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Holding the lunch I accidentally stole from Christian, I walked through the hallways that were filled with students making their way to the cafeteria for lunch. With a destination of giving the lunch to Christian, I felt surprisingly light. With every step I felt nervous – in a good way – to see him. It seemed that what Stephen said had definitely changed things. In a way that I couldn’t complain about, it had. The soft spot in my heart told me that.

As I reached Christian’s locker, I was glad to notice that his secluded locker hallway would be empty if it weren’t for him. Fighting back a smile, I noticed he was searching for something in his locker. My random nerves calmed at that, knowing I would be helping the guy I somehow made happy.

“Hey,” I said, pressing my back to the locker next to his. “I stole your lunch.”

He whipped his head to look at me, seeming surprised. With his blue eyes widened he stared at me for a bit, and I couldn’t help but smile at how innocent he looked. Even when his life hadn’t been great, he somehow kept his innocence.

“Why did you steal my lunch?” he finally asked, taking the lunch from me with a frown on his face.

I couldn’t help but giggle at that. “I didn’t, idiot. It was an accident.”

At that, he frowned. He looked slightly concerned as he studied me, causing me to blush. I knew I was acting strangely, but I had to blame the warmth I felt. What Stephen said made me realize I was thankful of Christian, so I was going to be more peppy around him. Someone who would hopefully truly make him happy. Staring back at Christian, I hoped he liked my change.

“Are you okay?” Christian asked slowly, squinting his eyes at me. “You’re acting… Weird.”

At that, my new resolve quickly crumbled. My eyes narrowed at him as he continued to stare at me with judging eyes.

“Did my dad feed you some sort of happy potion?” he continued to ask. “You’re acting strangely upbeat, which really doesn’t suit you.”

I scoffed at that. “Screw your Christian.”

He grinned. “Ah, there’s my Autumn.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed, looking away from him. But even with that, I found myself blushing at his words. My heart even thumped as I realized that even though I found myself a horrible person, he didn’t think so. In fact, I was the Autumn that he knew and cared about.

With that realization, something hit me. I suddenly had the urge to speak the truth. To say something I would never say. With that strong urge, I ignored any signs telling me to refrain from admitting it.

“You know Christian,” I suddenly said, sounding surprisingly defensive. “I like spending time with you.”

I watched as his blue eyes went big. With surprise evident on his face, I was glad to see that his eyes held this affectionate gleam to them as they stared at me. Softening up, he then took a step forward.

“Wait, I didn’t hear what you said. Can you repeat it?” he suddenly said, growing serious despite the twinkle of amusement in his eyes.

I rolled my eyes as my cheeks heated up. “Shut up.”

He took another step forward, now standing less than a foot away from me. With a smile now on his face, he suddenly reached out and grabbed my arms, pinning them to my sides. My eyes widened as all I could see was his face. His perfectly, sculpted face that had these piercing blue eyes.

“You know what?” he asked, bringing his face closer to mine slowly.

“No,” I squeaked out, unsure of how to function as my heart pounded against my chest.

By now Christian’s mouth was near my ear. He was almost pinned against me, trapping me where I was. With my pounding heart, I knew without his body I would be trapped in place anyways.

“I really like being with you too,” he whispered into my ear, causing me to shiver – to my shock.

As my heart skipped a beat, he then moved his lips to my jaw. I gasped as I felt the warmth of them pressed against my jawbone, moving along it to my chin. I felt the heart attack I once had. It was hard to move. Hard to think. Hard to breathe. But, to my surprise I hoped he didn’t move away. In fact, I wanted him closer to me.

Once he reached my chin, I froze as he just left his lips pressed against there. My heart was beating loudly, but all I could do was think. Think solely about how much I wanted to tilt my face down so that his lips would move somewhere else. With his hands now on my hips, grabbing them gently, I closed my eyes and shivered.

But then, I jumped as I heard something fall onto the ground. My eyes flew opened and I was completely broken out of my trance. I jumped away from Christian, looking for the source of the noise. To my shock, I spotted Nate bending down to pick up a textbook. My face went red.

As he quickly sprinted away, I momentarily forgot about him and my attention returned to Christian. Of what he’d been doing to me. Of how I felt. My heart pounded against my chest once again, but this time I felt like I was going to be sick. With horror rising up to my throat, I knew I couldn’t face him.

