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Star Luo Holy Pearl

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Gu Yuena’s beautiful frame shook slightly. Tang Wulin felt extremely dense energy rising from her body. The moment it came into contact with his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power, an intense repelling force was instantly generated. The soul power was far more powerful than his own.

At this very moment, because of Gu Yuena’s close proximity, the aura they released also intertwined with each other. It was quite odd when one thought about it. When Tang Wulin’s golden bloodline aura came into contact with Gu Yuena’s seven-colored bloodline aura, the naturally resisting soul power within Gu Yuena’s body ceased resisting immediately. It merged naturally with Tang Wulin’s soul power and surged as it flowed.

His soul power was channeled from his right palm into Gu Yuena’s body, and it flowed back through his left palm. It formed a circulation and continued this way for a while. Very quickly, Tang Wulin entered into a state in which he let go of everything.

The Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum was a top-grade heaven and earth treasure. It had an extremely potent nourishing effect on the human body. It was also the best herb to invigorate one’s pulse and consolidate one’s bodily constitution.

For Gu Yue, the benefit was the treatment of her illness which involved dredging her brain’s blood vessels. As for Tang Wulin, the benefit it brought was even greater. His bloodline vortex had started swirling with his soul power vortex. His blood essence surged and flowed, and his bloodline aura spread outward uncontrollably.

The Ice and Fire dragon souls circled above them. They displayed overly excited emotions. As they circled above, they seemed to be also absorbing their auras. In turn, they released some of their own auras as if they were regurgitating the auras which they absorbed earlier.

The Amorous Douluo Zang Xin smiled slightly. He made a gesture toward the Damask Tulip before him. “Please continue.”

The Damask Tulip looked at the two dragon souls that were circling in the air. He sighed inwardly. The schemes of men were truly inferior to that of the heavens. He could never have imagined that there would be a pair of children that possessed the bloodlines of the Golden and Silver Dragon Kings among the youths that the Amorous Douluo brought here. Not only did the pair of Ice and Fire Dragon Kings’ dragon souls not resist, they even became their allies.

Currently, he had no intention of relying on his fortune. As the saying went, ‘being under the eaves, one has to lower one’s head’. With the aura unleashed by the Amorous Douluo, he could already destroy the entire Icefire Polarized Eyes by himself.

“Come with me. This is the Star Luo Holy Pearl which is a hundred thousand years old. I can see that there are two among these youths whose cultivation bases are related to the stars. They can pick this.”

The Amorous Douluo smiled. He turned and looked at Ye Xinglan and Xu Xiaoyan, “Come, one of you. Get ready for battle.”

Ye Xinglan did not wait for Xu Xiaoyan to respond. She immediately said, “Spiritual fruits such as these will improve one’s communication with the stars. Although my Stargod Sword relies on star power, the sword’s consciousness is more important. Xiaoyan, why don’t you take it?”

Xu Xiaoyan said, “Sister Xinglan, how can I? It’s also helpful for you, I think you should have it.”

Ye Xinglan shook her head and said, “No. Wulin is meditating now, so I’m the acting captain. Listen to me, go on.”

The purple-robed man Damask Tulip said, “You guys don’t have to compromise to accommodate each other. There’s more where these heaven and earth treasures come from. But, I suggest the weaker one to take it. The Star Luo Holy Pearl is the most gentle amongst all the hundred-thousand-year spirit items. It’s also one of the most human-friendly types. On its own, it’s difficult for it to attain intelligence, but after it fuses with a human, it can turn into a human soul master’s soul core in the future. Hence, it won’t reject the notion of being plucked.”

After Ye Xinglan heard these words, she smiled and made an inviting gesture toward Xu Xiaoyan.

As a Master-Control soul master, Xu Xiaoyan’s direct combat ability was undoubtedly the weakest among them. She was not even as powerful as Xu Lizhi. On the other hand, Ye Xinglan’s combat ability was weaker than none except Tang Wulin’s. Hence, it was more suitable for Xu Xiaoyan to absorb and fuse with the Star Luo Holy Pearl.

Xu Xiaoyan felt a little awkward, but she was also touched. She walked up to Ye Xinglan and gave her a hug. Then, she walked toward the Star Luo Holy Pearl.

The Star Luo Holy Pearl was a spirit item that was extremely pleasing to the eyes. Its stalk was black which was very rare among plants. However, a golden fruit the size of a palm grew on its tips. This golden fruit shone with such a brilliance that it appeared like a giant pearl. However, when observed closely, one could see that the golden color was actually from thousands of golden light spots. It was extremely unusual.

Xu Xiaoyan shifted her Starwheel Ice Staff to her left hand and touched the golden fruit gently with her right.

Immediately, the golden fruit shook slightly. Shortly after, the surface of the fruit burst forth with thousands of starlight beams.

