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I exited my room and froze, spotting the very boy I wasn’t ready to see yet. He was standing a meter away from me, his arms crossed over his chest as he just stared at me. His blue eyes seeming to pierce my soul as I just stared at him blankly, unsure of what to do.

“Come with me,” he suddenly demanded.

“Excuse me?” I replied, raising my eyebrows at his sudden demand.

“We’re leaving this house.”

I stepped back as he stepped forward, wondering what the hell was wrong with him. Did the water from the long showers finally get to his head?

“Are you okay?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

He sighed at that and ran his fingers through his messy hair. A small smile suddenly appeared at his lips, and I frowned as I became confused. Christian and I talked now, but we weren’t close. Talking at home to each other was rare due to that.

Christian eventually looked back at me and his eyes looked suddenly sad. “I want to hang out today. It’s an apology for… Yesterday.”

I frowned, unsure of why he was apologizing. It was I who had yelled at him.

“Why are you sorry?” I asked. “I snapped at you, I should be sorry.”

He suddenly blushed and I tilted my head, curious of what was going on. As he looked away from me, I saw that his ears were completely red. This seemed to be the first time I ever saw him blush.

“You’re not going to make me say it, are you?” he asked, still looking away from me.

“Christian, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said honestly.

He sighed lightly and kept his face turned from me. “I’m sorry… For closing up on you and saying those things.”

With that vague sentence, what he was talking about hit me. I had been so focused on my nervous feelings and Christian’s body, I forgot about what he did. Of how he put his arm around me and asked if I liked what I saw. My own cheeks turned red at the memory, and to my horror my heart started beating rapidly.

“Oh,” I simply said, looking away from him as well. “It’s fine. From the lack of girls in your life, what you did was sadly normal.”

To my relief, he actually chuckled at that. The awkward tension dispersed and I brought my eyes back to look at him. He was still blushing, but I knew that I was as well. We were even, for once.

“Do you still want to hang out?” he asked as his eyes softened.

I nodded. “I do.”


I got out of Christian’s car and took a deep breath in. The smell of the place was fresh, wonderful, and something I wasn’t used to because my mom hadn’t brought me to a beach in years. Once again, because it was a reminder of my dad.

I heard footsteps near me and I knew who it was. Naturally, I knew those footsteps anywhere. A perk of living with him.

“Do you like it?” Christian asked.

I smiled as I looked at him. “I love it.”

Christian was already smiling, but his smile seemed to grow at those words. Putting a hand on my lower back, he gently pushed me forward. I found myself stiffening at that, but not necessarily in my old hateful ways towards him.

“We should find a spot,” he said. “Before more people come to the beach.”

We both began walking at that, but I rolled my eyes. There were barely anyone at the beach, and I knew there wouldn’t be much more coming. The beach we were at was your not-so typical beach. It had a bit of sand, but a lot of large rocks varying in sizes. Those rocks were aligned naturally in front of the deep sea, and that was where people sat. No one swam – it was illegal – but it was still an amazing place to be at. The scenery of it was truly beautiful.

As we reached one large rock, the both of us got on it. I was thankful that I was wearing leggings today, because at my short height it was difficult to get onto the rock. Christian actually looked amused at the sight.

“You’re an ass,” I said, huffing as I crossed my legs on the rock. “Selfish too because you could’ve helped me up, you know.”

“I thought you didn’t need someone taking care of you,” he said, grinning as I scowled.

“Shut up.” I shook my head and tried to hide my smile that was appearing. “So, what are we going to do?”

“What do you mean?” he asked. “Did you expect me to plan something for the day?”

“Um, yeah. Did you expect us to have a blast just sitting here on rocks?”

He sighed and I knew as usual I was annoying him. It was a notable that he didn’t just run to his car and leave me here to die at this point. I probably would’ve done so to him, if he wasn’t a nice guy.

“Well we could swim,” he eventually replied, smiling.

My eyes narrowed at him. “Yes, let’s swim in our regular clothes illegally. It’ll be a blast when the cops come.”

Christian bit his lip, looking like he was trying to fight back a laugh. I couldn’t help but also fight back my own smile, wanting to seem as serious as possible.

“Well, we could just wear nothing and swim,” he offered. “You know, we missed all those years of bathing naked together. We could catch up now.”

My jaw dropped at those words. “Christian!”

He laughed. “And if you’re worried about the police, f--k them. Us fulfilling those memories we’ve missed out on is more important.”

“You’re disgusting!” I exclaimed.

But before I knew it, I was laughing. Dying because this boy was strange in a way I hadn’t really noticed before. My whole body was shaking with laughter, and I was glad to notice he was laughing too.

When I finally calmed down, I said, “That seems like fun, but at this age that would be incest. Remember, I’m not about that life.”

