Saved By The Thread

2 weeks ago


As people are busy bustling with life in Ile-Ife, so are some people dejected in that same town just as Niphemi.

Niphemi sat with a bench, wearing a three quarter faded blue jeans, with a shining white cotton-made Singlet slung along his neck just as guys do do.

He sat lost in his thought, dejected and with a funny frustrating look on his face.

He was busy soliloquising and thinking on how his life has dwindled down from a life of affluence to one of misery, in a matter of some years.

In his delirium, he has even forgotten that very Saturday is his birthday.

But that wouldn’t be a good news to him either because that time two years ago he was cruising around in a Toyota corolla, with ladies at his Beck and call, a very fat account and friends ‘bathing him with champagne.

He can’t keep himself from wondering where all this friends are IN THE SPACE OF A FEW YEARS….except his friend nicknamed whizzy.

He jumped outta his skin when he felt a hand tapping him……..

Saved By The Thread - S01

Saved By The Thread - S01

2 weeks ago