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26th September, 1990.

Patrick arrived at the McCarthy’s home and informed Nicole of the devastating news of her husband’s death at the facility, Nicole lashed out at Patrick in anguish but eventually kept her calm and took his generous offer to assist the family at such a difficult time.

“This is a cheque of $500,000 for the funeral expenses” He said handing over the cheque to a crying Nicole. Scarlett bursted into tears and ran upstairs while Rose froze in shock.

“No! Take back your money!” Nicole screamed throwing the cheque back at Patrick. He sighed and picked the cheque from the floor.

“Nicole, I know how you feel trust me i really do. It hurts me so much but there is nothing we can do now.”

“Please take it, give him a befitting funeral.” Patrick said as Nicole’s shaky hands collected the cheque. Tear drops soaked the cheque instantly

“Everything will be alright” he assured and opened the door. He got back into his car and buried his face in his palm.

“How did they take it sir?” Dylan asked turning to Patrick who looked absolutely devastated

“Very bad Dylan.”

“Very bad!” He repeated and sighed

“They’ll get over it with time” Dylan said feeling remorseful as he started the engine and sped off.


“Bran please stop!!!” June cried out as Bran pulled her into an old safe house. June gathered every strength within her and hit him on the thigh using her boots.

He dragged her into the abandoned living room and hurled her to the wall. June sniffle in utter agony, she lay on the floor helpless.

“I’ve done nothing wrong, why me?” June cried out.

“It isn’t about what you’ve done, it is about what you’re yet to do.” Bran answered.

“I can read your mind, you love your best friend Roseline McCarthy and yet your father is responsible for her father’s death.” Bran said taking a walk slowly to June who lay on the floor in severe pains.

“What the hell are you talking about!” she barked amidst tears.

“George McCarthy did not die by a fire incident.” This is my little gift to you.


The day came to an end fast and Bran’s funeral was concluded at St. Theresa’s. The Sinclairs arrived at the mansion and Patrick went to check up on June in her room. Right there, she dropped the huge question that has been bothering her mind. Was her father responsible for the death of Rose’s dad?

“Something has been bothering my mind and i feel i should speak to you about it.” June said as Patrick turned to take a seat on a sofa opposite June’s bed.

“You can tell me anything honey. I’m all ears.” Patrick said and clenched his jaw to listen attentively.

“While Bran abducted me, the possessive spirit inside of him told me something i still don’t understand.” June said.

“What did he tell you?”

“He made mention of the circumstances surrounding the death Rose’s dad. He said you had a hand it.” June said as Patrick’s eyes widened.

“Dad is it true or not!” June barked.

“It is. But i can explain.” Patrick said.

“How could you!?” June said as tears began to form in her eyes.

“You lied to me, you lied to mom. You lied to Rose’s family. You lied to the media. How can i look my best friend in the eye everyday knowing my own father framed her father’s death.” June said as tears trickled down her face.

“I’m sorry June, I really am.” Patrick said and stood up to embrace her.

“Don’t! Stay away from me.” June said and barged out of her room crying.

Later that night, June cycled her way to the McCarthy’s home with tears in her eyes.

“June? What are you doing here? Are you alright?” Rose said and dropped the portrait of her late father on the bed as June walked into her room.

“I’m-I’m sorry Rose.” June stuttered as tears poured down her face.

“For what?” Rose muttered.

“I’m sorry.” June said again, crying as she pulled Rose into a hug.

“Everything will be fine June.” Rose said and pat June’s back as June kept crying endlessly

Rose kept comforting her friend not having the slightest clue as to why her best friend showed up in the middle of the night in her room crying. All she cared about was making sure June felt safe, the details could come later but at that moment, making June feel better was all that mattered to her.



A day after the battle with the Aeternae, Dominic woke up at the hospital, surrounding him were his family. He grunted as he tried to lift up his head to have a clearer picture of those around him.

“Dad? Mom?” He mumbled.

“Yes honey. We’re all here.” Josie responded quickly and moved closer to him.

“Where is she?” He asked.



