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Icefire Polarized Eyes

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Making Yuanen Yehui’s battle armor was the most complicated process of all, because of her twin martial soul. Moreover, neither of her twin martial souls were submissive to the other. Thus, she spent a very long time just on its design.

She unleashed her Fallen Angel martial soul. Her battle armor had turned a deep purple after three types of metals were added. Every pattern on her battle armor was brimming with strength, while a pair of black-feathered wings spread open behind her back in addition to her feminine appearance. She was exuding a mysterious yet miraculous aura.

Her suit of battle armor would undergo some changes when she had transformed into the Titan Giant Ape, in order to allow amplification of her fighting capabilities. Yuanen Yehui sacrificed the ability to fly when she was in the Titan Giant Ape form so she could make the most of her combat skills. Hence, she could only unleash her Fallen Angel martial soul when Amorous Douluo commanded everyone to fly.

‘Heaven Double’ was the name given by Yuanen Yehui for her two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Heaven’ originated from the place where her Fallen Angel martial soul was expelled from, while the word ‘Double’ was derived from Xie Xie’s Double Dragon Dagger.

Yuanen Yehui was planning on naming her two-word battle armor ‘Heavenly Titan’, to represent both her martial souls, the Titan Giant Ape, and the Fallen Angel. She finally agreed to add Xie Xie’s name after his neverending coaxing and pestering. There was no telling how many vows of loyalty he had made to her in exchange.

She was Heaven Double Yuanen Yehui.

Xu Xiaoyan’s battle armor was the most breathtaking of them all. After achieving two-word battle armor status, her battle armor had turned completely transparent, as if it was carved out of crystal. It was complicated yet beautiful, with all sorts of circles forming a pattern of streamlines on the surface. It was as if there were countless starlights on the inside of the battle armor. The concept of this design was acquired when they were on the star observation platform before.

The speckles of starlights were unleashed from the core circuit, so it had an extremely strong amplification effect on her abilities. It was capable of shortening the time needed to unleash her Star Staff while increasing the duration of its effectiveness. At the same time, it could also unleash the Star Guard Barrier on its own, creating an extremely powerful defense. It could borrow the star’s power, especially at night, so her defensive power could even exceed Xu Lizhi’s.

‘Star Universe’ was the name given by Xu Xiaoyan for her two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Star’ was taken from her Star Guard Barrier, while the word ‘Universe’ was derived from Yue Zhengyu’s name.

She was Star Universe Xu Xiaoyan.

Yue Zhengyu stood behind Xu Xiaoyan with his hands touching her crystal clear yet exquisite scaled wings. His pair of pure white feathered wings spread out behind his back. His battle armor remained the same color as it was as one-word battle armor. It was pure white and flawless with elegant golden patterns, brimming with holiness.

Holy runes were engraved on his battle armor that appeared thicker and heavier with even more magnificent patterns than when it was still one-word battle armor. His pair of wings were completely covered by battle armor, and a royal crown adorned his head. His entire body was exuding a holy aura.

It was still daytime. Sunlight illuminated the grounds and shone against his body, enhancing his holy aura overwhelmingly. He was the exact opposite of Xu Xiaoyan because his fighting capabilities would be slightly stronger during the day due to his Holy Angel martial soul.

‘Heaven Word’ was the name given by Yue Zhengyu for his two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Heaven’ originated from the place where his Holy Angel martial soul came from, while the ‘word’ was derived from the word ‘Yan’ in Xu Xiaoyan’s name.

He was Heaven Word Yue Zhengyu.

Eight of them with eight suits of battle armor. Their cultivation bases were already elevated to an entirely new level now that they possessed their own two-word battle armor.

Other than Yue Zhengyu, the rest of them had made rather drastic changes to their battle armor. This was intentionally done by Tang Wulin during the upgrade process.

Soon, they would be unable to show their real faces to the world possibly for a very long period of time. It was their highest priority to protect themselves well under such circumstances. Even though their battle armors did not reveal too much, it was still possible that certain observant people would be able to tell who they were. The changes to their battle armors would make them relatively harder to identify.

