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Origin Energy Immortal Grass


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It was only capable of purely increasing one’s soul power and assisting in condensing one’s soul core?

The group of people was outstanding students of Shrek Academy, so they naturally understood this point. The more singular the effect a heaven and earth spirit item had, the higher the elevation resulting from its effect.

Just like how mankind’s cultivation had its limits, there was also a limit to the origin energy that a heaven and earth spirit item could absorb. If there were multiple effects to a heaven and earth spirit item, its power would be spread across the multiple effects. Hence, the power of each effect would be lessened.

In this way, the more singular the effects that a heaven and earth spirit item could bestow, the higher its grade would be.

“Yuanen, Li Zhi, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass is suitable for both of you. So, who’s going to take it?” Ye Xinglan asked both of them.

Yuanen Yehui possessed the twin martial soul, so it was extremely difficult for her to find a heaven and earth spirit item that could elevate both of her martial souls. Thus, it was even more important that the heaven and earth spirit item that she chose elevated her in either her strength or soul power.

Xu Lizhi was a different case. He was a food-type soul master, so he had limited areas for elevation. Food-type soul masters also found it most difficult to cultivate. The Origin Energy Immortal Grass was naturally a good choice for him to elevate his soul power.

Yuanen Yehui spoke without the slightest hesitation, “I hope to acquire an immortal grass capable of elevating my strength. Lizhi, go ahead and take it.”

Lizhi was not self-effacing either for he understood that this could possibly be the immortal grass most suitable for him. He walked forward in great strides and stood before the Origin Energy Immortal Grass. He extended his right hand and touched the jade-like immortal grass.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass shuddered gently as a gush of intense white light surged out from the immortal grass. The thick and pure energy expanded outward such that Xu Lizhi fell a few steps back. A ball of white light condensed and turned into a figure that looked similar to Xu Lizhi. It was a mass of white light with his body outline.

The white light ‘Xu Lizhi’ pushed out with its hands just was dense and pure origin energy that immediately surged toward Xu Lizhi.

Xu Lizhi did not retreat but parted his legs and stood firmly on the ground. His hands turned into jade instantly as he launched the Tang Sect Technique’s Mysterious Jade Hands. At the same time, he made a forward rotation with his arms to channel out his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power. Just as the Origin Energy Immortal Grass’ hands were approaching Xu Lizhi, its body was swaying from the impact as it tumbled to one side.

Xu Lizhi suddenly took a step forward and slammed his heavy shoulder into the figure.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass was staggering from the collision. However, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass was soon glowing brightly with over ten rays of white light swarming out to lash at Xu Lizhi.

Xu Lizhi chuckled. He continued to use the Tang Sect Technique’s Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon. Suddenly, he spun around and guided those white lights into shooting out to the surroundings. At the same time, he advanced further with his hand outstretched toward the Origin Energy Immortal Grass.

At present, he was clad in battle armor. His soul power had already achieved the rank of Soul Sage under the amplification of his battle armor. His palms were as heavy as anvils.

He was a food-type soul master, so his martial soul had no way to support his fighting capacity. Thus, Xu Lizhi devoted a lot of effort to train painstakingly in the Tang Sect Techniques. He was especially skilled in the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon whereby he was dispersing the impact on him while diverting his strength into the attack using his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power as the groundwork. Another soul master of the same grade could not necessarily triumph over him using soul skills alone.

Xu Lizhi’s Guardian Star battle armor had the strongest defense amongst all his comrades. He also had the highest elevation of soul power. Although the Origin Energy Immortal Grass was filled with exuberant origin energy, it still could not harm Xu Lizhi in the collision.

Gushes of airwaves burst out continuously while Xu Lizhi’s courage mounted as the battle progressed. He launched various Tang Sect Techniques which included the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, the Mysterious Jade Hands, the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, and the Catching Hand to remain evenly matched against the Origin Energy Immortal Grass.

