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The Great Reversal

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“All hail the Dragon Lords!” The purple-robed man and the other five great beasts took a few steps backward as their expressions remained stoic and respectful.

Two giant dragons materialized and hovered above the lake water of the Icefire Polarized Eyes. One of them was icy blue while the other bright red. Both the dragons shone with dazzling brilliance. An unrivaled but domineering aura swept over everyone present. Even with the Amorous Douluo’s cultivation base, his expression changed despite himself. He took a step backward to shield Tang Wulin and the others.

With the appearance of these blue and red dragons, all the plants in the Icefire Polarized Eyes seemed to come to life. For a time, the life source around them increased tremendously and many plants started growing at a quick pace. All the pressure pressed toward Tang Wulin and the others.

Zang Xin’s expression was sour. “Brother Luo, Tang Sect has protected the Icefire Polarized Eyes for ten thousand years. Have you made such preparations to fight us?”

The purple-robed man said drily, “Protect us? That’s right, it’s true that you took care of most of the troubles for us, but similarly, we’ve given back to you. Since the times of your founder, Tang San, when have you stopped asking from us? As for today, since Tang Sect is declining, there’s nothing more to be said. We’ll have no need for your protection in the future. With our abilities, I don’t think there’s any problem for us to defend ourselves.”

Zang Xin raised his eyebrows. “Brother Luo, aren’t you worried that we’re going to leak information about the Icefire Polarized Eyes? When that time comes, you’ll become a public target.”

The purple-robed man smiled faintly. “If every single one of you stays here, do you think that Tang Sect will leak the information about us?”

Zang Xin smiled out of extreme anger. “I see that Brother Luo is full of confidence. Do you honestly think that, with your capabilities, you’re able to imprison me here?”

The purple-robed man replied drily, “If I didn’t have the confidence, we won’t be having this dialogue, will we? I wonder if you know about the origins of our two Dragon Masters?”

Zang Xin’s gaze flickered. “I humbly request Brother Luo to enlighten me.”

The purple-robed man replied, “Back then, the initiator of soul beasts, the Dragon God, gave birth to nine children. Of the nine children, there were the seven great elemental holy dragons of water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, and space. In addition, there were the Mountain Dragon, and the most powerful leader of the pack, the Golden Dragon. Collectively, they were called the Nine Great Dragon Lords.”

“The Dragon God had fallen in the Divine Realm, and the Nine Great Dragon Lords each had their own turn of fortunes in life. Among them, the Water Dragon King and the Fire Dragon King had fallen at the same time on this very piece of land. Their bodies were buried thousands of feet under the Icefire Polarized Eyes. In fact, that’s how the Icefire Polarized Eyes came about. Their essences nourished everything here. After countless years of hard work, we’ve finally summoned the dragon souls of the two Dragon Lords to protect our small plot of land. I don’t believe that you can fight against god-ranked Dragon Lords with your mere human strengths. Even if only the dragon souls of the Dragon Lords are left, I don’t think it’s too difficult to keep the Amorous Douluo here with the combined strengths of the two great Dragon Lords.”

Zang Xin stared at the two great Dragon Lord’s dragon souls which hovered in the air while emanating a fierce aura. His expression worsened.

Ever since Tang Sect’s headquarters was destroyed, Tang Sect had suffered a great and unprecedented loss. He never thought that it would rain throughout the night when the roof was already leaking. Even in Tang Sect’s secret boundary, the Icefire Polarized Eyes, such an incident had occurred.

As a Limit Douluo, he could naturally feel the powerful aura that came from the two Dragon Lords. Although they were dead with only their dragon souls remaining, the will of these two great Dragon Lords were extremely powerful. If it had been only a single Dragon Lord, he could still manage to hold his own with his four-word battle armor. However, if both of them fought together, it would take all he had just to survive.

The purple-robed man’s judgement was based on his understanding of Limit Douluos. He had limited knowledge of battle armors. Nevertheless, with the addition of the six great beasts, even if Zang Xin managed to run away, he would be gravely injured. It would be impossible for Tang Wulin and the others to survive this.

Zang Xin had been careless and overconfident, after all.

The Amorous Douluo Zang Xin sighed softly and said, “Brother Luo, if I’m willing to leave this place with these youths and continue to uphold the promise of protecting the Icefire Polarized Eyes, I wonder if Brother Luo would let us leave?”

The purple-robed man smiled. “The Amorous Douluo should know that once a soul beast has the cultivation base of our ranks, our intelligence will not be inferior to yours. How can you utter such childish rubbish? Our hidden secrets have been revealed, how can we let you leave this place alive?”

