The Dog

2 weeks ago

The Dog (imagine favourite is a girl named Charity)


I’m a girl or should I say I’m a grown up lady… Well,

during my teenage days I was really a bad bad girl, I

started taking real d--k at the age of 15 years old, i

remembered my love affair with my neighbour, not

just any kind of neighbour, he was married then, in

his 30s, a young couple, he’s cute, he lured me to his bed with money, I’m a girl, I need money now.

Things got worse, when his pregnant wife

discovered something was going on between me

and her husband, she really showed me pepper,

threatening me and my parent, I became the main

gossip of the street. lol, who cares? I kept on sleeping with this man, it wasn’t my fault cos this man wouldn’t let me be, he kept disturbing me and I

kept f-----g him, anyway I ruined their marriage, it

wasn’t my fault, or is it?

We had to move away from

that place to another place because the heat was

too much.

Enough of that piece of advert, my name is Charity, I’m a pretty girl with a nice structure, I

look older than my age anyway, so real men

approach me most times.

This story is about how my life would have been assuming i am a girl, so sit back and enjoy this short story of


To Be Continued..

The Dog - S01

The Dog - S01

2 weeks ago