Christian smirked at that. “Didn’t seem that way yesterday.”

At that my face turned completely red. My embarrassment and horror seeped through me, realizing he knew the effect he had on me yesterday. Mentally, I kicked myself for acting like such a ditzy girl.

“Screw you,” I huffed, annoyed with myself more than him.

Christian broke out into a grin, but he changed topic, “Let’s find something to do, okay.”

“Okay.” I took a deep breath in.


“Catch it Christian! You s--k at frisbee!” I yelled, watching Christian sprint for the frisbee we found laying across the ground.

I laughed as Christian nearly tripped over a rock to catch the red frisbee. As he recovered, he glared at me from where he stood meters away. I grinned innocently.

“It looks like we’re still tied!” I yelled as he continued to glare at me. “But guess who’s going to be the winner?”

“Me!” he yelled back. “Remember bowling.”

I huffed. “Screw you! Don’t be so cocky!”

Christian broke out into a grin and rolled my eyes. He threw the frisbee towards me, and despite being caught off guard I caught it with ease. I smiled smugly at him.

“See! Unlike you I don’t struggle to catch a frisbee!” I yelled.

I watched him roll his eyes and point at me. “What a shit talker! Watch me win!”

I grinned and threw the frisbee his way, and to my annoyance he actually caught it with ease. This time, he smiled smugly at me as he got ready to throw. He then proceeded to pretend throw it a few times, making me annoyed.

Suddenly, he then yelled, “Autumn! You’re beautiful!”

My heart froze at those words and I just stared at him blankly, completely thrown off guard at those words. At the same time he threw the frisbee and after a few seconds, I noticed what he did, and leaped for the frisbee. To my horror and annoyance, I didn’t catch it. I glowered at him as he ran up to me.

“Guess who won!” he shouted, racing towards me.

“Screw you!” I yelled at him. “You cheated.”

He grinned sheepishly and kept running at me. As he neared me he didn’t slow down, so I frowned as I stepped back. He looked ready to plow down anything in his way to me.

Expecting him to make an abrupt stop in front of me, I was shocked to see that he wouldn’t. Instead, he actually bent down quickly and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. I screamed at the sudden action, fearing for my life as he continued running.

“What are you doing!” I yelled, slapping him on the back as he continued to run.

“I’m going to punish you,” he simply replied.

“For what!”

“For shit talking and then losing.”

I knew he was smiling at this point, so I decided to pound my fists against his back. To my annoyance, he wouldn’t loosen his grip on me, so I was stuck being carried by him. I groaned, but then yelped as he suddenly jumped. Looking at the ground, I realized we were on top of a rock.

“What are you doing?” I asked, suddenly feeling nervous.

“I’m going to throw you into the sea,” he said casually.

“Christian! Let go of me!”

“Not until you apologize,” he said, and I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“Never!” I shouted defiantly.

To my horror, he moved me from his shoulder to his arms, so that he was holding me bridal style. He looked down at me as I simply stared back up at him, surprised by how strong he was. Despite all the running and carrying me, he didn’t look tired.

“You really want to test me?” he asked, taking a step forward so that he was at the edge of the rock – right in front of the sea.

“You would never,” I shot back, smiling proudly at the truth.

He then shrugged and put his arms forward so that I was a foot away from him and above the sea. I shrieked, wondering how the hell he hadn’t dropped me yet.

“Christian!” I screamed. “Stop!”

“Say sorry,” he said, smiling at me despite my life being literally in his hands.

“No! Christian!”

“Goodbye Autumn. It was nice knowing you for six months of my life.”

“Christian!” I shrieked as he lowered his arms.

Seeing that he wouldn’t change his mind, I yelled, “Fine! I’m sorry!”

He grinned as he quickly pulled his arms towards him, almost crashing me into his chest. With one graceful movement, he then stepped away from the edge of the rock and jumped off it. At the sandy ground, I then pushed myself away from him and nearly fell onto the ground. Thankfully, I landed somewhat gracefully in a crouched position on the ground.

Standing back up, I glowered at him. “I hate you.”

“Sure you do, Autumn,” he said, smiling smugly.

I huffed and he began laughing, annoying me as usual. By to my surprise, I actually began smiling at the sight of him laughing his childlike laugh. He looked so happy and carefree that I almost felt touched by the very sight of him.

“I can’t believe I ever thought you were nice,” I said as he laughed, biting my lip to fight back a smile.

He stopped laughing and said very seriously, “I was, but I met you.”


He began laughing again, and this time I joined him.

The rest of the day was just as great and I found myself truly becoming fond of Christian. I felt thankful that he was my stepbrother. Not some boring, a-----e, but him. A nice, fun, somewhat a-----e that actually wanted to be around me. With no family, I felt happy knowing that I might’ve made a new one.

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