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Dragon Moon Tang Wulin!

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It seemed to be an extremely detailed illusion.

A flickering golden starlight chain linked up everyone in the group. It was Xu Xiaoyan’s Star Chain. The chain would ensure that everyone shared their burdens together even if they were in danger or harmed.

“Father, what kind of place is this?! It’s so strange!” Gu Yue whispered into Tang Wulin’s ear softly.

Even though Tang Wulin had already urged her repeatedly not to address him as ‘father’, yet Gu Yu could not stop herself no matter what. In the end, she could only address him as such in a place that was not crowded.

Zang Xin stopped after they had walked for another period of time. Everything in the surrounding area suddenly became bright and lively again.

Tang Wulin and his companions discovered that they had arrived by the side of a cliff. They turned their heads and looked to the place where they had just passed by. It was also a forest, but it was a colorful forest with many plants which they had never seen before. There was no doubt that these must be the toxic plants mentioned by Amorous Douluo earlier.

This location was certainly a natural deterrent to people with all of its poisons and illusions.

“I suppose all of you have already completed your two-word battle armors, right? The place we’re heading to is in the valley.”

Tang Wulin nodded.

Zang Xin spoke, “Let me take a look at your battle armors.”

Golden radiance flashed in Tang Wulin’s eyes as a soft dragon’s roar rippled through him. Golden spots of light illuminated on the vital points of his body including each of his joints, his forehead and chest.

Golden striations linked these golden light spots. The first pieces that appeared were the Golden Dragon Claws on his hands with overlapping patterns. The Golden Dragon Claws emerged followed by golden scale-like battle armor that curled upward and covered his arms rapidly. Three curved sharp daggers appeared on each side of his forearms. The sharp blades had longer arcs as compared to the ones on his one-word battle armor.

Next, his pauldrons appeared. The overlapping pauldrons curled downward rapidly and formed his cuirass.

Tang Wulin’s aura became even stronger when the golden battle armor covered his entire body. Every single scale on the bright golden battle armor bulged ever so slightly with a crest line, and a halo could be seen circulating within those crest lines. A diamond-shaped metal formed his mirror armor like an enormous scale.

There was a golden flash of light as his helmet covered his head. Sharp, dragon horn-like protrusions bored out of the two sides of his helmet before a golden mask formed and covered his face, revealing only his eyes shimmering with splendid radiance.

Tang Wulin bent over ever so slightly. A pair of gigantic golden scaled wings spread out from his back. The wings appeared to be formed by countless scales pieced together. They were over four meters in width when spread open and covered his entire back completely when they were folded.

Tang Wulin’s aura surged once again at that moment when the pair of scaled wings appeared. His entire body was filled with strength and beauty.

‘Dragon Moon’ was the name given by Tang Wulin to his two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Dragon’ was derived from his martial soul Golden Dragon King, while the word ‘Moon’ was derived from the word ‘Yue’ in Gu Yuena’s name.

He was Dragon Moon Tang Wulin!

Gu Yue giggled as she stood by Tang Wulin’s side. “I have one too! I have one too!”

A speckle of silver radiance illuminated on her forehead and brightened her face slightly. The makeup on her face and her hair color returned to normal in a split second, revealing her exquisite beauty.

It was peculiar that no other parts of her body were shimmering with silver light. Only that speckle on her forehead was spreading out. It was an oval-shaped silver gemstone. The gemstone expanded outward and transformed into Gu Yue’s crown-like helmet. A silver mask dropped and covered her charming face. Silver battle armor flowed down from the top of her head akin to quicksilver spilling on the ground.

Oval-shaped dragon scales were the foundation of her battle armor. Another oval-shaped silver gemstone adorned the center of her chest with while a faint seven-colored radiance circulated inside it.

Compared to Tang Wulin’s tall and bulky battle armor, Gu Yue’s battle armor appeared much slimmer and longer without overly exaggerated pauldrons and close combat weapons. Her armor made her entire body appear slender and magnificent, complementing her beauty. It was like a heavenly maiden had descended to the human world.

A pair of silver dragon wings spread out behind her back, smaller than Tang Wulin’s dragon wings by one size. However, there was a total of eighteen silver gemstones that encrusted her wings with faint flickering radiance. All sorts of elements in the air became animated when her suit of armor appeared. Moreover, the elements naturally gathered around her, until she was enshrouded by a seven-colored halo.

Gu Yue’s battle armor was not made by Tang Wulin and his companions. She seemed to recall something when she saw that Tang Wulin had completed his own two-word battle armor and became so excited that she immediately unleashed her battle armor. The group of people realized that Gu Yue had already completed her two-word battle armor and had even named it.

‘Dragon Qilin’ was the name given by Gu Yue to her two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Dragon’ was derived from Na’er’s Silver Dragon martial soul, while the word ‘Qilin’ was derived from the word ‘Lin’ from Tang Wulin’s name.

