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The Amorous Swordsman with the Merciless Sword

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A sword’s consciousness burst forth from the Amorous Douluo’s body, shocking the very heavens. He had suppressed it for a long time now, and when it appeared, it felt as though it dominated the whole world and looked down on all creation. The powerful sword’s will even dispersed the seven-colored miasma. A beam of sunlight shined through the rift of the miasma and into the valley.

Standing at the back, Ye Xinglan felt the Amorous Duoluo’s sword’s consciousness and her eyes lit up immediately. Her martial soul was also a sword, and to see an expert’s sword’s consciousness would be immensely helpful for her own cultivation.

“Three hundred-thousand-year spirit creatures,” said the purple-robed man through gritted teeth.

The Amorous Douluo ignored him and said coldly, “Eight and not one less. Otherwise, I’ll kill all of you here and now. After all, it’s not a difficult task. With the nourishing effects of the Icefire Polarized Eyes, there’ll naturally be enough heaven-and-earth spiritual creatures in no time. Considering that the Tang Sect has been too lenient in the past, we’ll assume full control of this place from now on. The six of you are of higher quality than hundred-thousand-year spirit creatures. I think that you guys will do fine as well.”

The lady in red, Blazing Apricot Cabbage, yelled angrily, “Don’t you go overboard! If worse comes to worst, we’ll let the fish die and tear the net. I think that we can kill you with our combined strengths. Even if we fall here, I won’t let you have your way.”

“You don’t? Alright.” Celestial light shot forth from Zang Xin’s eyes. The sword’s consciousness which filled the heavens instantly solidified. To their astonishment, it was a hundred-foot-long sword. At the same time, streams of silver liquid surged out of his pores, quickly forming armor which covered his entire body.

This glittering, translucent silver suit was like a living creature with three pairs of wings. There were countless patterns on the magnificent armor, while light flowed and swirled within it. The Amorous Douluo’s stature also grew until he was three meters tall. He was at the core of this gigantic figure, while the rest of the body was made of his armor.

He raised his hand and the massive sword hung over the Icefire Polarized Eyes. An extremely terrifying sword’s consciousness made its presence felt across the land. Millions of small swords appeared around the hundred feet long giant sword.

There was a rose emblem on Amorous Douluo’s four-word battle armor’s mask. His eyes were like gentle pools as if they were filled with endless longing.

A four-word battle armor Limit Douluo!

The only time Tang Wulin and his companions had seen an individual display such powerful combat strength was when they had witnessed the Atlas Douluo just before the destruction of Shrek Academy. This was their second time.

The entire Icefire Polarized Eyes shook violently. Even the movements of the two dragon souls which circled around Gu Yue slowed. The world seemed to be overwhelmed with the sword’s consciousness, full of longing. The seven-colored miasma in the air was crushed in an instant and dispersed immediately.

If one looked up to the skies, it even appeared as though the light of the sun itself had transformed into a giant sword. The tip of the sword pointed precisely at the Icefire Polarized Eyes.

“God-ranked?! This is impossible! It’s god-ranked!” The purple-robed man’s voice was full of terror, and his face had lost its color.

The Amorous Douluo’s gentle voice reverberated in the valley, “If it’s the Golden-eyed Black Dragon King Di Tian, then you might still stand a chance. You are but beings cultivated from plants. How much combat experience do you have? Do you even have the bloodlines suitable for battle? I could easily tear all of you to pieces right here and now even if there were ten of you, leave alone six. Do you still think that the two great Dragon Lords can stop me from leaving? Do you still think that I can’t return the six of you to your spiritual creatures’ form?”

Behind the purple-robed man, a man clad in white clothes turned pale. “Has humankind become so powerful already?”

The Amorous Douluo said drily, “That’s right. So do you still think that the Tang Sect’s protection is meaningless after all these years? There are now as many as ten individuals who are at the level of a demigod, just like I am. I don’t need too many of them. If only two of my colleagues come here, you couldn’t even stop me with your two Dragon Lords. After all, they don’t have the support of their actual bodies. If it comes to that, then the Icefire Polarized Eyes would truly face certain doom. I know that it isn’t easy for you guys to have cultivated to this level, and your presence can enhance the effects of the Icefire Polarized Eyes to produce more heaven-and-earth treasures, so I’ll give you one last chance. Eight types of hundred-thousand-year spiritual items and not a single type less.”