Zang Xin’s gaze turned cold. “Do you really think that you can keep me here?”

If he was alone, he naturally would not have made such compromises. However, for the survival of these youths from Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, he had no choice but to do so.

Just when he was about to unleash his four-word battle armor and intimidate his opponents, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Vice Hall Master, these dragon souls are nothing.”

When these words were said, it immediately attracted the attention of Zang Xin and the six great beasts before him.

Tang Wulin held Gu Yue’s hand and came to Zang Xin’s side. He looked at the purple-robed man before him and said drily, “Sir, since you know that there’s the Ice Dragon King and the Fire Dragon King, I wonder if you can recognize the aura on our bodies?”

As he said this, the blood essence vortex within him swirled intensely. His Golden Dragon King bloodline aura surged and overflowed.

Although Gu Yuena was muddleheaded currently, under Tang Wulin’s guidance, a layer of silvery glow also appeared on her body. The seven-colored elemental shockwave in their surroundings suddenly intensified. It resonated with Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline.

In midair, the two swirling Ice and Fire giant dragon souls suddenly paused in their movements. Shortly after, the two shadows descended from the skies and hovered a hundred meters above Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena.

The terrifying pressure that was there before instantly vanished. Surprisingly, there was some genuine affection shown by the two great Icefire Dragon Lords’ dragon souls. They were even excited emotionally.

Gu Yuena giggled. She flapped her wings and rose into the skies. The purple-robed man had wanted to stop her but an extremely sharp thought burst forth from Zang Xin who was close to him. It suppressed the beasts so forcefully that they were unable to move even a single muscle.

Gu Yue rose into the skies, but Tang Wulin did not stop her. He only let out a loud roar toward the skies. A giant golden dragon’s head enveloped his body. It was brazenly the Golden Dragon Roars.

Amidst his dragon’s roar, the Ice and Fire Dragon Lords in the air trembled and displayed emotions of fear. As dragon souls, they no longer possess intelligence. They only had some of their initial powers. Under the many Plant System soul beasts’ nourishment and help, they had regained their forms. No matter what the case may be, the genes which originated from the very depths of their bloodline could never be altered. The Golden Dragon King’s roar and the Silver Dragon King’s aura was the most fearsome to them.

Gu Yuena beat her wings and rose into the skies. The two Dragon Lords immediately circled around her and roared alongside. Gu Yuena giggled with a tone that sounded like silver bells. For a time, the gloominess that was present before this had been cleanly swept away.

Zang Xin’s gaze was full of shock, and the purple-robed man’s face turned pale. He said with fright, “Golden Dragon King, Silver Dragon King! No, it’s impossible!”

Tang Wulin said drily, “In this world, nothing is impossible. The way I see it, I’m afraid these two Dragon Lords won’t help you anymore. Gu Yue, let them return to where they came from.”

Gu Yuena replied with a simple “oh”. She beat her wings and flew toward the Icefire Polarized Eyes. The two giant dragons had been depending on the Icefire Polarized Eyes’ lake water to render substance to themselves. Under Gu Yuena’s guidance, they immediately flew back to the spot where they appeared above the lake and reentered the lake. Only two little dragon souls, no longer than two meters, remained. They circled around Gu Yuena joyfully.

The Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King were transformed by the fallen Dragon God many years ago. The Silver Dragon King inherited the Dragon God’s seven great elemental abilities whereas the Golden Dragon King inherited the bloodlines of the Golden Dragon and the Mountain Dragon. The Ice and Fire Dragons were naturally close to the Silver Dragon King’s aura. They were like children who met their mother. For a while, they completely ignored the existence of the Plant System great beasts.

Obviously, the Amorous Douluo did not expect something like this to happen. A faint smile appeared at the edge of his lips. “Brother Luo, this is certainly some turn of events. But I never expected that the years of Tang Sect’s protection has been forgotten by ungrateful bastards like you. I now believe that there’s a reason for the demise of soul beasts on the continent.”

The purple-robed man said with a ghastly pale expression. “You humans have treated us soul beasts as items for your own improvement. How can we not have some method of self-preservation? Even if we don’t have the two Dragon Lords, if the six of us join forces, there’s still a chance that you may not succeed.”

The calm he had before this was now gone. There was only an outward display of toughness in a desperate attempt to mask his inner frailty. Zang Xin squinted his eyes, and the smile on his face widened by the moment. “I’d like to try. Let’s see if Brother Luo’s Damask Tulip is more powerful, or my Amorous Sword is sharper.”

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