“Oh she left few hours ago. She saved your life Dom, but she didn’t look like herself.” Josie said.

“How?” He asked.

“She seemed to be upset about something, she just wasn’t comfortable with the situation of things lately. It’s the second time you were almost killed honey.” Josie said.

“Alexa, please hand me your cell phone.” Dominic said as he pushed himself up the bed again, grunting in pain. Alexa obliged and gave him her cell phone. Dominic flipped open the keypad cover and asked “Do you have her new line?”

“Yeah.” Alexa responded as Dominic pushed on the buttons hard, finding June’s new contact.


Sinclair Mansion, Grenville, Tennessee.

“June, what is going on? You haven’t been yourself in the last couple of days. Please talk to me.” Rose asked as June held her pet dog Millie tight to her chest.

“Rose, it’s my mom-” Just as she was speaking, Dominic’s call came in.

“who’s it?” Rose asked.

“It’s Alexa.” June said and picked up the call.

“Hey, it’s Dominic.” Dominic’s voice came at the other end of the call. June kept mute without uttering a word.

“Hello? June are you-” He was saying as June ended the call, cutting him off.

“What happened?” Rose enquired.

“It’s Dominic.”

“Why on earth did you hang up on him without a word?” Rose asked.

“Because i care about him Rose! He almost got himself killed at the hands of that bastard!” June yelled taking Rose by shock.

“My mom was at the hospital bed fighting for her life, I left her to go save him! A death trap he knowingly walked into!” She yelled more louder, appearing frustrated. She ran her fingers through her brown curls in frustration as Rose walked up to her.

“I’m so sorry June. Everything will be alright. I promise.” Rose assured as she pulled her into an embrace while June whimpered on Rose’s shoulder.

“Ladies, Mr Sinclair await you both at the dinning Hall.” The steward announced.

“We’ll be there in a minute.” Rose replied.

“Come on, let’s go.” She said to June and held her by the hand as they walked to the dinning hall.


Clifford Mansion, Grenville, Tennessee.

Alex walked up to the living room in a grey sweatpants, his blonde hair looked messy, he buried his mouth in his palm as he yawned tiredly.

“Morning son.” Mayor Clinton greeted as he held a copy of the Grenville newspapers.

“Morning dad.”

“Where have you been Alexander!?” Lillian enquired authoritatively.

“Not anywhere that concerns you.” he fired back.

“You will talk to me with respect you spoilt little brat.” Lillian warned.

“She’s your mother Alex. Show some respect.” Mayor Clinton added.

“She’s not my mom! Can’t you see it? She’s just after your money! She’s barely older than i am.” Alex growled as Lillian landed a piercing slap on his face.

“You dare lay your filthy hands on me?” Alex growled.

“I’m sorry Alex. You need to show some respect to me. Your mom is gone, I’m here now.” Lillian said as Alex stormed out of her presence in fury.

He barged into his room and slammed the door shut.


“Sweetheart, you haven’t touched your meal. You need to eat something June.” Patrick said on noticing June’s untouched meal.

“I’m okay dad.” She responded. Megan who sat next to her shot her a worrying glance but kept digging into her small portion.

“Listen to me sweetie, mom will be fine. I promise.” Patrick assured.

“Please eat.” Rose urged.

“Excuse me sir, we’re ready.” Dylan came into the dinning Hall to announce.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” Patrick responded.

“What’s that?” June asked.

“I have a special laboratory built at the basement. I have work to do with Dylan and Vivian.”

“What work?”

“June honey, eat your meal and rest. I’ll see you later.” Patrick said and gulped down a glass of water. He stood up to leave.

“I’ll come with you.” June insisted.

“No honey. Your presence isn’t needed there. Have fun with Megan and Rose.” Patrick said and turned to take his leave.

“Dad, wait. I can help.” She said.

“Oh dear. What can you possibly do? You’re the brightest girl I’ve ever seen but this is beyond you. No offense Rose.” Patrick said with a smile.

“None taken sir.” Rose responded with a smile.

“June, please sit this one out.” Patrick pleaded.

“Dad, no! It involves mom so i have to be in.” She insisted.