On the other hand, Yue Zhengyu’s case was rather unique. His battle armor’s engraved runes were made specifically for the Holy Angel Clan so any radical alterations to his battle armor would result in the weakening of his fighting capacity on a large scale. He chose to maintain the original style after much consideration.

Those eight people were Dragon Moon Tang Wulin, Dragon Qilin Gu Yuenan, Heaven Word Yue Zhengyu, Star Universe Xu Xiaoyan, Heaven Double Yuanen Yehui, Dragon Night Xie Xie, Star Wisdom Ye Xinglan and Guardian Star Xu Lizhi.

They finally had their own titles after acquiring their two-word battle armor. The title was made up of the combination between one’s martial soul and the name of one’s lover.

Zang Xin could not help cracking into a smile that came from the bottom of his heart as he watched them unleashing their battle armors and witnessed as pairs of feathered or scaled wings spread out.

This was the first time he was seen smiling so joyously ever since the great catastrophe that befell Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. These young people were even more outstanding than he had expected. Not only did their cultivation bases far exceed their peers, but their battle armor was also extraordinary. Clearly, their armor was not made in a rush just for the purpose of elevation as they had made them upon solid foundations. These were the battle armors most suitable for themselves of quality that far exceeded their peers.

“Follow me.”

Zang Xin’s body swayed as he spoke, and he flew into the air above the mountain valley.

Tang Wulin and the rest of the group flapped their wings and followed Zang Xin as they flew into the air.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were still most skilled in flying naturally while the rest of the people rarely had time for flying practice after they acquired their two-word battle armors. They appeared slightly unstable upon flying into the air but they were a generation of prodigious geniuses that could control their bodies within a split second. They spread their wings and channelled out their soul power to allow themselves to suspend in the air.

With a wave of his hand, Amorous Douluo led their descent into the mountain valley. Meanwhile, the faint golden glow was released from his body, forming a shield of light that enshrouded Tang Wulin and his companions.

The light shield dove into with them inside it, and Tang Wulin and the rest could immediately see a magnificent layer of seven-colored mist on the inside of this mountain valley.

Just as they entered the mist, they were shocked when they realized that there was an intense energy fluctuation on the surface of their protective light shield. Despite it being conjured from Amorous Douluo’s unfathomable cultivation base, holes and breaches began to appear all over the shield.

“This is known as seven-colored miasma. It’s one of the strongest poisons in the world, capable of corroding anything. It has been gathering on top of this mountain valley for many years, and there’s also some found in the surrounding forest. Our sect expended a lot of strength and effort to gather it on top of this mountain valley to increase its concentration. It’ll only take a brief moment to corrode even a black mecha into nothingness. Only a person with at least Hyper Douluo’s cultivation base can rely on his soul power to protect his body and withstand the damage from the seven-colored miasma for a short period of time.”

There was no doubt that this was the strongest protection for Icefire Polarized Eyes. Even a Hyper Douluo could possibly be trapped without prior knowledge of such a toxin!

Fortunately, the poisonous mist was not too thick. Their visual field brightened abruptly after they flew through a few dozen meters. A small valley appeared before them.

The group was immediately astonished by the extraordinary scene before their eyes as soon as they saw the situation in the mountain.

A peculiar lake came into view first. It had two colors with one side being blue while the other was red. Both sides of the lake had a clear distinction as they did not cross into one another.

The name of ‘Icefire Polarized Eye’ must have originated from this.

Exotic flowers and herbs grew on the shores around this double-colored lake. There was also a gargantuan flower that could be seen even from the sky. It was incomparably massive.

Tang Wulin’s Purple Demon Eyes could tell at a glance that he could not recognize most of the vegetation over here. There was no doubt that these were top grade heaven-and-earth treasures.

On the other hand, monstrous auras suddenly rushed at them from below as they descended from the sky. The feelings seemed to be very hostile.

What was that…?

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