The purple-robed man looked dejected. “I humbly ask the Amorous Douluo to retract his divine powers for now. We’ll discuss this peacefully.”

Zang Xin’s mask hid the smile that appeared at the edge of his lips. The monstrous sword’s consciousness shrank, and he dropped back onto the ground. However, he did not show any intention of releasing his four-word battle armor. The hundred-foot sword descended from the skies. It landed behind him and turned into a long, silver sword.

The Amorous Sword!

It was Amorous Douluo’s Amorous Sword with which he shocked the entire continent.

The heartless one truly has feelings, the amorous swordsman wields the merciless sword. This statement was used to describe the two great masters of the modern Tang Sect.

The Heartless Douluo rarely killed anyone whereas this Amorous Douluo had been a god of war during his youth. When he was still with a fighter with the Battle Soul Hall, he had taken countless lives. In hopes of becoming the master of the Douluo Hall, he had made the most of his great strength. However, he loathed evil as if it was his personal enemy, so he showed no mercy to his foes. This was the reason he did not become the hall master in the end and ended up being the vice hall master. In terms of cultivation base, he was not inferior to the Heartless Douluo.

Gu Yue had already returned to Tang Wulin’s side. She looked curiously at the gorgeous four-word battle armor, three meters tall with six wings on its back.

The purple-robed man, Damask Tulip sighed. “Amorous Douluo, you win this time. Other than the six of us, there are sixteen types of hundred-thousand-year heaven-and-earth treasures in the Icefire Polarized Eyes. You should know that although they did not gain higher intelligence under our control, they’re still true plant system soul beasts. When their lives are threatened, these people whom you brought here must be able to subdue them. Their combat strength will be slightly more powerful than ordinary ten-thousand-year soul beasts. However, they aren’t at the ranks of true hundred-year soul beasts.”

The Amorous Douluo nodded his head. This was the truth. Although no other plants had turned into true hundred-thousand-year soul beasts under the suppression of these six great beasts, their energy was already at that level. Naturally, they would be able to grow to the ranks of great beasts if they were given the chance.

Tang Wulin asked curiously, “Why didn’t you allow them to develop their intelligence? If you did, wouldn’t the Icefire Polarized Eyes be stronger?”

The purple-robed man said coldly, “Do you think that we didn’t want to? It’s not that we did not wish it, but our hands were tied. Spiritual creatures like us relied on the Icefire Polarized Eyes for our accelerated growth. Ten thousand years’ worth of growth was equivalent to a hundred thousand years’ worth of cultivation base. Naturally, it’s fine if it was within ten thousand years, but once we cultivated to ten thousand years, which was actually equal to a hundred thousand years, we must endure the punishment of the gods which was inevitable for all hundred-thousand-year soul beasts. We plants are already much more fragile compared to our animal counterparts, so it’s much more difficult for us to bear divine punishment. Moreover, we hadn’t actually experienced a hundred thousand years of life. In the first few ten thousand years when we were born, it seemed that all plants that reached the ranks of a hundred thousand years died without exception. It was only many years later, under the combined effects of luck and the individual’s own body that great beasts were gradually born. However, it’s still an extremely rare occurrence. In other words, even if only one out of a hundred individual hundred-thousand-year soul beasts born here survived a god’s punishment, it would be a cause for celebration. I’m the only one who survived the punishment for a second time.”

“Even so, I can say with absolute certainty that I won’t be able to survive a third time. Since we had no confidence in succeeding, we chose to not have them develop intelligence. Without intelligence, they won’t invoke the gods’ envy. There will still be punishment but it’ll be much weaker. With our help, they can live a longer life.”

“With six soul beasts that had achieved a hundred-thousand-year cultivation base, this is already the highest number since the formation of the Icefire Polarized Eyes. Ten thousand years after this, it’ll be difficult to say how many of us will still be left.”

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