She was Dragon Qilin Gu Yue, or perhaps she should be known as Dragon Qilin Gu Yuena.

Dragon Qilin added radiance and beauty to gold and silver colors. It was as if there was this amazing connection between them in the unseen world. A misty gold halo formed naturally around Tang Wulin’s battle armor just as Gu Yue unleashed her own. It was extraordinarily peculiar.

Dragon Moon Tang Wulin and Dragon Qilin Gu Yuena, both were two-word battle armor masters!

The golden and seven-colored halos came into contact with one another, making both of their auras grow even stronger, much to everyone’s surprise. Amorous Douluo was watching them with splendor in his eyes. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena’s cultivation bases and battle armors were more powerful than he had imagined.

Tang Wulin’s Dragon Moon battle armor was made of three types of alloys with perfect spirit forging. The strength of its amplification far exceeded his original one-word battle armor.

However, Tang Wulin was quite surprised to find that there was a spear in Gu Yuena’s hand after she had unleashed her two-word battle armor.

Was that the Silver Dragon Spear? Was that not Na’er’s Silver Dragon Spear? The difference was that an oval-shaped silver bead adorned the tip of Silver Dragon Spear. It appeared to have no spearhead yet a ray of radiant energy spurted out from the silver bead naturally just a Gu Yuena waved the spear gently.

Tang Wulin’s weapon was the Golden Dragon Spear, so was Gu Yuena’s weapon a white Silver Dragon Spear?

Meanwhile, their companions had also unleashed their own two-word battle armor behind them at.

Ye Xinglan had the greatest number of lights on her body during that split second when she unleashed her battle armor. In an instant, it was as if she had transformed into the star-studded milky way.

The starlights combined as a suit of distinct battle armor appeared on her body. Ye Xinglan’s two-word battle armor had a peculiar incandescent color. The metal that covered her entire body was just like crystal shimmering with dazzling sparkles.

Every part of her battle armor was designed with the sharpness of a blade just like herself. The battle armor did not appear to be that ostentatious for even the pair of wings folded on her back were tiny. It was exceedingly sharp and even looked a little like a mecha’s steering wings. Whatever the case, a magnificent sword’s aura naturally burst from Ye Xinglan’s body the moment she put on her battle armor and her mask came sliding down.

The strength of her sword’s aura felt as if it could break the vault of heaven.

‘Star Wisdom’ was the name given by Ye Xinglan to her two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Star’ was derived from her Stargod Sword martial soul, while the word ‘wisdom’ was derived from the word ‘Zhi’ from Xu Lizhi’s name.

She was Star Wisdom Ye Xinglan!

The chubby Xu Lizhi was standing right by her side. The battle armor on Xu Lizhi’s body appeared slightly odd. His original one-word battle armor was yellow but now it had turned brown. The color was much darker than before.

His battle armor was thick and heavy, and it appeared to be the bulkiest among them. Every piece covered his body looked like it was made of rock, and a large circular yellow gemstone adorned his chest. His helmet had the most traditional style to it, whereas the pair of wings behind his back were exceptionally large, much larger than Tang Wulin’s. He felt as heavy and thick as a mountain.

The fearful aura emitted from his body made waves of destructive energy.

‘Guardian Star’ was the name given by Xu Lizhi to his two-word battle armor.

The group of people was teasing him to name his battle armor after his buns originally, yet Xu Lizhi refused to do so. In the end, he used the word ‘Star’ from Ye Xinglan’s name, while the word ‘guardian’ signified his duty to protect. Naturally, they all understood his intentions.

He was Guardian Star Xu Lizhi!

Xie Xie stood valiantly next to Xu Lizhi. When Xie Xie’s battle armor was upgraded to two-word, it became illusionary, with shimmering, untouchable shadows. The armor appeared to be semi-transparent with a faint halo circulating inside it. It was as if his battle armor was carved from a crystal. Dragon patterns emerged on the surface of his battle armor, making it much more mysterious than his one-word battle armor.

His battle armor appeared to be even thinner than Ye Xinglan’s. The two pairs of scaled wings behind his back were slightly shorter but extremely strong. He did not have a helmet but a trident-shaped headband. It was as if there was a refreshing breeze surrounding his body.

His battle armor and all its accessories were meant to elevate his speed-related abilities and to double his speed and soul power. His defense was much weaker than the rest, but it allowed him to move unhindered at the maximum velocity.

‘Dragon Night’ was the name given by Xie Xie to his two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Dragon’ was derived from his Light Dragon Dagger martial soul, while the word ‘Night’ was derived from the word ‘Ye’ from Yuanen Yehui’s name. He was already making heroic remarks that he would certainly ensure that his battle armor achieved four-word status in the future when he was still making the battle armor. He would name it ‘Double Dragon Night Glory’.

He was Dragon Night Xie Xie.

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