“Very well then. I’ll wait for you to finish up. You can’t get in without me.” Patrick said and took his seat.

“I’m done.” June said immediately and stood up, leaving her meal partially touched.

“You haven’t had much to eat.” Rose said gesturing at the plate.

“I’m not hungry. Let’s go.” June responded.

“We’ll be right back. It’s a laboratory and it’s not safe for you. Wait here, Leah will be here in a minute.” June said and planted a kiss on Megan’s forehead.

“Okay.” Megan muttered and nodded innocently.

“Okay girls. Let’s go” Patrick said and led them out of the dinning.

The elevator let out a beep sound as the doors slid open, Patrick walked them into the secret laboratory where Vivian was working alongside a couple of unfamiliar faces.

“Welcome Sir.” Vivian greeted holding a file in her hands and dressed up in a white lab coat

“So what’d you have for me?” Patrick asked as they walked further into the laboratory.

“We’ve been able to record accurate data analysis from the substances contained in the serum, however we face a major problem.” Vivian said.

“Problem?” Patrick asked.

“Yes sir”

“We need live data analysis from a cancerous cell.” Vivian said.

“a real cancer patient?” Patrick asked.

“Yes sir.” Vivian responded.

“There are hundreds of them laying around in hospitals across Grenville.” Patrick said gesturing his hands in the air.

“Its not legal or right to get a patient and actually perform something like this on them. It could lead to anything, worse, death.” Vivian said.

“Vivian, they’ll die after all. Experiment or not.” Patrick said nonchalantly.

“We just have to get a contract drafted up real quick with the right pay and we’d get a volunteer in no time.” he added.

“That’ll be great sir.” Vivian responded.

“Dylan, you can get that sorted out right?” Patrick asked.

“Sure thing sir. I’ll approach a few and let the know about the offer.” Dylan responded.

“$500,000 up for gabs. We need someone today and it’s urgent.” Patrick said.

“On it sir. I’ll be back.” Dylan said and rushed out of the lab.

“Dad, what’s going on here?” June enquired.

“Sweetheart, we’re trying to save your mom.” Patrick responded.

“How?” June asked.

“We’re trying to get the serum to kill the cancerous cells and not totally transform its host into a zombie like it did before. It’s basically just replacement of the cancerous cells with the powers contained in the serum.” Patrick explained.

“Plan B is radiotherapy, but one which the world has never seen before. I believe with the powers contained in the serum, we’ll create an enormous amount of radiation completely fatal to the cancerous cells but less risky to humans.” He added.

“I think that’s a great plan dad, but you do realise you’re gonna turn someone else’s family into a Guinea pig for this?” June responded.

“We’ve done this before and it failed. You know what that serum has done.” she added as Rose nodded in support of her friend.

“Honey, we have to try again. It’s our only hope of saving your mother and countless of lives. We’ll get it right this time.” Patrick assured and pat her shoulders. June swallowed nervously and hoped he was right.


Mayor Clinton walked up to Alex’s door and knocked softly.

“Alex open up.” He said to the door. Shortly after, the door creaked open.

“May i come in?” Mayor Clinton asked.

“Yes.” Alex answered.

“Son, we need to talk about your mom.” Mayor Clinton said taking a seat at the bed side.

“She’s not my mother!” Alex growled.

“Alexander, I love Lillian and she’s my wife. You’ll treat her with the respect she deserves as Mrs Clinton.”

“Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” Alex responded.

“Your mom isn’t here anymore, Lillian is. It’s best you both work things out.”

“Mom would still be alive if it wasn’t for your selfish political agenda.” Alex said.

“Son, I loved your mother with my whole heart. We can’t undo what has happened. You’re my only son and i love you so much.”

“Please be good with Lillian.” Mayor Clinton pleaded.

“Okay dad.”

“Thank you son.” Mayor Clinton said and tapped Alex’s shoulder.


“Dylan should be back any moment soon.”

“You both feel free to explore the place but don’t touch anything.” Patrick said as June and Rose both nodded in affirmation.

“We should split up.” June suggested.