The purple-robed man could not help heaving a sigh secretly as he watched the match. Of course, he was capable of sensing the obese youth’s soul power. The youth’s battle armor was capable of elevating his cultivation such that he was equally matched with the Origin Energy Immortal Grass. This was the terrifying side of mankind’s technology! It was also the rationale for his decision to come to terms with the Amorous Douluo.

Mankind’s power was truly something the soul beasts could not contend with anymore.

Nonetheless, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass was quite impressive too. Rings of white halos radiated from the immortal grass while the strong soul power infused into it enabled it to conjure soul power shadows ceaselessly. Moreover, it was also absorbing and infusing the origin energy in the air making it one with the origin energy. Each attack it launched was heavier than the one before. It was as if the immortal grass was adapting to the battle.

Albeit not blessed with intelligence, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass was still a hundred-thousand-year soul beast. Xu Lizhi began to lose ground gradually with time’s passing.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass’ attacks were too powerful. Those were pure energy collisions that suppressed Xu Lizhi until he had trouble coping with it.

However, Xu Lizhi still had his ways for he was a soul master after all! He would stuff a Recovery Pork Bun, an Agility Soup Bun, or even a Firm Crystal Bun into his mouth occasionally, so he could still sustain his effort.

Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie, and Yue Zhengyu could not help frowning as they watched from the side. Could Xu Lizhi truly defeat the Origin Energy Immortal Grass if this continued? According to the man in purple, they would not be qualified to pluck the immortal grass without defeating it. They would miss a great opportunity if they lose.

There was only Ye Xinglan whose expression remained unchanged. She appeared extremely calm as if there was nothing worth worrying over this battle.

“Hehe. It feels really good to have a worthy opponent.” Xu Lizhi laughed aloud while stepping back to distance himself from the Origin Energy Immortal Grass. Simultaneously, he tossed two buns into his mouth. One of the buns was a Bloodthirst Bean Bun while the other was a Puncture Pork Bun.

These two buns were meant to increase his fighting capacity temporarily. He had not eaten any of the two buns during the battle earlier. Although the effect of the Bloodthirst Bean Bun was great, he would slump into a moment of weakness after it was consumed. Hence, he would only consider eating it at crucial moments.

Xu Lizhi consumed two buns and his aura arose drastically at once. He was even exuding immense pressure. At the same time, his palms had turned deep purple when he raised his hands.

He took a step forward and stretched out his hands simultaneously. Without any fancy moves, he braced the origin energy expelled from the Origin Energy Immortal Grass.

“Boom…” Xu Lizhi stumbled backward a few steps before he managed to stabilize himself amidst the violent booming noise. This time, both parties went all out in their collision with each other. Frustrated by the long battle, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass unleashed nine white halos during the attack this time.

Xu Lizhi was repulsed by the attack, but the shadow projected by the Origin Energy Immortal Grass underwent some ghastly changes as well. More than a third of the light mass was rapidly dissolving and dispersing outward at an alarming rate within a sea of purple light.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass shrieked while its body swayed abruptly. It detached half of its body leaving a portion that broke away from the shadow. Meanwhile, the detached portion which was tainted in purple disintegrated into the air.

“It’s destructive power!” the six Great Beasts shouted shockingly in unison.

Sunlight and water were the ingredients of a plant’s growth. All plants including the soul beasts and ordinary plants used life force as the basis to their existence while the destruction energy was the opposing energy of life.

The destruction energy was perhaps not as effective when used against a soul master. However, when it was used against a plant or a soul beast which had its life force as its core, the effect was incredibly effective that it was beyond Xu Lizhi’s expectation.

Xu Lizhi stabilized himself and sniggered. He walked in great strides toward the Origin Energy Immortal Grass once again. He managed to infuse his destructive power forcefully into the Origin Energy Immortal Grass’ shadow earlier by utilizing the amplification of his Bloodthirst Bean Bun and Piercing Pork Bun which produced such an amazing result. The outcome of the battle was decided there and then.

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