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“Can those girls get away from him?” Dee suddenly said, causing me to turn around from my locker to face her.

“He’s off limits.”

“Dee,” I said, raising an eyebrow as I knew exactly who she was talking about. “Off limits for you too.”

“Psh.” She grinned. “I know that. I’m just trying to be a good friend to you and watch out for your stepbrother.”

I smiled as well and shook my head. Looking to my right, I spotted Christian standing beside a set of lockers. As usual, he was surrounded by gorgeous girls who wouldn’t give him any personal space. Watching him talk to them, I wondered if he knew they were into him. That they didn’t want to be just friends. Knowing how dense he could be, I had a feeling he didn’t.

“I really can’t get at him?” Dee asked in a whining tone.

My attention returned to her and I scowled. Just like before, I didn’t understand why all these girls were acting like he was some sort of Greek god. There really wasn’t anything spectacular about him.

“No,” I said flatly. “Best friends don’t go for each other’s brothers.”

“But he’s your stepbrother .”

I scowled again, but before I could say anything I heard someone say my name. I froze from the familiar voice, shocked that this was happening.

“You go here?” The low voice continued to ask.

Turning around slowly, I decided to see if this situation was too good to be true. In my brain, I knew it was. But in my heart, I knew this was true. After everything bad that happened, God seemed to be owing me with Christian and now him .

Now facing the boy, my eyes widened as my heart was right. Here in front of me was Nate. The cute guy with blond hair and hazel eyes from the restaurant. Seeing him suddenly in front of me, I found myself speechless.

“Autumn,” he said. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, snapping out of my trance. “What are you doing here?”

“I go here,” he replied, smiling. “I’m guessing you do too?”

I nodded as my heart skipped a beat. “Yeah. How come I haven’t seen you before?”

“It’s a big school.” He shrugged.

I couldn’t help but smile. “And a small world.”

Nate broke out into a grin and I found myself amazed by how gorgeous he was. With his hair neatly pushed to the right, his perfect tan, and gorgeous eyes, he could possibly be the best looking guy at our school. My smile grew at the thought, knowing he once hit on me. Now my heart fluttered with hope of that again.

Suddenly, I felt someone elbow me. Wincing, I turned to see Dee standing beside me, smiling widely. My eyes narrowed at her as she looked at Nate with her large eyes sparkling.

“Nate,” I said, forcing a smile. “This is Dee, my best friend.”

“Hey,” she says, smiling wider.

“Hey,” Nate replied, smiling back.

He then looked at the clock that hung at a ceiling near us and frowned. Watching him, I wondered what had happened.

Looking back at me, he said, “Sorry, I got to go. You know, we never did get to hang out cause of your stepbrother. We should soon.”

I broke out into a grin as that was exactly what I had wanted. For him to still want me, even with my annoying stepbrother. Slight blush filled my cheeks.

But as I opened my mouth, I was interrupted once again.

“Didn’t I scare you off last time?”

All three of our heads whipped to our lefts to see who had spoken. To my annoyance, it was Christian. He had his hands shoved into his leather jacket pockets and was walking towards us, looking unpleased with the situation. My eyes narrowed at him.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, completely forgetting about how much we bonded over the past few weeks.

Ignoring me, Christian asked Nate, “You go here?”

“Yeah,” Nate said, looking just as unpleased with the situation as Christian.

“Well, I hope you stop hitting on my little sister.” Christian raised his eyebrows. “She’s too young to date.”

“Excuse me?” My eyes widened. “You’re not my dad. You’re not even my brother.”

To my surprise, Christian’s eyes narrowed at me. He looked annoyed of me, which was insane because once again he was ruining my chances of being with an incredibly cute guy. My eyes narrowed back at him.

“Autumn,” he said, almost patronizingly. “I’m trying to watch out for you.”

“Why?” I hissed, not bothering to hide my annoyance.

“Because I’m your stepbrother,” he replied simply, looking like he was already tired of this conversation.

As he looked away from me, I suddenly felt furious. I felt like yanking his shirt to bring him to face me, and then telling him to leave me alone. That I did not need someone watching over me. That I was not the delicate little thing he treated me as. But instead of doing that, I took a deep breath in. My mind was still muddled up with angry thoughts, so I decided to say the first thing on my mind.

“Christian,” I said. “We may talk now, but you still meaning nothing to me. You need to realize we’re not a family, and that you have no right to interfere with my life. So do us all a favour and leave me alone.”

Christian had been looking away from me, so I couldn’t catch the expression on his face. However, I did catch the way his body suddenly stiffened. Being as mad as I was, a part of me felt satisfied knowing I caused him to do that. It showed me my words stung.

Suddenly, Christian looked at Nate and said, “I expect you to stay away from her. Got that?”

Despite wanting to punch Christian, I looked at Nate. He looked both awkward and nervous, making my anger for Christian rise. Once again, Christian had ruined my chances with him.

Without saying another word, Christian just left. He turned around and walked away, leaving me watching him with anger burning within me. Shaking my head, I decided to forget about him for now. It was Nate who I needed to talk to.

“I’m sorry,” I said, looking back at Nate. “This always happens around you and I know it probably freaks you out, but… I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know.”

That was the truth. I didn’t know why Christian felt the need to protect me from Nate. He was just a guy and I was a teenager. Dating was what people did at my age, yet Christian was acting like it was a sin. I didn’t understand.

“It’s okay,” Nate said, smiling nervously. “You know, I still want to get to know you. Even with your stepbrother, I want to.”

With those words my anger vanished. It slipped away and now I felt the blossoming of butterflies within my stomach. Despite my freak of a stepbrother, he was willing to still get to know me.

I smiled. “Really?”


My smile turned to a grin.

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