“I’ll go right.” Rose respond and took her turn right.

Rose walked a few steps, shooting glances at the computers screens mounted on a wall. Marveled at how much advanced technology was invested in the laboratory.

“McCarthy?” A man spoke to her, snapping her out of her concentration on the computer screens.

“Hi.” Rose responded with a puzzled look. She scanned the man and he appeared to be a middle aged man, dressed in a white lab coat and a pair of medicated glasses. He was average in height with grey hairs all over. She assumed the stress of being a scientist over the years were responsible for the grey hairs everywhere.

“I didn’t mean to startle you. You just look so much like your father.”

“I’m Dr Cullen, a friend and colleague of your father’s.” He introduced himself.

“Pleased to meet you Dr Cullen. I’m Rose McCarthy.” She said and shook hands with him.

“I know who you are.” Dr Cullen responded with a smile.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m here with my friend June. Just looking around.” She responded.

“I’d leave here if i were you, it’s not safe.” Dr Cullen whispered.

“I know right.” Rose responded.

“No you don’t, you need to leave for your own safety just in case. I wouldn’t want what happened to your father to befall you.” He said.

“What? How is this connected to my father? The serum experiment wasn’t responsible for his death.” Rose protested with anger beginning to pump through her veins.

Realising he had disclosed too much, Dr Cullen apologised immediately.

“I’m sorry. I must get back to work now.” Dr Cullen said and walked away leaving Rose with lots of burning questions. She stood at the spot for a moment and thought about all he said.

“It’s impossible. Crazy old delusional scientist.” She muttered to herself and turned back from her tour of the laboratory.

“Are you done?” Patrick asked as Rose walked up to him.

“Yes sir. I’ll be leaving now.”

“Why? Are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes sir. Just tired.”

“Okay. Uhm if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call on a help.” Patrick said.

“Thank you sir.” Rose said and walked out. Patrick could tell something isn’t right with her.

The elevator doors slid open and Rose stepped out, back in the main house. She fought very hard to keep the tears building up in her eyes.

She froze at the spot she was standing, pondering about what Dr Cullen said and how she can uncover the truth. She had been long enough at the Sinclair mansion to know if there is any place she could get an answer to her questions, it’s definitely at Patrick’s private office.

“Are you alright Miss McCarthy?” A steward asked as he was passing by the hallway.

“I’m very well, thank you.” she responded and head for Patrick’s private room.


“Dad, where’s Rose?” June asked.

“She left honey. She seem troubled.” Patrick said.

“but she was perfectly fine minutes ago.” June said and shrugged.

“I don’t know for sure, her mood changed. I wonder why.”

“I’ll check up on her now.” June said.

“Good. You should.” Patrick responded and June head out of the laboratory.


Rose stood at the door to Patrick’s private office. The lock was encrypted with a pass code and she needed to figure out what the code is to get in.

She punched in several digits in a brute force attempt to bring down the firewall of the system. She finally got in after series of combination, the last which included June’s birthday in digits.

The doors slid open and she stepped into the well furnished office with tech gadgets. She scanned the room and noticed security cameras were mounted at the four walls of the room. Not fazed by the presence of the cameras, she took her seat comfortably on Patrick’s desk and switched on his computer.

She was greeted by a welcome screen demanding an access code, once again she was able to brute force her way past the firewall. She navigate her way to an archival folder labelled 09/90 which she figured out to be a code for September, 1990 which is the month her father died at the facility.

She clicked open the folder and met a long list of randomly named video footages. She could spend hours opening them one after another. She then resorted to checking their attributes which contained the date of last modification.

She knew very well her father passed on or before the 26th of September. She checked for a date similar to that as she scrolled through.

“Gotcha!” She said to herself on spotting a footage last modified on 25th September, 1990. It happened to be the only date closest to 26th which was the day Patrick paid them a visit to make the announcement.

She breathed out momentarily before opening the video.


“I need to speak with June.” Dominic said ruffling his way out of the hospital bed.

“How are you feeling now?” Jacob asked.

“Perfect dad. I need to find her. It’s the first time she’s avoiding me.”

