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“Happy Birthday,” Christian said, hugging me.

He placed a kiss on my cheek and I smiled. It didn’t feel like my birthday, but with Christian here I was glad to celebrate it with him. With my my mom bolting out of the house in the morning along with Stephen who was dragged away, Christian and I were completely alone.

“Thanks,” I said, pulling away from him so that I could see his perfect face.

He suddenly frowned. “What’s wrong? It’s your birthday and you seem down.”

I shrugged, even though I knew the answer. What happened between my mom and I left me feeling down. I did expect her to kick me out for incest, but hearing her say it stung. She was my mom and she would kick me out in a heartbeat because of the one thing that made me happy. It hurt even more that she didn’t even wish me for my birthday.

Christian suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. He smiled as my eyes widened, which made my heart flutter. A lot of people would wonder if being with him was worth all of the complications, but whenever I saw him smile the answer was yes.

“Look, you’re going to have the best birthday ever,” Christian said, grinning. “Forget about your mom. She doesn’t deserve to have a child like you.”

I smiled as my heart softened. “Okay. Let’s celebrate.”

Even though my heart was still heavy, I decided to try to make the best of my birthday. I was seventeen and I had Christian all to myself. This should be a happy day.


I found myself smiling as Rapunzel and Flynn threw their lanterns into the sky. It gave me memories of my twelfth birthday with my dad. That was one of the best moments of my life.

“You know, I wanted to take you to the Festival of Lights for your birthday,” Christian suddenly said, bringing my attention to him. “But the festival is only held in summer. Sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?” My eyes widened. “I can’t believe you remember my best memory.”

He smiled. “Obviously I would remember your favourite memory. Why are you surprised?”

I found myself smiling back, and this time it felt genuine. I was glad I got to celebrate my birthday with just him because now I felt a lot more relaxed. Safe, even. Christian had that sort of effect on me, and that was one of the many reasons why he was different than any other guy I’ve liked.

“You’re so old now,” Christian commented. “D--n, seventeen.”

“I’m old?” My jaw dropped. “This coming from a nineteen year old. You’re an adult.”

“An adult who can drink alcohol,” he shot back.

“I can drink alcohol too.”

“Legally?” He raised an eyebrow.

I grinned sheepishly and he laughed. My insides felt warm and I hoped the day wouldn’t end. It was the evening already though. We had binged on movies and played video games, so time flew by. That made me sad, knowing we couldn’t spend time like this at home anymore because of my mom’s suspicions.

“I got you a present,” Christian suddenly said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Really?” I said, smiling.

“Obviously.” He grinned. “It’s in my room. Let’s go.”

“Wait, but Tangled isn’t finished.”

“We’ll finish it later.” He got up. “Come on.”

He grabbed both of my hands and pulled me up. Before I could argue, he then dragged me away from the living room and we were walking up the stairs. I found myself suddenly excited, having no idea what his present would be.

When we reached his bedroom, I was led in quickly. As he shut the door behind us, I suddenly realized I had never actually been in his room. With that realization, my eyes began to wander.

His room was clean, unlike mine. Other than a few black shirts laying in a corner of the room, there was literally nothing out of place. I wondered what he must think of the mess in my room as I looked around, but then I noticed that other than a bed there weren’t any furniture in his room either. There was a nightstand and a closet, but otherwise his room was mostly empty. The large bed that sat in the very middle of it took up most of the space.

“Is my room really that interesting?” Christian asked, snapping me out of my thoughts once again.

I rolled my eyes, but I found myself fighting back a smile. “No, just wondering how your room is so clean. The answer is: your room has next to nothing in it.”

“Ouch.” He grinned. “Someone’s jealous.”

I grinned too and watched as he walked over to his bed. Dropping onto it lightly, he then patted the spot beside him. Feeling slightly nervous, I made my way towards him and sat next to him. He smiled at me as he then bent over and pulled out a large gift bag from under his bed. My heart began to flutter.

“Here you go,” Christian said, handing me the gift bag.

“Please don’t tell me you spent a lot of money on me,” I said, amazed by how heavy the bag felt. “I’ll feel bad until your birthday, which is ten months away.”

“Just open it.” He grinned. “I’m excited.”

Seeing him wearing his childish grin, I decided to listen to him. So putting a hand into the bag, I pulled out the first gift that felt like a poster. It was rolled up, so I opened it and gasped.

“Naruto!” I exclaimed. “You got me a Naruto poster? How did you know I needed one?”

“I didn’t.” His eyes softened at my happiness. “You just have a lot of posters and you read Naruto all the time, so I thought what the hell.”

I grinned. “I love it. Thanks, you’re incredible.”

He laughed. “You’re the only girl I know who’d get excited over a poster.”