These starlight beams enveloped Xu Xiaoyan in no time.

The Amorous Douluo’s pupils contracted, and he looked at the purple-robed man. However, the purple-robed man showed no change in his facial expression.

Under the starlight envelope, the Starwheel Ice Staff in Xu Xiaoyan’s grasp lit up. In an instant, the Big Dipper that was revealed, after the seven-colored miasma was destroyed, dimmed as if day had turned into night. Countless stars dotted the night sky and beams of resplendent starlight descended from the heavens. They shone on the Star Luo Holy Pearl and Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan closed her eyes as if she felt something. The Star Luo Holy Pearl shook gently and continuously as it emitted golden halos.

In no time, everyone present understood what was happening. The Star Luo Holy Pearl seemed to be fighting with Xu Xiaoyan over the starlight descending from the heavens.

In the beginning, the glow on the Star Luo Holy Pearl was noticeably brighter. However, in no time, when Xu Xiaoyan’s third soul ring lit up, all the starlight which descended from the heavens was completely absorbed by her soul skill, the Dazzling Starlight. Then, it was unleashed from the tip of her Starwheel Ice Staff and shone on the Star Luo Holy Pearl.

The shaking Star Luo Holy Pearl immediately solidified. The golden halo that it emitted initially dimmed in an instant. It could not unleash anymore.

A faint smile appeared at the edge of Xu Xiaoyan’s lips. She alternated between unleashing her first, second, and third soul skills. All the starlight that fell from the skies was wholly absorbed by her and turned into her soul skill.

Each time the Star Luo Holy Pearl wanted to sway its head or wag its tail, it would instantly be immobilized. The repetitive start-stop action was actually quite funny and peculiar at the same time.

The purple-robed man finally showed some change of expression. He looked at Xu Xiaoyan in shock. The two Golden and Silver Dragon King bloodlines had already shocked him greatly before this. In this instance, the purity of the starlight unleashed by this girl before him was something he had never seen before in his life.

Each night, the Star Luo Holy Pearl would absorb the stars’ and the moon’s essences to vitalize itself. The other heaven and earth treasures naturally felt this too. They even reaped some benefit from the process. They knew how well the Star Luo Holy Pearl could control starlight. However, at this moment, it was completely overpowered by a mere human. It only proved that this girl had a more intimate relationship with the starlight.

As expected, humans were richly endowed by nature and were the wisest of all the creatures.

The purple-robed man sighed inwardly. He understood that the Star Luo Holy Pearl could not be saved.

At the end, a golden light flashed. Unable to endure Xu Xiaoyan’s “torture” anymore, the Star Luo Holy Pearl’s fruit rolled off its stalk and fell into her hands. The tip of the stalk flashed with golden light, and another golden fruit the size of a fingernail appeared.

Xu Xiaoyan jubilantly held the Star Luo Holy Pearl close to her chest. When she felt the pure star power contained within it, she could not help but grin broadly.

She had not made it back to her comrades when the Star Luo Holy Pearl in her hands suddenly flashed with golden light and shrunk swiftly. Then, it turned into a golden line of light which entered her mouth and vanished.

Xu Xiaoyan staggered. Shortly after, her entire body shone brightly with starlight. All the stars on her battle armor shone to their extremes. She quickly sat down cross-legged. The starlight on her chest was the most resplendent. Faintly but surely, the starlight was gathering toward her chest. Later, the golden light on Xu Xiaoyan flickered and gradually faded.

The purple-robed man’s gaze darkened. He sighed and continued walking in a different direction.

Yue Zhengyu came to Xu Xiaoyan’s side. He wanted to feel the transformation of her body. When he got close to her, the starlight on Xu Xiaoyan’s body produced a powerful repelling force and pushed him away.

What a powerful spirit item! It was able to produce such a powerful effect right after it was consumed. Without a doubt, it was definitely beneficial for Xu Xiaoyan.

It was important for the heaven and earth treasures to heighten one’s cultivation base. However, what was even more important was the purification of one’s bloodline and improvement of one’s potential.

They were already considered talented before this. Now, after consuming the hundred-thousand-year cultivation base heaven and earth treasures, they would be as powerful as Long Yue who had inherited the Mountain Dragon King’s martial soul. Furthermore, there would not be the problem of the bloodline’s backlash which Long Yue experienced.

The purple-robed man continued walking forward. When he stopped again, a spirit grass as white as jade appeared in everyone’s sight.

“It’s the Origin Energy Immortal Grass which is a hundred thousand years old. It’s the greatest treasure that can increase the soul power of humans. Nothing can beat the effects it has on soul power enhancement. Also, it can aid you in compressing your soul power and condensing your soul core. Apart from that, it has no other special attributes. The Origin Energy Immortal Grass is relatively gentler. However, it’s quite hardy, and it won’t be easy to subdue it.”

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