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I was mentally prepared. After an evening of taking deep breaths and reminding myself that Christian was just some stupid boy, I felt ready. Ready to go home with him every single day. A small part of me hoped we would bond through this, but the other part of me wanted this to mean nothing. To just be efficient for the both of us.

Walking to where Christian’s locker was, I rolled my eyes as I realized Christian was surrounded by girls. It seemed like he always was at school, and I didn’t understand why. There was literally nothing special about him.

As I neared him, he spotted me and smiled his childlike smile, ridding me of any nerves I had left. I wasn’t even sure why I was so nervous in the first place. Just because we hadn’t spoken in a while didn’t mean anything changed. I was still a b---h and he was still annoyingly ‘perfect’. It was the way things had always been between us.

“Can we go now?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at Christian who was packing up his bag.

“Yeah, one sec,” Christian replied, raising his own eyebrows at my demand.

I couldn’t help but smile as I realized nothing had change. As you know, I hated change so this was great news to me.

“Who is she?” A blonde girl asked.

She was scowling at me from her too close for comfort position next to Christian, raking her eyes over me. From the smug look on her face it looked like she didn’t see me as a threat, which pissed me off. I glowered at her.

If it wasn’t Christian, I would’ve grabbed his hand and exclaimed that he was my boyfriend. The look on her face from that would be hilarious from that, but sadly this was Christian. There was no way I’d touch him.

“Relax,” I replied, smiling sweetly. “He’s my stepbrother and incest isn’t my thing.”

She scoffed at that and I couldn’t help but smile as Christian actually chuckled. All of the girls suddenly looked at him like he was some sort of God, causing me to roll my eyes. I found girls like this pathetic.

“Let’s go Autumn,” Christian said, putting a hand on my shoulder. “Bye guys.”

“Bye,” they all said, smiling ‘flirtatiously’ at him.

I moved away so that Christian wasn’t touching me anymore and walked ahead of him in silence. Thankfully he didn’t speak either, which confirmed one thing for me. He was only doing this to be polite. That was the good guy he was, which made me feel suddenly sick. I shook the feeling away and exited the school.

“My cars that way,” Christian said from behind me. “Near the maple tree.”

“Okay,” I responded.

I quickly rushed to his car, suddenly regretting my decision because around Christian I felt like the bad guy. Even though I did want to bond with him, I was acting like a b---h. I was acting like a spoiled brat when he had offered me a ride home, knowing what a horrible person I was. My nauseous feeling returned to me.

At his black car, I waited for him to unlock the door. Once he did, I got into the passenger seat silently and stared out of window, not bothering to even look at him as he started the engine. Before I knew it we were driving home.

The ride was silent and thankfully we neared home quickly. Right now, I really wanted to go into my bedroom and blast music in there to forget about this whole event. I felt that bad.

However, as we neared our street Christian suddenly took a right instead of a left, confusing me. Frowning, I assumed he made a mistake, but he kept driving as if nothing had happened. He looked indifferent, making my frown grow.

After five minutes of driving away from home, I finally gained some guts and asked, “Christian, you know you’re driving away from home?”

He glanced at me and said, “I know.”

I frowned. I was confused.

“Why?” I asked, trying to process what was going on.

“We’re going to get some pizza together,” he replied casually.

I blinked. “What?”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“Yeah, but there’s food at home.”

By now I was completely confused. My mom would never force me to do something like this, she wasn’t that insane. And Stephen seemed to understand that I was unhappy, so he wouldn’t do this either. Honestly, I couldn’t even process what was going on because I thought we were pretending the other doesn’t exist.

Christian suddenly sighed as he took a right turn. “Autumn, I want to spend time with you. Okay?”

“You do?” I asked, feeling surprised.

I didn’t understand why he would want to. Today I had realized I was a horrible person. Someone you wouldn’t want as your sister. It didn’t make sense for him to keep trying. Even I had to admit that despite my pride.

Wanting an answer, I asked, “Why do you keep trying? I’m kind of a b---h.”

The corner of Christian’s mouth turned up. “Yeah, you kind of are.”

My eyes narrowed at him, but he continued, “But not always. And I understand why you’re so cranky all the time.”

“Are you trying to make me cranky now?” I asked, scowling at him.

He chuckled. “No, but I’ll be honest. You’re someone I want to get to know, so that’s why I keep trying.” He shrugged. “And despite everything, I like you.”

To my utter surprise, I felt my stomach tingle at those words. I felt what you would call butterflies, and I mentally slapped myself as I didn’t understand why that feeling appeared.

Ignoring that though, I smiled at him as I suddenly felt touched that he felt the same way as me. Just like me, he wanted to get to know me. He wanted us to bond. My smile grew as I suddenly felt really happy.

“Really?” I asked.

He glanced at me and smiled. “Yeah. Sorry for kidnapping you. I didn’t think you’d come otherwise.”

I looked down, smiling sheepishly at the truth. Despite wanting to know him, I would’ve probably disagreed. It was just what I was used to around him. Being a b---h, that was.

“Well, lucky for you I’m not mad,” I said. “Shockingly, I’d like to get to know you too.”

He broke out into a grin and my heart fluttered with happiness. For a while I had been completely alone. My own mom barely spoke or even cared about me, and my dad was with the angels. I never had siblings either, so it was kind of lonely.

But now Christian was apart of my life. I still had no idea how I felt about him, but he was something that I could hope would end up well. Someone, I hoped would be apart of the family I lacked. First I had to get to know him though. Maybe I didn’t hate him, but liking him was a path I felt like I was on.

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