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Six Great Beasts

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The Amorous Douluo Zang Xin smiled. A purple light flashed within his eyes. Immediately, the divine intentions were shattered. The pressure decreased and Zang Xin led them to land in the valley.

The vegetation parted before them, and a patch of barren land was exposed. There was just enough space for the nine of them to stand on.

When they landed in the valley, everyone was shocked by the vegetation before them. It was a world with a riot of colors. Every plant seemed magnified here.

Xie Xie exclaimed with puzzlement, “Is that the Blazing Apricot Cabbage? My god, it’s so huge! How’s it possible? I’ve seen this in the ancient records. This plant only grows two inches every ten thousand years! This plant… my god! I reckon it’s been around for two hundred thousand years now!”

They had just landed when the domineering aura pressed against them again. This time, the aura was more intense. The exotic flowers and rare plants around them seemed to come to life. What was even more peculiar was six silhouettes gradually took form and appeared before them.

The leader of the pack was dressed in a long purple robe in a classical fashion. He had handsome features and a slender body. For some unknown reason, his looks were familiar to Tang Wulin.

Behind him, there was a lady dressed in red who had beautiful looks but a hostile expression. She was a person transformed from the Blazing Apricot Cabbage which Xie Xie pointed to just now. Besides her, there were four others who stood with her, and together they walked toward them.

It was apparent from their aura that these six people were not welcoming of them.

Six plants that were able to take on human forms? Everyone knew full well what this meant. They were the Plant System soul beasts that were able to take on human forms. They were of the ranks of great beasts already!

Who would have thought that there would be six experts of the ranks of great beasts in Tang Sect’s secret boundary? It was simply unbelievable!

Zang Xin smiled and went forward to greet them. “My friends, long time no see. I hope everyone’s doing fine.”

The purple-robed leader said drily, “We can do better without your disturbances. Amorous Douluo, may I ask what you have in mind for bringing in so many outsiders this time?”

Zang Xin replied, “Naturally, it’s to seek aid from all of you.”

The purple-robed man’s expression darkened. “I remember that our agreement with Tang Sect was that only a single person is allowed into the Icefire Polarized Eyes every hundred years, and that person is allowed to take no more than two types of herbs. In exchange, you will help us protect this place and won’t let it be destroyed by you humans.”

“That’s right.” The Amorous Douluo nodded.

The purple-robed man said coldly, “Then, what’s the meaning of you bringing eight people here this time? Is it not to expose our existence to the whole world?”

Zang Xin sighed. “If I had any other options, would I come and disturb the slumber of Brother Luo and the others? It’s because Tang Sect is facing the danger of collapsing that I’m here. I remember that the Spirit Ice Douluo also had an agreement with you guys that when Tang Sect was in danger of being destroyed, all of you will spare no effort in helping us survive the disaster.”

The purple-robed man’s expression changed. He said in shock, “Tang Sect is at the height of its powers and splendor. How is it possible that it’s under threat?”

A dash of sadness flashed past Zang Xin’s eyes. “Tang Sect’s headquarters was bombarded with rank-12 godkiller fixed soul ammunitions. The headquarters was destroyed, and nine Title Douluos were sacrificed. There were also more than a thousand and two hundred soul masters of varying ranks who were sacrificed on that day. Furthermore, Tang Sect is being attacked on all sides and is forced to stop the operations of its branches. Not only that, I believe everyone knows that Shrek City, in which Shrek Academy was located, was the best city on the continent. Similarly, it suffered a destructive blow. Shrek City was completely destroyed, and more than ten million people died. In addition, more than twenty Title Douluos from Shrek Academy died. The only ones who survived in the inner court are the few youths you see before you now.”