“Why?” Alexa asked.

“I don’t know. I need to find out.” Dominic said.

“Hold on, I’ll get the doctors.” Josie said and left the ward.


Back at the Sinclair mansion, Rose carefully waited as the footage came alive. She took note of the timestamp on the video which displayed CAM 05 23:45:42 25-SEP-1990

The video began with George McCarthy pushing a corpse from the facility’s main laboratory to the morgue.

The video continued with the camera in the morgue displaying the footage from another angle. George had finished pushing the corpse to it’s position and covered it up completely as he switched off the lights to exit. Just then, he heard a creeping sound and so he switched back the lights on.

He stood for a minute and looked around, nothing was out of the ordinary. Just as he turned to take his leave, the creature sprang out of the bed and pounced on him. Tearing him to pieces.

Rose covered her eyes immediately and bursted into tears, unable to watch anymore. She smashed the computer screen with a vase laying around as a loud explosion erupted from the monitor.

She knelt in anguish and wept bitterly, no one deserved such a death that befell her father.


June paced up and down the hallway, wondering where Rose might be in the house.

“Hey, have you seen Rose?” She called out to a steward passing by.

“Yes Miss Sinclair. She was here a while ago.” He said.

“Has she left the mansion?” She asked.

“Note quite. I did see her going to the east wing.”

“Okay, thank you.” She responded and head to the east wing of the house where Patrick’s private office is located. June rushed up the stairs leading to the east wing as she noticed a smoke gushing out of her father’s private office.

“Oh my God! Dad’s office!” she said to herself and rushed in.

“Rose, are you okay?” She asked panting. Rose knelt and kept weeping, not responding to June’s question.

June looked around the room and noticed the broken monitor screen was the reason for the smoke, at that moment, it dawned to her Rose must have discovered something top secret.

“Rose, what’s wrong?” June asked touching her shoulder.

“Did you know?” Rose muttered.

“Know what?” June asked, feigning ignorance.

“About my father’s death.” Rose said and turned around to look June in the eye. The question hit June so hard and she had no idea on how best to respond.

“You do know. Look me in the eyes, and lie to me you weren’t aware of this.” Rose said as tears poured down her face.

“Rose, I’m so sorry. Please.” June admitted with an apology and touched Rose’s shoulder.

“Don’t you dare! Get your filthy blood stained paws off my shoulder!” Rose warned.

“How could you do this to me? You lied to me. I thought i was your best friend? I thought i meant something to you.” Rose said with a huge disappointment written all over her face.

“I can explain, I only found at recently. I swear it!” June said as tears began to build up in her eyes.

“And you didn’t bother to tell me? How could you look me in the eyes everyday knowing your father was responsible for the death of my father?”

“He lied to everyone. He lied to my family, the press!!!” Rose screamed and ran her fingers through her blonde hair.

“This is what rich people do, feed off the struggle of those on the lower part of the food chain.” Rose said in anger, June felt afraid. Never has she seen so much hatred and fury in Rose’s face.

“You use people as a ladder to get what you want and end up killing them. The company used my father for years and killed him.”

“Now i know why we weren’t allowed to see his body. The coffin was empty because your evil father burned the place down to deceive us it was a fire incident.” Rose said as she began to breath fast.

“Roseline, I love you so much. You’re angry and i absolutely get that. Just be calm and hear me out. Please.” June said and knelt down pleading.

“Don’t you f-----g touch me!!!!!” Rose screamed at the top of her voice.

“I don’t want to ever see you again nor your family around mine. Maybe your mother is paying for your father’s sins. Maybe she deserves it.”

“If i ever see you close to me, I’ll kill you. I swear it! I’ll spend my time in jail happy i killed the perpetrator of my father’s death.”

“Roseline, please. Don’t do this.” June pleaded holding her legs tight. Refraining her from walking away.

“Get off me!!!” Rose yelled with tears in her eyes and kicked June in the face. June winced in pain as blood dripped down her nose.

Rose stormed out of the office, filled with deep hatred and anger for who until a while ago was her best friend.

To be continued…

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