know what happened .

Yeah, I do, how did you know I sent a drone after you and you destroy it, Benson said folding his arms.

What are you talking about, Felix oblivious of what Benson said asked.

I said you shot down the drone I sent after you, Benson answered.

Guys, you need to see this, joshua who was looking at his phone suddenly said.

Then he showed them a video.

In the video don Pedro right arm was cut off, so he screamed in agony then his left arm was also cut off by a man claded in a ninja costume holding a sword but there numerous footsteps heard running outside.

Then he plunged the sword inside don Pedro mouth opened because he was shouting because of the pain and it came out from the neck .

He picked up the camera and spoke with a menacing voice

General, president, ferros then he crushed the camera.

Who the hell, that means he was the one that struck the drone, Benson muttered.

Felix who was already angry, watching the video added more fuel because he wanted to personally punish all those who was associated with his parents death.

Who is he,


Fez Base

I never expected you alone to singlehandedly defeat don Pedro, fez said in shock after watching the video.

This is nothing but there was a clown there also to kill don Pedro.

What, what did you do, fez asked.

I did nothing, I wanted to kill him but he seems luck was on his side,

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