“As the saying goes, when the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold. Ever since the Spirit Ice Douluo passed away, Tang Sect has stood by its promise for ten thousand years and protected the Icefire Polarized Eyes. For the longest time, we’ve never asked for anything from you in return. But now, Tang Sect is facing the danger of being destroyed. If you aren’t willing to help us, then I’m afraid Tang Sect won’t be able to protect the secret here in the near future, since it’d be destroyed by powerful enemies. Once the Icefire Polarized Eyes is exposed, I’m afraid that all of you won’t have peaceful days anymore. Although you have sufficient cultivation bases, you’re not used to fighting. Moreover, the technology of man has already advanced to the level where your cultivation bases aren’t a threat anymore.”

After he finished, the Amorous Douluo sighed again. He stared at the purple-robed man before him, his gaze hopeful.

The purple-robed man’s brows were tightly knitted together. He turned around and looked at his companions. The divine intention’s shockwave intensified. It was apparent that they were communicating.

This was the first time Tang Wulin heard the actual number of casualties of Tang Sect’s and Shrek Academy’s Title Douluos. For a time, he could not help but felt his heart sank.

There were as many as thirty Title Douluo-ranked experts who died! Shrek Academy was completely destroyed. Tang Sect also suffered as great a calamity. On top of that, they had to face the situation where everybody gave a shove to the falling wall, in which case the falling wall was them. Those were truly difficult times.

Without a doubt, the Icefire Polarized Eyes was one of Tang Sect’s hidden secrets. Tang Sect could only turn the tides of the situation by relying on these hidden secrets that they had prepared beforehand.

After a while, the purple-robed man turned around. He looked at Zang Xin with keen sparkling eyes. “How then does the Amorous Douluo want us to help?”

Zang Xin lowered his voice, “I want to equip each of these eight youths with at least a hundred-thousand years heaven and earth treasure to enhance their cultivation bases and potential. Among them, this girl had been gravely injured, so she needs the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum. As for the others, we’ll have to look at their individual conditions.”

“Impossible.” The purple-robed man flatly rejected Zang Xin without hesitation.

When Tang Wulin heard Zang Xin’s words, he was speechless with wonder. Heaven and earth treasures of a hundred-thousand years cultivation base? Was he trying to con these people here?

There was no way that they would agree to those requests!

The purple-robed man said angrily, “Amorous Douluo, don’t push your luck. You must know that it takes ten thousand years to nurture a hundred-thousand years spirit grass even inside the Icefire Polarized Eyes. Ever since we’ve been robbed by the Spirit Ice Douluo, it hasn’t been easy for the Icefire Polarized Eyes to have a rest and recover somewhat after ten thousand years. If it’s just as you said, this place will immediately wither away and return to the dismal situation it was in ten thousand years ago.”

Zang Xin lowered his voice, “Brother Luo, no eggs can remain unbroken when the nest is upset. If I had other choices, I won’t be putting forward this proposal. I humbly ask Brother Luo to think this through.”

As he said this, he took a step forward. His aura suddenly burst forth, and it felt as if it had substance. The entire space instantly turned grim, and the terrifying pressure was suffocating.

Tang Wulin had heard his teacher mention that this person before him was a Limit Douluo. Even though his cultivation base was not on par with the late Atlas Douluo, there would not have been much of a difference. Moreover, the Amorous Douluo had not unleashed his four-word battle armor yet.

Zang Xin was surprisingly fearless in facing the six great Plant System soul beasts. He looked more like he wanted to take on all six of them at once. It seemed as if he was about to seize by force. He had no other choice but to display his domineering side.

The purple-robed man snorted. “This is the Icefire Polarized Eyes, not your Tang Sect. Do you think that we’ll be completely unprepared after all these years?”

A layer of purplish light burst forth from his body. A peculiar aroma quickly pervaded the entire space. It lightened the heart and refreshed the mind. When the Shrek Seven Monsters smelled the aroma, they immediately felt their body going weightless. They felt an indescribable comfort.

From inside the Icefire Polarized Eyes, behind the six great beasts, the lake water of different colors suddenly shot toward the skies. The water columns ascended in a spiral like two giant dragons.

Two figures gradually appeared in the lake water.

“All hail the Dragon Lords!

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