Without looking at him, I said, “Um, I have to see my friends. Bye.”

I didn’t wait for a response as I ran away. I couldn’t, because I knew I would throw up. With my heart pounding and my clouded mind, I couldn’t be around Christian any longer.


“Why is your face so red?” Dee asked, frowning as I quickly sat down at our cafeteria table.

Before coming here, I made sure to wander the hallways in circles a few times to cool down. With my heart pounding, I knew I wouldn’t be able to function right. To even think right around my friends. I really didn’t want my friends knowing about what happened, but now that seemed impossible.

“No reason,” I lied, not wanting to look at Dee who had been frowning at me.

“Where’s your lunch?” Cheryl then asked.

“I’m not hungry,” I replied, actually being honest.

With my nerves, I had no appetite. I was too sickened with how I felt over one boys lips. His soft, delicate lips that left me wanting more. More that I could receive for so many reasons.

“Why won’t you look at us?” Dee then asked. “Talk to us. You look ready to explode.”

I was ready to explode. I didn’t know what to do and that was killing me. One part of me was embarrassed, one part of me was angry, and another disgusting part of me was craving more. Closing my eyes briefly, I shivered at the recent memory.

“Fine,” I said, opening my eyes to look at my two best friends. “I need to tell you guys. Someone who can tell me I’m going crazy.”

The both of them frowned at me, and I knew that I had been crazy for a while. I couldn’t help but smile at that, shaking my head. Christian had made me a psychopath.

“I…” I began, feeling my cheeks heat up as my embarrassment rose. “Something happened.”

“No duh,” Dee said, smiling softly at me.

“With Christian?” Cheryl offered, raising her eyebrows.

I found my heart freezing at his name being said out loud. Clenching my hands into fists, I wondered what was wrong with me.

“Yeah,” I replied, staring at Cheryl who seemed to be analyzing me. “We… I…”

It was so hard to say out loud. I didn’t know why – probably because that meant it was true – but it was.

“Christian and I shared a moment,” I finally confessed.

Dee’s eyes widened, but Cheryl’s expression remained neutral. It was almost like she expected this.

“What do you mean a moment?” Dee asked, eyes still wide, but with curiosity now.

“I don’t want to say.” I looked down, finding my entire face turning hot. “I’m disgusted with myself.”

“Why?” Cheryl asked, sounding annoyed. “You like him. This should be good news.”

At that, my head flew up. My eyes widened as I stared at a dead serious Cheryl. With her glasses at the edge of her nose, easy to fall off, she looked like she was stating an actual fact. My heart stopped at the fact, but instantly I felt my walls flying up.

“What?” I said, feeling more defensive than ever. “I don’t like Christian.”

Cheryl rolled her eyes. “Autumn, I told you to face the facts. By now you have to realize that he means a lot to you. Not in a sibling way, but more. If you’re worried about incest, don’t worry. It’s not like you guys are actually related. Your babies won’t come out demented. I-”

“Whoa!” I exclaimed, horrified. “What the hell are you saying! I don’t like him! I never have, never will! Are you crazy?”

She sighed. “Autumn, grow up already. Stop pushing away the only person who will always care about you.”

My eyes widened, only paying attention to the first sentence. “Excuse me?”

For the past few months I had felt like everyone had been calling me a child. I felt like everyone was patronizing me. It was the worst feeling in the world, so now I felt a rage I hadn’t felt in a while. One that had me burning.

Before Cheryl could said anything else, I snapped, “Who ever gave you the right to determine how I feel? You think you’re so smart because you’re always reading books, but guess what, you’re not. You just think you know everything and it’s annoying. I don’t even know why I’m friends with you.”

Cheryl winced at the, but I was too angry to feel an ounce of guilt. She had thrown all these words at me, trying to determine who I was and my future. She needed to realize that she couldn’t just go around doing that.

“Autumn,” Dee suddenly said, sounding worried. “Relax.”

I got up at that, tired of always being the bad guy. Sometimes I was one, but it was never without some sort of reason. People needed to realize that.

Without looking at either of my friends, I just turned around. Huffing, I stormed off without looking back. What Cheryl said had really angered me. It made me so mad for so many reasons, some unknown ones too. Here I was needing comfort, but she decided to throw imaginary facts at me. It was the last thing I needed. Especially because, what she stated could never be true. It just couldn’t.

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