I laughed as well, knowing it was true. It was just that it was my favourite anime and I really needed to fill up a blank space on my wall. The poster of Naruto and Sasuke – the two main characters – was perfect because of that.

“There’s more, you know,” Christian said, bringing me back to reality.

I nodded, placing the poster down beside me on the bed. Putting my hand into the bag again, I then pulled out a book. I read the title, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

“Just like what you did for me, I wanted to give you a book that will allow you to meet your people,” Christian said, grinning. “The Wallflowers.”

I laughed. Laughed hard at the irony. Christian joined me, and I knew this was meant to be a joke.

Once I calmed down, I said, “Yeah, the people who see things but don’t say anything are my people. This is perfect.”

“I’m guessing you watched the movie?”

I nodded, smiling as I admired the book anyways.

“It’s a good book though,” he said. “I’m not sure if you read, but I thought might as well.”

“Thank you,” I said. “I loved the movie, so I’ll love the book.”

He smiled and pointed to the bag. I rolled my eyes, wondering why he was so eager. But then again, watching others open your presents was exciting. A part of me couldn’t blame him for being so excited.

I put my hand into the bag again, and this time I wasn’t sure what the item was as I felt it. Slowly, I pulled the present contained in a clear bag. When it was in front of my eyes to view, I gasped. My heart actually stopped for a second as I saw the gold hue of the item. It was a golden lantern.

“You did not.” My eyes were wide with excitement.

Christian grinned. “I did.”

I screamed in excitement and Christian laughed. Seeing a lantern now in my hands brought back so many memories that I didn’t care if he thought I was crazy. Didn’t care if today wasn’t a special day. I wanted nothing more than to go outside and let the lantern fly into the sky while letting go of everything in my heart.

“Christian,” I said, starting to rip the packaging of the lantern. “We have to go outside and let it fly. Come on.”

I was about to get up, but Christian put a hand on my shoulder, stopping me from moving. His eyes were gleaming with happiness, but I frowned as I wondered why he stopped me.

“There are two tickets for a festival in August,” he said. “Let’s save it for then.”

My jaw dropped and I hugged him. I hugged him tightly as my heart pumped with excitement. It had been forever since I had been to a festival, and I was beyond excited. With Christian coming with me, I couldn’t wait.

“Thank you. Thank you,” I said excitedly, still hugging him tightly. “You’re the best and I love you and you’re amazing.”

He laughed. “You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it. Honestly, I was kind of nervous.”

“Why?” I frowned as I let go of him.

“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “You’re hard to figure out and… I don’t know. I really wanted to make you happy.”

“You always do.” My eyes softened. “You don’t need to worry.”

He smiled and I decided to pull out the tickets out of the bag, just to look at them. August was still a couple of months away, but I was still excited. This was the best gift I could ever ask for.

As I looked into the bag, I was surprised to see what looked like a card. Frowning, I pulled out the purple card instead of the two tickets that remained at the bottom of the gift bag.

“You got me a card?” I asked, admiring it.

“Yeah.” He smiled, suddenly looking nervous.

“Now I feel really bad.” I pouted. “I didn’t get you one.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal.”

I opened the card, still feeling bad. Looking at the inside, I was surprised to see one side of it filled with his writing. My eyes widened as I wondered what he wrote.

“Can I read it?” I asked.

“Sure,” he replied, looking even more nervous.

“Out loud?”

“Um, no…”

Deciding to be an a-----e, I ignored him. “Dear, Autumn. I love you. I hope you know that.”

Christian groaned, but I ignored him. The second sentence had already made my insides melt, so I was now obsessed with reading the rest.

“It’s kind of stupid of me to admit that I love you in a birthday card,” I continued on, my heart pounding. “But I do. I love you and everything about you. From your brown eyes to your short temper, I love you. And maybe I fell in love with you fast, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sure about it. It’s strange you know, with the world against us you’d think I would be running for the hills. But instead, I’m here. Here wondering how the hell I was lucky enough to win your heart. I don’t really know why I telling you this in a card, but it feels right saying it here. I love you. Happy birthday to the girl who changed me for the better. I hope from now on life works on your side because I want nothing more than for you to be happy.”

I stared at the card for a bit after I finished reading it, stunned. Stunned from how simply beautiful it was. No one had done anything like this for me, and my heart had melted with happiness.

“I know it’s cheesy,” Christian said, sounding embarrassed. “But I mean it. I love you and-”

I didn’t let him finish his sentence as I quickly grabbed his shirt and kissed him. Dropping the card onto the ground, I then pushed him back so that he was lying down on his bed. Ignoring the sound of my other presents dropping to the ground, I then sat on his stomach and began kissing him passionately. I loved him. I loved him too.

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