At what Cost - S01 E48

7 months ago

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Felix was frozen at the spot sweating profusely, if he was not wearing a mask,one will notice a look of terror on his face with the rottweilers approaching him, growling.


Benson tried using the drone to locate since he sent the drone after Felix without his knowledge.

What the fu…., how can someone locate the drone talk more of destroying it, Benson thought to himself because the drone was struck by something and it went down.

Maybe it is felix that sly fellow,


Felix suddenly turned back and ran then the rottweilers chased after him so he decided to make a sharp turn.

Not thinking straight, he forgot that was where he avoided before for don Pedro men were smoking, gambling, so he crashed into them .

Who b dis, the man he collided with asked but he quickly got up, luckily for him there was a wall leading outside, he then ran there before the gambling could react to the situation and climbed over, then he located his bike and zoomed off .

Dogs were sabi, the men praised the dogs and the dogs went back then they continued their gamble.

As the dogs arrived back they noticed something at a dark corner, they started barking ferociously and went to the corner.


One of the dogs with blood stains on his, ran out of the corner whimpering

Immediately after that, the door of the bungalow was forced open.

Who are you, don Pedro asked . holding a gun with his fingers on the trigger but there was no reply.

Can’t you talk, he shouted.

Still there was no reply.

Die, don Pedro shouted and he shot.

Bang, bang, bang.

Meanwhile don Pedro men gambling abruptly stopped and ran to where they heard the sound carrying their guns.

Yepa, one of the men shouted seeing one of the rottweilers dead .

They arrived at the door of the bungalow and forced it open but there were met with the sight of don Pedro dismembered body.

Unknown to them, there was a transparent wire fixed from a point to another, not knowing this one of the men tripped on the wire and there was an explosion.

Men patrolling far from the bungalow heard the explosion 💥 sound, so they charged towards the building.



Slashing sounds and gunshots could be heard.

One by one , don Pedro men were falling down dead with a shadow moving .

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